Saturday, January 31, 2009

US Weekly Magazine talks about Moonlight

US Weekly Magazine (February 9th, 2009 issue) has a small blurb about Moonlight due to the season one reruns currently airing on the Sci-Fi Channel. Alex O'Loughlin is singled out for special mention. They gave Moonlight a rating of 3 out of 4 stars. YEA! It is great to see our show receiving press coverage :)

Here's what they had to say..........

Moonlight Television Series

Before True Blood and Twilight, there was the CBS vampire drama ~ which died in 2008 after just one season ( despite a rabid following ). Sexy Alex O'Loughlin charms as Mick St. John, a melancholy private detective, who moonlights as a bloodsucker. The case and mythology mildly intrigue, while the cast has, yes, serious bite.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Recap ~ Moonlight's Out of the Past episode (#1x02)

SPOILER ALERT ~ Recap of Out of the Past ~ Episode #1x02 ~ airing on Sci-Fi Channel

Since we were introduced to Beth Turner and Mick St John in No Such Thing as Vampires (pilot episode #1x01), the writers were able to explore their budding relationship in this episode. Alex O'Loughlin is so into the character. Even when he is not speaking, his eyes and body language talk to us.

Lee Jay had great reference books. Everyone, including Beth and the assassin in Sleeping Beauty, assumes that the old stories of stakes killing vamps and such are true. However, Lee Jay knows that staking will only paralyze and silver is poison to Moonlight vamps.

If Mick told me that someone was trouble, I would believe him. He is so sincere when he says "Trust me."

How funny was the exchange between Mick and his former police pal, Bobby? "Hey... what's with these muscles? How you stayin so fit? "Uh you know... diet"

Mick looks sooooooo good at the book release party. :)

You have to really hate someone to bash your own head into a glass and then to shoot yourself. No escape for Mick in that restroom.... turning in circles... caged.

We learned more about Mick in the past. He calls himself "young and stupid." He sure gave Lee Jay a beating. Of course, that is when he thought violence solved everything.

Love the 80's flashback scene of Mick and Josef. "Red or White?" Duran Duran! I would like to see an entire episode about that time in their long lives.

Tough love from Josef.

Who did Mick go to for help? Beth!

Poor Josh! Beth calling out another man's name in her sleep had to hurt. He is a decent, cute and good guy..... just can't compete with Mick. Who could? He did the right thing and helped Mick.

I also like that Mick is a gentleman and thanked Josh.

Beth learning this early in the series that Mick is a Vampire has been the source of debate. Many people feel that it was too soon, or that she shouldn't have known until the final episode. I happen to like the fact that she already knows. Beth is an investigative reporter after all. She wouldn't be very good if she ignored the facts. When the hero has a secret identity, it has always bothered me that the love interest has to be blind to all the evidence piling up around them.

Another symptom of the love interest is the constant need to be rescued. Which is why I love the fact that Beth saved Mick this time! "I thought I told you to stay in the car." haha....

Alex was amazing in the last scene.... his breathing and voice. You could just feel Mick's pain. When he showed up at her apartment, he wanted to tell Beth that he was a vamp but couldn't. Now he was not only going to be forced to reveal himself, but had to do so while vamped out. Showing her the "monster" he believes himself to be.

Photograph ~ Mick St John (Alex O'Loughlin) in Moonlight's Out of the Past episode (#1x02) from the climactic scene when he reveals himself as a Vampire to Beth Turner. Click on the image above for a larger version of the picture.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

BuddyTV users vote for their Favorite Shows of 2008

The gang at BuddyTV recently gave their website users the chance to vote for their Favorite Shows of 2008. Moonlight is #17 on the list! Even though our series was only on television at the very beginning of the year, the fans will not let it be forgotten :)

BuddyTV Fans' Top 25 Favorite Shows of 2008
BuddyTV users voted on their favorite shows of 2008. Their Top 25 ended up looking like this.
by Oscar Dahl

#17 Moonlight
Hey, another vampire thing. Moonlight has since passed on into the vague hereafter, despite the cries of fans demanding a resuscitation.

25. One Tree Hill
24. Jericho
23. The Office
22. Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles
21. American Idol
20. Pushing Daisies
19. Chuck
18. True Blood
17. Moonlight
16. 30 Rock
15. Scrubs
14. Grey's Anatomy
13. Fringe
12. Ghost Whisperer
11. CSI : Miami
10. Prison Break
9. Dexter
7. Lost
6. Smallville
5. CSI
4. Heroes
3. House
2. Bones
1. Supernatural

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ratings for Battlestar Galatica

Battlestar Galatica aired right after Moonlight on Friday night. I know that many of you wanted to know their ratings for comparision. As I mentioned earlier, at 8:00 pm Central/9:00 pm Eastern Moonlight had 1.166 million viewers. Battlestar Galatica was watched by 1.717 million at 9:00 pm Central/10:00 pm Eastern.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ratings for Moonlight's premiere on the Sci-Fi Channel

The cable ratings have finally been released! Big thanks to the lovely Robert Seidman @ TV By The Numbers for tracking down the info for us :) Moonlight's premiere on the Sci Fi Channel was watched by just over a million people. We need to continue spreading the word for new folks to tune in every Friday night. I have talked to several people recently in random lines, at restaurants, etc who had no idea Moonlight was gonna be replayed on Sci-Fi. A friend living in TX also informed me that she does not get the channel on her cable service. BOO!

Nielsen ratings for Moonlight tv show's debut on SciFi Network ~ No Such Thing as Vampires (pilot episode #1x01) ~ on Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Number of viewers ~ 1.166 million

Photograph : Mick St John (Alex O'Loughlin) and Beth Turner (Sophia Myles) Moonlight tv series image from funeral scene in pilot episode (No Such Thing as Vampires #1x01)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Fan Question ~ Why does Mick St John sleep in a freezer?

Welcome to all the new Moonlight fans who are discovering the series on Sci-Fi :) I've already been receiving heaps of emails and comments from you. YEA! Several messages asking why Mick St John sleeps in a freezer instead of a coffin as in most Vampire stories. I watched an interview with Alex O'Loughlin where he discussed the freezer thing. He said the Moonlight vamps had discovered that "their physical bodies decay over time over the hundreds of years" and the cold "slows down that process of decay."

Photograph ~ Mick St John (Alex O'Loughlin) chillin in his freezer ~ from the pilot episode (No Such Thing as Vampires #1x01) of the Moonlight tv show

Checking Moonlight DVD boxed set's position on sales charts

Moonlight is number one on the "Hot New Releases in Movies & TV" chart at Amazon! It is also #2 on their "Bestsellers" and "Most Wished For" lists. Amazon updates their top selling products hourly. Over at Barnes and Noble, Moonlight is #2 on their "Bestselling DVDs" chart.... right behind Twilight at #1. At the Best Buy website, our show is on backorder due to the huge demand. *cheer*

You are doing an amazing job of supporting our show :) Keep up the good work! Big dvd sale numbers are hard for Hollywood to ignore.

Ooooooooo..... when you have time, be sure to write & share your glowing reviews for Moonlight at Amazon, Borders, B & N, etc.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Recap ~ No Such Thing as Vampires ~ Pilot Episode #1x01

Let's talk about Moonlight's pilot episode ~ No Such Thing as Vampires (#1x01).

SPOILER ALERT! If you STILL haven't seen the first episode of the series, do not read this post..... unless you want to know what happens :)

I enjoyed watching the pilot again! Reviewing it with the knowledge of what happens in future episodes made it especially interesting. We know that Moonlight just gets better and better every week.

Did you notice it is Beth's voice asking the questions during the "Interview with a Vampire" opening scene? Mick wants her to understand him. He is afraid she will see him as the monster that he perceives himself to be since being turned.

The first time we see Mick in his trusty freezer. YUM!

Marshall sighting! I like the show Alias, so it was nice to see Kevin Weisman pop up as Beth's camera guy. Just wish he had more to do. He had one of the lines that made me giggle. When Beth says, "I've become a news whore overnight." Steve replies, "Not overnight." ha!

When the handsome Lt Carl and Beth are talking at the crime scene, I wondered (again) just how well they know each other. They appear to be pretty familiar. Is that just from Beth's crime reporting? It is mentioned that this is her first on air story for BuzzWire, but she has obviously been writing articles for a while before making the move to being on camera.

I still want one of those cool iPhones.

Many of my favorite Josef quotes are from this episode. "Sooner or later your inner vampire is going to demand to be fed." <--- currently my profile phrase on MySpace. "What is it? Like... Non-fat, soy, Vegan blood?" "Vampire experts ~ beautiful! Now, we got the food mouthing off about the farmer." "Vampire solidarity ~ rah, rah, rah and all that." Better restrain myself or I will end up quoting every line that Jason Dohring utters.

Rudolf Martin plays Professor Christian Ellis. He thinks he is a vamp on our show, and he portrayed Dracula on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Beth smashing a vase over Mick's head and his emotionless "Ouch" makes me laugh every time. As does this exchange.... "How do I know you're not the killer? Well, because I'm not killing you. ......let's go with that cuz that's comforting..."

She is surprised that he knows who she is and all about BuzzWire.

I've mentioned this before.... this bit of dialogue between Beth and Mick gets me laughing too. "So, we're talking Vampires? You know, some people actually find them attractive. Really? Yea." Poor Mick! His "yea" sounds so deflated.

Leaving the funeral, Mick gets into his car. Beth places her hand on his to stop him & ask for the blood vial. He looks down at her hand on top of his for a split second. Alex is great with these little moments that tell you so much about Mick's feelings.

Mick is so smooth with the professor's wife. Imagine him showing up on your doorstep. Ooooo my....

The scene in which Mick confronts the professor, and he thinks he is schooling Mick in the ways of the Vampire is too amusing. "When most people hear the word Vampyre, they immediately conjure up an image of some undead monstrosity running around at night trying to drink human blood." With the perfect expression on his face, Mick says "hate that" under his breath. *chuckle* This scene also reminds me of one in Alex's film, Feed, in which he faces off with the cop.

Love the camera angle used when Mick closes the blinds in the professor's office.

Carl.... "Threesomes never end well" hehehe

Josef in Mick's loft when he returns is a cool scene. They play so well off each other. I will contain my desire to quote the whole thing. :)

Since I'm super into diners, Cadillac Jack's is my kinda place. Well.... except for the possibility of getting murdered by a crazy grad student thing.

Speaking of.... How come the creepy killer TA, Daniel, gets to use an accent but Alex O'Loughlin doesn't?!? *grin*

Adore how Mick is protective and concerned for Beth.

We got to see Mick vamp out several times in this episode. YEA! He easily manhandles the professor (priceless expression on his face when Mick transforms into a Vampire in front of him) and the killer.

Even though he is hurt during the car chase/crash, Mick wills himself to get up and run to save Beth. The silly killer thinks he has triumphed by stabbing Mick. That smug expression quickly changes to shock & fear as Mick stands again... and hurls him effortlessly!

During the flashback fight scene with Coraline, they are beating each other senseless. In the middle of it, for a brief moment they starting kissing! Then, back to fighting. Josef is correct in his assessment of their crazy love.

Throughout the episode, Beth is convinced that she has seen Mick before they "met" at the crime scene. After he rescues her from Daniel, she awakens on his couch. She says that he saved her when she was little. Mick dismisses the truth again by saying, "You got a really nasty bump on your head tonight."

Moonlight does ending scenes better than any other show. It all began with the one tonight. Beth hugs Mick in gratitude and he slowly puts his arms around her in return. Just the look on his face conveys the emotions.

There are some time line discrepancies, which we have talked about previously. Josef says Mick is 90 years old, but Mick tells Beth he is 85 in a future episode. When Mick holds out his hand to Beth at the end, the voice over states, "60 years is a long time to deny yourself the touch of another." However, he has only been a vamp since 1952. He was on & off with Coraline until she kidnapped Beth (and he thought he killed her) in 1985. Several things could explain these differences...... We have all rounded years up and/or down in telling a story. Or, exaggerated to make a point. There were sooo many behind the scenes changes before Moonlight ever even aired. Originally, Mick was supposed to meet & marry Coraline in the 1940's. None of this keeps me from loving the show ~ in case you hadn't noticed *wink*

Friday, January 23, 2009

Moonlight season one debuts on the Sci-Fi Channel tonight!

It's finally Moonlight Friday again! Feels sooooooooo good to say that :) Our pals at the Sci Fi Channel will begin rerunning Moonlight's season one TONIGHT!

A fan posted the video above which shows the Moonlight promo commercial that is airing on Sci-Fi.

Friday Nights
8:00 PM Central
9:00 PM Eastern
Sci Fi Network

Tell your friends :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mick St John photo wallpaper promoting Moonlight's return

Here is a new Mick St John (Alex O'Loughlin) photo wallpaper for you. As you can see, it promotes the return of Moonlight to television! Use the image on your own computer desktop background, MySpace layout, website, Facebook page, etc. Also, you could share it with others to make sure they know the Sci Fi Channel will begin rerunning season one THIS FRIDAY!

Simply click on the photograph above to get a larger version of the image.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

iF Magazine reviews Moonlight's newly released DVD

iF Magazine has published their review of the new Moonlight DVD. They have the same chief complaint that we do... no extras :(


Fans get their beloved show in one set, but why no extras at all?

Grade: B
Stars: Alex O'Loughlin, Sophia Myles, Jason Dohring, Shannyn Sossamon, Tami Roman
Writer(s): Ron Koslow, Trevor Munson
Release Date: Jan. 20, 2009
SRP: $39.98
Rating: NR
Distributor: Warner Home Video

By EMERSON PARKER, Contributing Writer

I guess the one good thing about MOONLIGHT: THE COMPLETE SERIES is that they actually gave fans the series in its entirety relatively quickly. Unlike fans of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST and other genre shows that have come and gone and been fan favorites, they didn’t have to wait years.

Of course, this is just a bit of solace to fans of the show that believe the show should never have been cancelled in the first place and that CBS gave the series an unfair opportunity especially given the shortened season due to the four-month long writer’s strike from the 2007-2008 season. That also took away other shows that fans were getting attached to too soon as well, such as JOURNEYMAN.

But probably the biggest slap in the face of the fans in terms of the DVD is the fact that MOONLIGHT: THE COMPLETE SERIES lacks any special features at all. Really? You couldn’t get Alex O’Loughlin or Shannyn Sossamon or Sophia Myles at all for one interview? You couldn’t put together a few clips from behind-the-scenes and include them? There were no deleted scenes at all? Really? That’s just a big slap in the face and something that Warner Home Video – usually really good about adding extras – should have done, because this would be a DVD where fans would eat it up and actually watch the special features with a lot of interest.

That’s just not right. And I don’t know how any fan can be happy about it.

But again, those same fans are just probably happy to have the episodes in their collection and the ability to watch them whenever they want and in digital in a nice digital transfer from the already impressive widescreen broadcast presentation.

The story is an interesting one centering on L.A. private eye Mick St. John (O’Loughlin) who makes a living by learning about other people’s secrets and revealing them to those who pay him for such information. But the biggest secret of all is from St. John because he’s a vampire, yes a creature of the night with a past as complex as, well, all vampire series. He’s been good. He’s been bad. He’s loved. He’s lost.

Now he is drawn to a new love with a human woman (Sophia Myles) but his memories of his wife that turned him originally into a vampire (Shannyn Sossamon) and his lingering relationships with other vampires and the underworld leaves him troubled with his past, his present and maintaining a cover as a PI.

Looks great. The widescreen it was originally shot on looks even better in this digital transfer of the series.

As stated above, there are none.

Obviously, fans of the series will be buying this set. No if, ands or buts about it. But I gotta imagine they aren’t too happy about not having anything other than just the 16 episodes. A for the series, but because the DVD lacks extras it gets a B.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Warner Bros Home Video sets up official Moonlight DVD page

Warner Video has created an official website for Moonlight's upcoming DVD release. It includes photos and great clips from the show...... such as the scene of shirt ripping Mick St John seeking refuge in a desert motel bathtub (Fever episode #1x04).

Moonlight : The Complete Series on DVD Official Website

Season One of Moonlight will be released on DVD Tuesday, January 20th, 2009 (in Region One ~ USA)

Photograph ~ Beth Turner (Sophia Myles) and Mick St John (Alex O'Loughlin) in series promo picture for Moonlight tv show

Friday, January 16, 2009

By supporting Moonlight on Amazon, fans help to get DVD release for show

Thanks to all loyal Moonlight fans for preordering the Season One DVD, sharing your reviews, buying the episodes, etc on Amazon! As David Horiuchi wrote on Armchair Commentary, the continued support from you helped to convince Warner Bros to release the series on disc. *cheer*

We also owe David a huge debt of gratitude for passing on our desire for Moonlight on DVD to the WB. You may leave a comment for him in response to his blog post below, and/or send a "thank you" email to Since there are several contributors writing for Armchair, be sure that you specify David Horiuchi in your message.

This just emphasizes the good things that can come from us vocally promoting Moonlight :)

Amazon Blogs ~ Armchair Commentary
Best DVDs of January 2009: "Moonlight: The Complete Series"
by David Horiuchi
DVD & Video editor at

What it is: No, it's not Twilight, which is also about vampires so you'd certainly be excused for the confusion. Nor is it True Blood, which is also a recent vampire-centric TV series. Moonlight is the series that debuted on CBS in the fall of 2007 and was unceremoniously canceled after one season. Alex O'Loughlin plays Mick St. John, a vampire who mingles with the human world by working as a private investigator then finds himself falling for a human (Sophia Myles).

Why it's Significant: When it was canceled after one strike-interrupted season, Moonlight seemed destined to join the ranks of TV shows that had a devoted following but were quickly tossed on the dust heap. But even worse, when I talked to the folks at Warner Home Video in the summer of 2008, they said they had no plans to release Moonlight on DVD--it wasn't even going to get the chance to become another Firefly. I explained to them that Amazon customers were passionate about the show, that you had signed up in droves to be the First To Know when it was available on DVD. You had bought the episodes on Amazon Video On Demand and written hundreds of customer reviews on the AVOD page and on the First To Know page. And you had sent us e-mails and posted on our discussion boards that you wanted Moonlight on DVD. In October, Warner Home Video announced that Moonlight was indeed coming out on DVD, in January 2009. Though it's hard to say for sure what happened at Warner, I think it's safe to say that Amazon customers played a big role in getting their show on DVD. --David

Video ~ Shannyn Sossamon outside West Hollywood eatery

In this video, HollywoodTV captured Shannyn Sossamon leaving West Hollywood restaurant, Madeo. She's sporting a shorter haircut since her days as our Coraline. It is good to see Shannyn!

David Blue to appear in new Stargate television series on Sci-Fi

David Blue (who played Logan, our lovable and slobby computer nerd Vampire, on Moonlight) has been cast in the new Sci Fi Channel tv show, Stargate Universe. Congrats to him :) Here is the official press release........


New York, NY January 16, 2009 SCI FI Channel has announced Justin Louis, David Blue, Brian J. Smith and Jamil Walker Smith will join the cast of the highly anticipated new original series Stargate Universe. The four will enlist alongside Robert Carlyle (Dr. Nicholas Rush) in the latest adventure in the Stargate franchise produced by MGM television. Production will begin in Vancouver in February 2009 with an eye toward a fall '09 premiere.

Edgier and younger in tone than the two previous series, SGU follows a band of soldiers, scientists and civilians, who must fend for themselves as they are forced through a Stargate when their hidden base comes under attack. The desperate survivors emerge aboard an ancient ship, which is locked on an unknown course and unable to return to Earth.

Justin Louis (Hidden Hills, The Fighting Fitzgeralds) will portray Colonel Everett Young, an experienced Stargate team leader. Married, with years of tough decisions under his belt, life has taught him never to take anything for granted. He stays on top of his team so they stay alive.

David Blue (Ugly Betty, Moonlight) stars as Eli Wallace, a total slacker, who just happens to be an utter genius with anything he puts his mind to - mathematics, computers, video games. A lack of confidence has left him with an acerbic sense of humor.

Brian J. Smith (The War Boys, Hate Crime) is Lt. Matthew Scott, a junior member of the Stargate team. Green and rough around the edges, he is thrust into the role of leader well before he's ready for the responsibility and must learn to command, earn respect through action, and manage the diverse personalities aboard the ship. Jamil Walker Smith (Waynehead, Sister, Sister) will portray Sr. Sgt. Ronald Greer, a Marine with a temper you don't want to mess with. His past is mysterious but it's clear something dark formed the hard shell around him.

Brad Wright and Robert Cooper, of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, will serve as executive producers and writers on the new series.

Stargate Universe will debut as a two-hour movie event on SCI FI and will be distributed by MGM Worldwide Television Distribution.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Do you want Alex O'Loughlin on the NCIS spinoff show?

Matt Mitovich recently reported that CBS is definitely going to air a spin-off of their current show, NCIS. This was confirmed by Nina Tassler. He went on to speculate about Alex O'Loughlin being cast on NCIS Part 2 due to the talent holding deal Alex signed with CBS. Matt wants to know how the fans feel about that idea. Do you want Alex O'Loughlin to appear on the new NCIS spinoff show? I can answer that without hesitation........ NO! I think he deserves to star in his very own series, especially since the details I've heard thus far sound really good.

TV Guide ~ Today's News: Our Take
CBS Boss Confirms NCIS Spin-off, Offers Alex O'Loughlin Update
by Matt Mitovich

You can never have too much of a good thing. Having proven that with a string of successful CSIs, CBS now is looking to capitalize on NCIS' strongest season ever by spinning a new series off of what was essentially a JAG spin-off.

"It's happening. We're doing it," CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler confirmed Wednesday at the TCA Winter Press Tour. "We've seen an outline. We're in great shape, and we're just waiting to get the script. But we're going to cast, and we're going to shoot."

It's yet to be cast, you say? Here's a provocative thought. CBS long ago inked a development deal with Alex O'Loughlin, who had cultivated quite a fan following as the star of the (too) short-lived Moonlight. Perhaps the Aussie hunk could return to the fore as the front man for NCIS 2? Asked separately about the status of O'Loughlin's deal with the Eye, Tassler said, "Hopefully we will [see him soon]."

As for the origin of the NCIS spin-off — which, sources say, will simply follow the cases of a team situated elsewhere — Tassler said that just as the Mark Harmon starrer "was [born of] an episode of JAG, this will be an episode of NCIS" airing later this season.

So, who's with me on the Alex O'Loughlin/NCIS 2 merger?!

CBS President, Nina Tassler, talks about Alex O'Loughlin

E! Online's Kristin Dos Santos spoke to CBS President Nina Tassler regarding the network's future shows and stars. She asked Nina specifically about Alex O'Loughlin.

CBS Scoop
by Kristin Dos Santos

Last but not least, although Nina Tassler says how in love she is with Alex O'Loughlin—just like so many of you!—he has still not been cast on a new CBS series. Says Tassler, "Hopefully we will [place him on a show]. We do have an idea, so hopefully we will see that soon."

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Only one more week!

We only have one more week to wait for Moonlight's complete season one dvd to be released! Here is the projected front and back cover art for the disc :) Click on the images above for larger versions of the photographs.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

BuddyTV ~ Blood Lust: 13 Dangerously Sexy Bloodsuckers

BuddyTV lists their picks for the 13 sexiest Vampires. None other than our Mick St John (Mr. Alex O'Loughlin) is listed at the number ten spot! Obviously, I think he should have been #1... especially over their top choice of David (Kiefer Sutherland) from The Lost Boys. Plus, Josef shoulda been included too. Not that I'm complaining... *grin*

Others on the BuddyTV Top 13 ~ Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) from Twilight, Santanico Pandemonium (Salma Hayek) in From Dusk Til Dawn, Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) of True Blood, Spike (James Marsters) in Buffy & Angel, Selene (Kate Beckinsale) of the Underworld films, Miriam Blaylock (Catherine Deneuve) from one of my favorite Vampyre movies The Hunger, etc.

Blood Lust: 13 Dangerously Sexy Bloodsuckers
by Don Williams

With Twilight mania at an all time high, we're counting down the 13 hot vampires we'd happily stick our necks out for.

#10 Mick St. John (Moonlight)

Mick St. John may not be the first vampire detective to hit the small screen, but he's the one we'd most want investigating our case. Mick's desire to hold on to his humanity makes him a kinder, gentler bloodsucker, and the fact that he refuses to hunt innocent women and children makes us swoon. If only he could do something about his crazy ex-wife, he'd be the perfect partner.

Photograph ~ Mick St John (Alex O'Loughlin) promo picture for Moonlight television series

Sci-Fi Channel sets up Moonlight web page

The Sci-Fi Channel has created an official Moonlight website. I know you will visit the page, but I encourage you to do so often. Reports are generated of how many hits each of their show's sites receive in order to get an idea of the popularity. We want Moonlight's home page to have huge numbers!

As I mentioned before, the SciFi Network also has set up a message board dedicated to Moonlight. Great place to say thank you for airing our show.... AND.... proudly display what a loyal, supportive band of fans the channel is gaining by doing so :)

Moonlight Forums ~

Welcome 2009!

Wishing you all a 2009 filled with health, love, laughter and success :) I hope your holiday season was amazing!