Saturday, November 17, 2007

Alex O'Loughlin's Expressive Eyes

Alex O'Loughlin has such an incredibly expressive face. Those eyes can say so much. Many a message has been sent discussing what color they are and their bedroom dreaminess ~ ha! The color changes with his moods... or Mick's mood. Just for you I am posting these great photos of Alex (has he ever taken a bad photo?!!??!) that focus on those eyes of his. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

No question Alex has wonderfully expressive eyes. Happily, I have an answer to the eye color question. Yes, it is very hard-to-define, and I know, because I've been looking at this same eye color in the mirror for the last 37 years. My sister and my children also share it.

I grew up calling them "blue-green-grey", because, depending on the lighting and what I'm wearing, they fall into that general category. Most of the time they appear to be a dark grey-green. They've also got flecks of amber near the pupil--hard to see without looking closely, but they're there.

Ever wonder how in some scenes/photos, Alex's eyes appear to be a dark slate blue (in contrast to Sophia's lovely, classic cornflower-blue peepers), and in others a dark grey-green, and sometimes, especially in low light conditions, an undefinable dark color, something like brown, but not quite? Well, according to wikipedia, this eye color falls into the general catch-all of "hazel". Typically we think of hazel eyes as being somewhere between an olive green and a light brown. But hazel eyes can also have quite a bit of grey, which is how Alex's eyes appear to be. Here's a link to the wikipedia article on eye color.

Take a look at the photo regarding how eye color can seem to change. Looks familiar, doesn't it? Also look at the eyes on the right under the hazel category. I think those are very nearly the same color as Alex's.

Well, any way you define them, he's got great eyes.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, Rachelle for the information about Alex and his eye color. I was stymied and now am enlightened. If your eyes are the same....lucky you!