Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fan Video ~ Kissing You by Des'ree ~ A MickBeth Story

DarkRavyn has created a beautiful fan video dedicated to Mick St John & Beth Turner. As usual, she used some of the most amazing moments from Moonlight to go perfectly with the words & tone of the song.... Kissing You by Des'ree ~ A MickBeth Story. "The ups and downs, the ins and outs, the friendship and romance of Mick and all leads to that final moment."

Just more inspiration to continue to fight for our show! Seeing these choice scenes of the stunning Alex O'Loughlin and Sophia Myles is certainly motivational, isn't it?

Friday, May 30, 2008

Moonlight in two TV Squad polls

TV Squad is hosting two polls asking which show least deserved cancelation & which show has the most devoted fans? Easy for us to answer those questions :)

The Arrested Development Award Nominees
by Jane Boursaw

Did your favorite show get canceled? Yeah, mine too. It makes you think twice about investing time into a new show, because you never know how long it'll last. Sometimes even shows with fairly good ratings are sent to the chopping block.

Here at TV Squad, we're doing our part to bring attention to cool shows that were axed in the recent upfront announcements. Last week, I put out a call for considerations for The Arrested Development Award, a.k.a. The Show Least Deserving of Cancellation Award.

You made your opinions known - thank you! - and now we're into Phase 2: The Nominees. The Squad will pick our own winner, but we're giving you the chance to pick a Reader's Choice winner. Here are the nominees, and be sure to vote in the poll at the bottom.

1. Moonlight (CBS). Paired with the other-worldly Ghost Whisperer on Friday nights, this dark dramedy about a vampire who finds work as a private eye gained legions of fans over its short run this season. So much so that there's currently a big campaign to resurrect it from the dead. In some ways, this show is disturbing. It's downright freaky when the vamps' eyes glaze over and fangs protrude at the prospect of a "freshie." And when they actually chomp into someone's arm -- and the person likes it -- it's weird and dark. And maybe that's the appeal of this show. I guess you'd classify it as a crime-drama, but it's just different enough to bring something new to the prime-time table. Of course, the top-notch cast doesn't hurt either. As Mick St. John, Alex O'Loughlin is a cross between Keanu Reeves and John Corbett with some Matthew McConaughey thrown in. He's smart and sexy and seems to have a handle on the whole vampire-in-the-real-world thing. And I love that Sophia Myles, who plays his love interest Beth, isn't a size 2. She seems like a real girl, not some Hollywood version of a real girl. And as Josef Kostan, Jason Dohring is giving Justin Bartha a run for his money in the sidekick department. We deserve another season of Moonlight, and Mick and Beth deserve more time together. As Alex says in the final passionate moments of the finale, "This isn't about being a vampire or a human. This is about us and how we feel about one another, right here, right now." Ooh, yeah.

The Nuttiest Fans Award nominees
by Annie Wu

If we have learned anything, it's that there's a big difference between being a casual viewer and a truly passionate fan. Whether that means spreading the word, doing charity work in the name of the show or just plain being crazy, fans of TV programs have found various ways to show their love. After some intense responses in the call for considerations post and deep deliberation within the TV Squad team, we have boiled down the list of shows with the most dedicated fanbases. Here, we have five of the finest contenders, each of them deserving recognition for their fans' contributions.

Yes, it's obvious that there will be fans angry at the results, regardless of who wins. American Idol fans, form an orderly queue and meet me in the parking lot. But before we have an epic throwdown, read after the jump and vote for the Readers' Choice.

Moonlight :

Even as we speak, Moonlight fans are working hard to bring their beloved show to a new home. This was another fanbase that I had the chance to observe first-hand at this year's NYCC, and I couldn't help but bleed a little from the ears every time the crowd screamed for Alex O'Loughlin and Jason Dohring. Not only is their love super-intense, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's a Moonlight fan prerequisite to have operatic training. Ow. This group has also done some admirable charity work, including multiple blood drives in the name of the show.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ghost Whisperer ratings from Friday, May 23rd

Sorry, guys..... I have been planning to post the ratings for the Ghost Whisperer repeat that was aired in Moonlight's time slot last Friday. Everything has been soooo crazy. That is my only excuse for just now getting around to it. :)

Ratings for Friday, May 23rd, 2008. All reruns on the Memorial holiday weekend.

GW repeat in its regular spot at 7:00pm cst/8:00pm est ~ 5.14 million viewers (1st), 18 to 49 demo 1.3/5

GW rerun in Moonlight's time period at 8:00pm cst/9:00pm est ~ 5.78 million viewers (2nd), 18 to 49 demo 1.6/6

Finishing the night on CBS, a Numb3rs repeat at 9:00pm cst/10:00pm est ~ 7.04 million viewers (1st), 18 to 49 demo 1.6/6

Here are the numbers for past rebroadcasts of Moonlight for comparision.

No such thing as Vampires (episode #1x01) ~ 12/21/07 ~ 3.92 million viewers ~ 1.0 demo
Out of the past (episode #1x02) ~ 12/28/07 ~ 4.88 million ~ 1.3 demo
Dr Feelgood (episode #1x03) ~ 1/4/08 ~ 5.05 million ~ 1.4 demo
Fever (episode #1x04) ~ 2/1/08 ~ 5.72 million ~ 1.5 demo
Arrested Development (episode #1x05) ~ 2/8/08 ~ 5.45 million ~ 1.5 demo
The Mortal Cure (episode #1x12) ~ 4/18/08 ~ 5.27 million ~ 1.4 demo

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

TV Guide ~ Moonlight Still "Exploring Options"

Moonlight on TV Guide's website again! Alex O'Loughlin has been in every issue of the magazine for the last... what?... 3 or 4 weeks. And, our show has been mentioned in several columns on the web page just since Monday. YEA!

This time, it is Matt Webb Mitovich's turn. We already heard the news about MRC not being our new home. I still think they are crazy, of course. Notice tho that Kevin Samples says "It just didn't seem in the end that it was the right thing to do at this moment in time" and then admits they will evolve in the future cuz "We're going down a new path here." Perhaps, they will see the error of their way after dealing with show ratings that don't compare to Moonlight's.

The great thing is, Matt confirms that the WB is still looking for ways to give us more Moonlight :)

CW Didn't Bite, But Moonlight Still "Exploring Options"

Moonlight fans hoping to see Alex O'Loughlin and his vampire-drama buddies resurrected by the CW had their dreams squashed when Media Rights Capital officially released the Sunday line-up it had developed for the fifth network. Addressing the decision to pass up the opportunity to pick up the cult hit and its eight million viewers, MRC TV president Keith Samples explains to Variety, "It just didn't seem in the end that it was the right thing to do at this moment in time.

"We're going down a new path here, I'll be the first to admit," Samples adds. "Things will come up on this road we didn't foresee, and we will evolve."

That said, sources tell that Warner Bros. TV still is "exploring other options," though it is unclear if that relates to hosting existing episodes of Moonlight or delivering new ones. — MWM

Moonlight questions in Ask Ausiello column today

Ask Ausiello, on TV Guide's website, has two mentions of Moonlight today. We had three in Matt Roush's column on Monday, and now this. Great job of keeping our show in the news! Many shows that are canceled are forgotten almost instantly. We are not letting that happen to Moonlight :) Thank you!

In one of his answers, Michael Ausiello asks for votes as PETA's Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity Poll. Hmmmmm..... how about an exchange? He continues talking about Moonlight and we vote for him?! *grin*

Jenny asks him about the Sci-Fi network picking up our show. The answer, no to new episodes, maybe to rebroadcasting the completed 16 episodes. Just remember that as he has said himself, he gives us "scoop" that is sometimes right & sometimes not. Rumors and behind the scenes chatter that he hears from various sources. For example.... When the Writer's Strike was wrapping up, Ausiello (& other tv reporters) were saying no new Moonlight episodes til this Fall. BUT... we ended up getting 4 new episodes in May.

We agree on this ~ KEEP FIGHTING!

Ask Ausiello

Question : I voted for you on the PETA's Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity poll (like I do every year). Does that earn me some scoop on Moonlight? I heard that the CW might do something with it. What are the odds it will actually happen? — Marie

Ausiello : Thanks Marie for reminding everyone that my annual campaign to win PETA's SV honors has begun anew! As you'll recall, Kevin Eubanks edged me out at the 11th hour last year due to Jay Leno's shameless Tonight Show stumping. Help me avoid a repeat of that embarrassing fiasco by circulating this link to your friends/family and their friends and family with the following instructions: Vote for Ausiello! I don't think my enormous ego faint heart can withstand another crushing defeat. Now, what was your question Marie? Moonlight on the CW? Ain't happening. Sorry. But please, don't let that affect your vote! Would an endorsement from Alex O'Loughlin help? 'Cause I can probably make that happen.

Question : Mike, you've missed some serious Moonlight grieving, especially from me. Please tell me there is some truth to the rumors that the Sci Fi channel may be interested in picking up Moonlight. — Jenny

Ausiello : It's half true. Sci Fi passed on picking up new episodes, but there's still a chance it could air existing episodes. Short story shorter: Keep

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

MSNBC Article ~ Moonlight on list of "canceled shows we loved"

MSNBC published an article about canceled tv programs that they will miss. Of course, Moonlight is on the list! They heap more praise on the fans for the amazing Moonlight Blood Drive. And, they single out Alex O'Loughlin as a highlight from our show :)

So, add MSNBC to the list of media entertainment outlets & tv gurus who have come out in support of Moonlight. YEA! Surely, other networks must see all these positive comments from very reputable sources. We can include quotes in our letters & emails.

Rest in peace, canceled shows we loved
‘Moonlight,’ ‘Men in Trees,’ ‘Jericho’ will be missed
By Jeff Hidek


Why it should have been renewed: It might have been the lowest-rated of CBS’s Friday night dramas, but "Moonlight" still consistently won its time slot against ABC and NBC offerings. That’s impressive, considering all of the tinkering that went on at this series about a blood-sucking private investigator. After multiple show-runner changes and a few shaky scripts, “Moonlight” seemed to just be settling into a charming routine in its post-strike episodes.

Series highlight: As brooding vampire Mick St. John, Alex O’Loughlin injected equal parts hot and cool into his leading-man role. A flash of his smile could make even an undead pulse quicken.

Silver lining: Fans should congratulate themselves on the most charitable “save our show” campaign ever. A well-orchestrated blood drive organized through might not have been able to save the series, but it did help save lives. Mick would be proud.

Grass roots campaign asking DirecTV to sponsor Moonlight

A little clarification..... Moonlight would air on which ever network picks it up ~ Sci-Fi, FX, USA, TNT, etc. To make it cost effective since cable networks have less $$$, the plan is to ask DirecTV to sponsor Moonlight. In return, they would do product placement &/or advertise their service during the show.

UPDATED INFO! Send all DirecTV emails to this address only ~ This is the dedicated address DirecTV set up for us Moonlight fans.

Friday Night Lights not only shared Moonlight's time slot. It was also a bubble show. Our show won in the ratings, while FNL hovered around 5 million viewers weekly. You may have read about the unique deal that saved their show. NBC approached DirecTV to partner with them & share the cost of Friday Night Lights. That is how the show was saved.

Rumor has it that the Sci-Fi Channel is interested in picking up Moonlight. The problem is ~ you guessed it ~ money. Moonlight episodes cost about $2.5 million each, but Sci-Fi can only afford $1.5 million.

*** By the way.... Please, be sure to continue contacting the SciFi Network! You can see that it is having the effect that we want. YEA! ***

That is what led to the idea of Moonlight fans contacting DirecTV asking them to sponsor our show, similar to their NBC/FNL deal.

Here is more info as Leeser has kindly detailed for everyone :)

We have been noticing the threads suggesting that the fans could subsidise the remaining funds for the production of Moonlight. While that is a wonderful thought in theory, for many reasons it would not be likely to happen. Instead we may have found another option.

As most are aware, NBC recently sealed a deal with DirecTV to bring Friday Night Lights back to life, NBC’s critically acclaimed but ratings starved Friday night high school melodrama. The deal struck allows for DirecTV to air new episodes of Friday Night Lights in October, 2008, most likely on its High-def channel 101. NBC and its affiliates such as Universal HD would air the episodes starting in January, 2009.

We believe that a campaign to solicit DirecTV interest in pursuing a similar arrangement could be beneficial and profitable to the satellite provider, as well as the WB and Silver Pictures. However, our efforts will differ in that it is not the network or studio that is approaching DirecTV, but rather the fans.

Recently, DirectTV has undertaken an aggressive marketing campaign to heighten public awareness. They are trying to distinguish themselves from its rival on content as well as price and seem to be willing to spend the money to do it. Our approach will definitely be different in that NBC approached DirecTV. Since this would be a grassroots fan campaign, it will have a different marketing spin for DirecTV. How many satellite companies can say that they’ve got fans approaching them about saving their show?

It has come to my attention that financing is a big stumbling block in the potential pickup of our show. The show costs about 2.6 million +/- to make and networks are only willing to pony up about 1.5 million of what is needed. That's not good. To get the quality show we have come to expect, 1.5m isn't going to do it. Not by a long shot.

Thus, we are starting a grassroots fan campaign to get corporate sponsors to come on board and make a financial commitment to support Moonlight.

Be polite, thoughtful and encouraging when you contact these people. Stress the numbers: this show has 7.5 to 8 million viewers, that the show reached the desired 18-49 demographic, that it consistently helped CBS to win Friday nights and that loyal fans will go to/remain with any advertiser that supports their favorite show.

Right now, SciFi is definitely showing interest in our show. Let's show them how much we love it!

CA Office
2230 East Imperial Highway
El Segundo, CA 90245

NY Office
1211 Avenue of the Americas
6th Floor
New York, NY 10036

Video from the Moonlight fan rally in LA

Greenie made this great video of the Moonlight fans rallying outside Warner Bros Studios in LA last Friday afternoon. It is wonderful to be able to see the girls in action ~ holding signs and cheering in the rain! Listen to all the people honking their horns in support. Such a positive gathering :)

Thank you, again, to the marvelous Moonlight fans who braved the bad weather to rally & represent those who couldn't be there!

What do we want? MOONLIGHT!

Moonlight takes over Ask Matt again

Ask Matt tackles several Moonlight related questions today. The fans are pouring out their feelings of loss over our show being canceled. Fan campaigns & Vampire stories being extremely popular right now are discussed.

Question : Do you think that CBS will ever be bold enough to try and break their crime procedural mold? Just look at their line-up! Every single show (except for a few reality shows and maybe Ghost Whisperer) is extremely similar to each other. They cater to one audience only, and seem extremely stubborn to change it. This season they put a couple new shows out there with a bit of a different focus, but what did they do? They canceled every single one of them! Even the one with the most charismatic, best looking star I've seen in a while: Moonlight. It had excellent cult status, with the possibility for more, yet they cancel it. In a season where all of the other networks were giving new, low-performing shows renewal just because the season was so screwed up by the writer's strike, CBS still can't take a chance, break the mold or maybe stop themselves from continuing to dig a dull, boring, same-as-usual pit for themselves. My heart is broken for Moonlight, and my puzzlement with CBS lingers. — Angie L.

Matt Roush : More than most networks, CBS is caught in that damned if you do, damned if you don't paradox. A year ago, CBS tried to shake off some of its stuffiness by going decidedly off-brand with shows like Viva Laughlin, Cane, Kid Nation and Moonlight (the latter of which had the most potential, I agree). In each case, the results ranged from disappointing to outright dud. With the exception of Moonlight, I wouldn't second-guess any of those cancellations. The only freshman hit on CBS, and it's a modest one, is The Big Bang Theory, which I'm a big fan of, but which I'd never call groundbreaking. The short-term lesson in all of this is that CBS tends to be rewarded when it plays to its strengths, with well-cast, solidly produced but undeniably formulaic crime/action procedurals and classic-style, mass-appeal multi-camera sitcoms with laugh tracks. Throw in the occasional blue-chip reality show like Survivor and The Amazing Race (which I'm thrilled will produce two cycles next season), and the greatest newsmag ever in 60 Minutes (just ignore the demos), and that's CBS in a nutshell. After the year CBS just had, you can't blame them for retrenching. Well, I guess you can, but it wouldn't do any good. So to answer your initial question: I'm betting CBS will continue to try to mix things up in seasons to come — at some point, they won't have a choice — but the process of trial and error isn't likely to be pretty.

Question : With the recent demise of Men in Trees, October Road, Jericho and Moonlight, did it seem like there was more fan fervor this year with "Save Our Show" campaigns? I have never seen such enthusiasm and creativity, and yet not a single campaign seemed to make any difference. Is there anything that the fans could have done differently that would have worked to save their shows? And please don't say, "Tell people to watch the show to improve the ratings," — from what I understand, it only matters if you're a Neilsen family, and even if it doesn't, it's not like I know millions of people. And I certainly didn't have any control over the way ABC decided to promote — or more accurately, not promote — Men in Trees, or the way ABC bounced the show around the schedule so it could never gain a decent following. Have we reached the point where the networks have so little regard for the voice of the viewers that we will never see a successful fan campaign again? — Lori

Matt Roush : ABC doomed Men in Trees (which returns this Wednesday for its final three episodes, by the way) with its inept and inexcusable scheduling, and there's probably nothing any fan campaign could have done to rescue that one. I was impressed by the pro-active and certainly pro-social awareness campaigns by fans of Trees and the various vampire dramas, but network TV isn't a charity business, to put it mildly. Ratings are just one consideration in choosing whether or not to renew a show. Strength of schedule, time-slot needs, economics, audience flow, other research factors all play a part, and maybe even the buzz that comes from these kinds of fan actions is factored in. It certainly helped Jericho get its second chance, which is why it's way too soon to cast a pall over any future fan campaigns. But once the tide has turned against a show, it can be hard to reverse it. And once a show is actually canceled, the odds get worse, despite the inevitable rumors that some network or other white knight is going to swoop in and rescue a show from extinction (which rarely happens).

Question : I must say how disappointed I was when I heard Moonlight was being canceled. I had only started watching it a few episodes ago, but that was enough to get me hooked. There's a series of books which I am sure you have heard of called Twilight. They of course deal with vampires and werewolves, and a human falling on love with a vampire. If it wasn't for those amazing books, I probably wouldn't have started to watch Moonlight. These books are selling out nationwide, and women especially are the ones buying them. I think CBS needs to rethink canceling Moonlight for the sake of women everywhere. We read in these books about love and sacrifice, but actually seeing something like it makes it more real for us. If they won't give us another season, they need to come up with some sort of show that would be similar to it, because more and more people are getting into these kind of vampire books. And sooner or later, some network is going to come up with something, and it's going to be a smash hit because they knew exactly what audience they were going to get. — Brittany A.

Matt Roush : The popularity of vampire book series like the Twilight series probably helps account for why the networks keep making shows like this, in hopes they'll catch on. Twilight itself, if I'm not mistaken, is being made into a feature film. Probably less risky than going the TV route. I suppose the next watershed moment for the genre will come when HBO finally launches its True Blood series, based on Charlaine Harris' "Southern Vampire" series. If HBO can't make something like this fly, who can?

Monday, May 26, 2008

CBS Watch website still featuring Alex O'Loughlin

Hmmmmmmm..... The CBS Watch Magazine website is still featuring Alex O'Loughlin on its main page. It directs people to the article and interview with him that was in the April 2008 issue. Also, they showcase photos taken of Alex & Jason Dohring at the New York Comic Con. Very interesting considering that they canceled Moonlight! Why showcase the star of a show that is no longer on your network? Obviously, they want to continue to benefit from Alex's rising celebrity status even tho they let him & Moonlight go! Grrrrrrrr!

I reposted the article on my Alex O'Loughlin fan blog.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

AOL ~ Season-End Poll : The Best & Worst of the TV Season

AOL Television is doing a poll asking viewers to vote for the best & worst tv shows of the season. Too bad we weren't given a "none of the above" button on many of the categories. I think Moonlight should have been included for best drama, best new show and sexiest cast! How can you have Alex O'Loughlin, Shannyn Sossamon, Jason Dohring, Sophia Myles, Brian J White, Eric Winter and Jordan Belfi, but not be the hottest cast on television?!?!

You can vote for Moonlight in the "What was your favorite guilty pleasure?" and "Which cancelled show will you miss the most?" Vote for Alex O'Loughlin in "Who was the best newcomer?"

Season-End Poll : The Best & Worst of the TV Season
Sound off about the shows, the stars and the strike

Saturday, May 24, 2008

SPOILER ALERT ~ Moonlight season 2 spoilers from Harry


We have all been wondering just what stories Moonlight would tell us if it has a second season. Harry Werksman (executive producer & writer) gave a bit of season 2 info to the fans. Thanks to Nikki @ Buzzwire & several friends at the convention, I'm sharing what he had to say with you.

As we heard previously, Moonlight's creators Trevor Munson & Ron Koslow were not with the show for the final 4 episodes. Harry confirms this :( They "were fired because CBS wanted the show to move more in the direction of "CSI vampire" (Harry's words). Ron and Trevor couldn't/wouldn't do that."

Of course, keep in mind that all storylines are subject to change as we have seen many times in the past.

WARNING ~ Spoilers ahead!

1 ~ Officially not returning/dead: Ryder, Lt. Carl, and Josef's Sleeping Beauty (Sarah Whitley). Harry said they are all done, though wouldn't reveal how they ended up gone.

2 ~ Josef's attorney & freshie, Simone Walker, was supposed to return in season two. However.... Abigail Spencer, the actress playing her, failed to mention she's pregnant. They're not sure what to do with that.

The Cleaner will also be featured more. Harry said the part was originally written with Claudia Black in mind, but she was pregnant at the time. They were very happy when she finally played the part in Moonlight's season finale, Sonata (episode #1x16).

This is a biggie! For months, we've all been discussing Beth having a rare blood type, "unwanted" link to Coraline & speculated about why she was selected to be kidnapped. Here is the answer.....

3 ~ Beth IS indeed part of the French Royal bloodline. She does hold the key to the cure, which is why she was kidnapped. Harry also said that because of this Beth CAN NOT be turned! Whether that means she can't because it wouldn't work, or because she would die was left up in the air.

Another thing we've been chatting about is who gave the list of vamp names to ADA Talbot. Some wondered if there was a group of "watchers" as you find in other genre shows & films.

4 ~ Season two was going to revolve around a group called "The Legion" who have been around forever. They are humans. THEY GAVE THE LIST TO TALBOT!!! They feel that the vampire population has gotten out of control in Los Angeles and needs to be reduced. The Legion basically declare war with the Vampires. Lance & Coraline return asking Mick to help. Basically, he now only has one choice - fight with the vampires or fight with the humans. Harry said total vampire apocalypse would indeed be the case. One planned scene was having the L.A. River at night FULL with 100s of Cleaners taking on the Legion army.

Harry Werksman discusses Moonlight's future and fans

Moonlight writer & executive producer, Harry Werksman, was a special guest at the convention in LA. He spoke of his gratitude for the amazing fans of the show :) The dvd we all can't wait to get should be out in September. When asked about the future of our show, Harry said that talks continue in an effort to bring it back for season 2. If all else fails, he plans on pitching the idea of doing a movie & hopes the studio might be interested. However, they are concentrating on trying to get the show back on tv right now.

He feels the same way we do ~ there is no Moonlight without Alex O'Loughlin! Also, Harry confirmed that Alex really was nude in his freezer in the B.C. episode (#1x06). Ooooooooooooo my!

Harry brought the 3 minute Moonlight trailer they are using to shop around our show. Everyone says it was wonderful and they can't imagine any network that sees it turning us down.

Also, Harry said that IF the Sci-Fi channel does become Moonlight's new home, our Vampires will move to New York City. This does not mean that Sci-Fi or any other network has picked up our show yet. Moonlight fans must keep contacting the tv networks urging them to see what a treasure they could have in our show.

Since Harry singled them out, we definitely need to continue writing, emailing and calling Sci-Fi!

USA & Sci-Fi Network President
Bonnie Hammer
( 212 ) 413-5000

Sci-Fi Channel
21st Floor
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112

David Howe

Senior VP of Programming
Tom Vitale

SciFi Network Viewer Hotline
( 212 ) 664-4444
This is the NBC switchboard number. Ask for the Sci-Fi viewer hotline.

Update on Moonlight's set status

Everyone has been wondering if Moonlight's sets have been torn down or not. Several fans went on the Warner Bros lot tour yesterday. The crew has begun to strike the sets and place them in storage. However, they left some of parts up.... like Mick's loft & Beth's apartment.... for the touring fans to enjoy :) Isn't that sweet of them?

The good news is that the sets are being stored, not destroyed.

I've received several emails about this, so.... Rumors are swirling that our sets may be moved to New York, and that Moonlight could film there to take advantage of the tax breaks & lower production costs. The show, Ugly Betty, is moving to NY for the same reason. Keep in mind..... these are just rumors! Nothing has been confirmed at this time. No one knows when we will learn the exact fate of our show. I don't know about you, but I'm in this for the long haul.

Photos ~ the interior of Mick St John's super cool apartment. His kitchen, famous fireplace and staircase!

Wallpaper ~ Mick St John promo photo for Moonlight

Alex O'Loughlin photo wallpaper! It's a Moonlight promo picture of Mick St John :)

Report from the rally

My sweet friend, Cinnamon, was one of the amazing Moonlight fans who rallyed for our show today.... er.... uh.... yesterday now. :) She reports that well over 100 people were there in the rain! Fans were on all four corners at the intersection. They held signs and cheered while receiving lots of honks, waves and positive feedback from those driving by AND people on the Warner Bros lot.

Thank you to all those who stood up for Moonlight and fans around the world!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Sophia Myles talks about her film, Outlander

FEARnet spoke to Sophia Myles about her role in the film Outlander during their visit to Moonlight's set. No release date yet. The movie sites just say it's expected to premiere sometime in 2008. Thanks to Jenn from FEARnet for passing on the interview :)

Sophia Myles on Life After 'Moonlight'!

British uber-hottie Sophia Myles' cult favorite vampire show Moonlight may have been axed by CBS, but the fetching blonde's not hurting for work. In fact, she's already awaiting the release of her next genre project--Outlander. A viking/alien-invasion thriller (yes, you read that correctly).

Here's how she decribed the film when we spoke with her on the set of Moonlight last month: "It’s set in 709 A.D., and I play a Viking warrior princess in a small Viking village. Right at the beginning of the story an alien ship crash-lands onto planet Earth, and on board is Jim Caviezel from Passion of the Christ and this terrifying Moorwen--it looks like a dragon/bull. And he’s brought that with him from a galaxy far, far away to planet Earth. It’s kind of an epic-adventure, where we try and slay the beast. I haven’t seen that mixture of period and science fiction before, so it was interesting to me."

Myles of course is no stranger to screen fantasy, having starred in not only Moonlight, but the Underworld films and the BBC's Dracula mini-series (she also played the title role in the Hugo Award-winning 'Girl in the Fireplace' episode of the BBC's new Doctor Who). Since she's worked in both horror and science fiction, we asked Myles what she prefers.

"I would say I’d pick sci-fi over vamps," she laughed. "There’s got to be other forms of life out here. I think it’d be incredibly self-centered to think that us on planet Earth are the most powerful, the only thing out there. So yeah, that fascinates me."

Jason Dohring takes 3rd place in charity golf tournament

Jason Dohring played in the 2008 BMW Charity Pro-Am Golf Tournament last weekend. He and his professional partner, Nick Malinowski, took 3rd place honors at -42 under pair. They won $8,000 for the Boy Scouts! *cheer*

Retired NHL star, Wayne Gretzky, and his golfing partner, Chris Nallen, won the Pro-Am/Pro-Celeb. They are donating their winnings of $10,000 to The Charles Lea Center.

Many celebrity golfers took part in the fun, such as.... Luke Wilson, Kurt Russell, Catherine Bell, Dennis Quaid, Cheech Marin, Sterling Sharpe, Patrick Warburton, Stefanie Schaeffer, Branford Marsalis, Greg Kinnear to name a few.

Photo ~ Jason Dohring teeing off during golf tourny ~ photograph by George Gardner at Greenville Online

Using USA's slogan "Characters Welcome" in our letters to the network

Sherrilina has a great idea for use in the messages we send to the USA network....

Idea for Writing to USA: "Six Characters in Search of a Network"

USA's slogan is "Characters Welcome"--so I thought that in writing to them we should definitely emphasize that slant and talk about all the wonderful and unique characters on Moonlight that are the kind of characters USA claims they are seeking. In particular, though, I thought a play on Pirandello's play title, "Six Characters in Search of an Author" might be cute and catchy and get USA's attention, as well as get our point across....So I just wanted to put that idea out there for people's postcards and letters and emails to USA, if you want to use this slogan for subject lines, etc.

30 Rockefeller Plaza
21st Floor
New York, NY 10112

USA Feedback ~

USA Network Viewer Hotline
( 212 ) 664-4444
This is the NBC switchboard number. Ask for the USA viewer hotline.

Sci-Fi Wire writes about Moonlight fans rally today at Warner Bros lot!

Sci-Fi Wire
Moonlight Fans To Rally

Fans of CBS' canceled vampire drama Moonlight will convene in Los Angeles over Memorial Day weekend to rally in support of the show at Warner Brothers studios in Burbank, Calif. The rally is scheduled for 2 p.m. PT at the corner of North Pass and West Olive avenues. The studio is the home of Silver Pictures, which produces the series with Warner.

Moonlight fans have also sponsored an ad to run in both The Hollywood Reporter on May 21 and in Variety on May 22 to thank the cast and crew for creating the show and to demonstrate to potential networks the depth of the fans loyalty to the series.

Fans are hoping another TV network will pick up the series from CBS.

Fans will be in town for MoonlightCon, the first fan convention for the series.

Those of us from around the world who can't be there in person will be with you in spirit :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Poll ~ Will Ex-List do better than Moonlight?

Robert Seidman has created a new poll at TV By Numbers. He asks if Ex-List will do better than our beloved Moonlight in the 18 to 49 demo ratings.

CBS Fall Schedule: Will Ex-List Do Better Than Moonlight?

We know the Moonlight fans are not happy about the cancellation. We’re sure even they will be especially interested to see how Ex-List does this coming fall on Fridays at 9pm on CBS. The real question isn’t whether Ex-List will do better in Moonlight in terms of total viewers, but whether Ex-List will outperform Moonlight in the coveted 18-49 demographic.

Although on one hand CBS claims that it doesn’t really care about the 18-49 demo, but when it came to Moonlight they made it clear that they certainly do care about that demographic. The truth is, Ex-List could have 2 million fewer viewers than Moonlight but if it winds up getting a 2.5 in the demo, CBS will see it as progress. So the question is: will the Ex-List do better than Moonlight in the 18-49 demographic? We’ve created a poll to let you weigh in.

Have you ever boycotted a network?

Mandi, from Entertainment Weekly's Pop Watch Blog, wants our comments. She did a post allowing fans to mourn canceled shows, including Moonlight. While reading the replies, she noticed that a lot of people are planning to boycott CBS. Now, she wants to hear more about it from the fans.

Ooooooo..... and Mandi also mentions the Hollywood Reporter stating that Moonlight is still being shopped :)

PopWatch Blog
Ever boycott a show or a network (and for how long)?

After reading the comments on my post mourning CBS' cancellation of Moonlight (pictured), in which some viewers vow to boycott the network, and those on Abby West's Bones season finale preview and postmortem, in which a handful of fans threaten to abandon the Fox drama after its rushed resolution to the Gormogon case, I'm wondering how often people actually follow through on such promises.

So, tell me: Have you ever boycotted an entire network? Or gone cold turkey on a show because you felt it did you wrong? And how long did you hold out? I'm fascinated.

P.S. While I'm the "obsessed colleague" who wouldn't stop complaining to Abby about Booth's beer helmet — (a) he had a tub caddy that could've held his cans and (b) I know he's a "dude," but he still shops at Spencer's? — I'll be back.

P.P.S. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Moonlight is still being shopped to cable networks, including TNT. Hmmm. While TNT has Angel repeats in the morning, I'm not sure I see vamps fitting into its primetime lineup. Angel alums on the other hand, yes: I went to the Turner upfronts last week, and saw that J. August Richards (Gunn) has a role in Steven Bochco's upcoming TNT legal drama, Raising the Bar, while Christian Kane (Lindsey) will be seen opposite Timothy Hutton in the net's Leverage. Of course, TNT already has a double dose of Boreanaz, with Tuesday night Bones repeats.

Photo ~ Alex O'Loughlin as Mick St John

Josef quote in Entertainment Weekly poll

EW's Sound Bites poll is asking "Who had the best quote?" on television from May 13th to 19th. Of course, a Josef Kostan line is included. We know that he should win every week! Jason Dohring always has just the right tone for his lines.

The quote Entertainment Weekly selected is.....

''You know, prom wasn't really big back in the 1700s. High school either. The plague. The plague was big.'' THE 400-YEAR-OLD JOSEF (JASON DOHRING), ON MOONLIGHT

It is from Moonlight's season finale ~ Sonata (episode #1x16)

Have fun voting :),,20201827,00.html

Moonlight fans will rally in Los Angeles on Friday, May 23rd

Hi gang.... Please, remember the Moonlight fans rally tomorrow in LA! Spread the news offline too.

Repost ~

For all Moonlight fans in the Los Angeles area and those planning to travel there for the convention this weekend.........

A rally is planned for the Friday, May 23rd, 2008 at 2:00 PM Pacific Time. Fans will meet at the Warner Bros lot in LA. The gathering is planned for the gate at West Olive Street & North Pass. This is a positive gathering! Feel free to bring signs/posters showing your support of Moonlight, Silver Pictures and the WB. We want to encourage them to continue trying to find a home for our show.

This is not a protest against the studio or to bash CBS.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

First Annual Moonlight Convention ~ Memorial Day Weekend in LA

The Moonlight Con is this weekend! Here are the details again......

First Annual Moonlight Convention
Memorial Day Weekend
May 24th & 25th, 2008
Westin Hotel
Los Angeles, CA

You may pay for your Convention registration at this time via PayPal. Registration is $125 per person and $50 per person for the Saturday night banquet and awards dinner. You may send your payments to (Your PayPal receipt will indicate a payment to TripleMoon.) Please include your contact information and the nickname you would like on your badge.

Warner Bros continues to shop Moonlight to other networks

As the Hollywood Reporter has confirmed, Warner Bros continues to shop Moonlight to other networks. I know that you understand how important it is for fans to keep writing, calling and emailing. You have been doing a marvelous job :) If each of us used the few minutes it takes to write a message on a postcard every day, imagine the avalanche of positive mail the networks will receive!

Yes, we want to email and call..... just remember, The Powers That Be are really impressed by snail mail. In their minds, it shows the most dedication and loyalty to a show. I don't know about you, but I'm enjoying being able to tell them how amazing Moonlight is & how much it means to me.

Reach out to people in real life! Most of Moonlight's fans are not part of the online community. We need for people offline to contact the networks too. For example, I have called & sent text messages to everyone I know asking for their help. Also, continuing to strike up conversations with people at coffeeshops (since I don't drink coffee, they are teashops to me ~ ha!), at restaurants, etc. Leaving informational flyers about joining the fight on college campuses, bulletin boards at the library & grocery stores, coffeeshops and so on.

Fans can make a difference! When Joss Whedon's Firefly was canceled by Fox, its fans stayed active for MONTHS afterward. That led to it being turned into a major motion picture ~ Serenity. Family Guy was brought back to network television after its cancelation due to the staggering number of DVDs purchased by fans. We are just as dedicated, if not more so, to Moonlight, aren't we?

I like to use the Perpetually Cool postcards, along with a stack of Oklahoma cards.... letting them know that Moonlight fans come from all over the United States & around the world.

Urge Warner Bros to keep shopping Moonlight. Let them & the networks know that we will follow our show!

Contact Info....

TNT Network
1010 Techwood Dr. NW
Atlanta GA 30318
Comment phone line : ( 404 ) 885-4538

FX Network
2121 Avenue of the Stars
19th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Main # ( 310 ) 369-1000
Feedback email
Network President ~ John Landgraf

Sci-Fi Channel
30 Rockefeller Plaza
21st Floor
New York, NY 10112

President (reports to Bonnie Hammer)
David Howe

Senior VP of Programming
Tom Vitale

USA & Sci-Fi Network President
Bonnie Hammer
( 212 ) 413-5000

USA Network Viewer Hotline
( 212 ) 664-4444
This is the NBC switchboard number. Ask for the USA viewer hotline.
Sci-Fi is also part of NBC. You can call this number again & leave a message for SciFi too.

30 Rockefeller Plaza
21st Floor
New York, NY 10112

USA Feedback ~

CW Network
Viewer Comment Line ( 818 ) 977-6878
Main Phone Number ( 310 ) 369-1000

CW Entertainment President
Dawn Ostroff
The CW Network
4000 Warner Blvd.
Building 168
Burbank, CA 91522-0002
( 818 ) 977-2500

CW Chief Operating Officer

Warner Bros Studio
4000 Warner Blvd
Burbank, CA 91522-0002
Phone Number ( 818 ) 954-6000

President of WB Television
Peter Roth

WB feed back form ~

Contact the companies that advertise during Moonlight. Let them know that we will support the sponsors that support our show! I have listed them on the blog, or you can use the great resource Diane has at

We are continuing our ratings project letting CBS know that the Nielsen system is old and out of date. "I am a loyal Moonlight viewer, but you don't count me because I'm not a Nielsen family."

CBS Network
Nina Tassler
7800 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Mr. Les Moonves
51 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019-6188
( 212 ) 975-4545
Email :

Please, watch Moonlight's episodes on the official CBS website as often as possible. They track the number of times each video is played. I stream them while I'm working online, cleaning house, filling out my postcards and such. We need to watch them while we can, because CBS has taken down all but two of the episodes already! At this moment, only What's Left Behind (episode #1x15) and season finale, Sonata (episode #1x16) are available.

Photograph ~ Mick St John ( Alex O'Loughlin ) & Beth Turner ( Sophia Myles ) on the Queen Mary in Moonlight's Click episode (#1x14 ). You can get a larger photo by clicking on the image above.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Moonlight's Emmy Award Consideration DVD

Moonlight Emmy DVD ~ Front Cover

Moonlight Emmy DVD ~ Back Cover

Moonlight ~ For Your Consideration ~ Outstanding Drama Series

This is the Moonlight DVD that Warner Bros is sending to Emmy Award voters. Fever (#1x04) & Fleur De Lis (#1x09) are the episodes chosen. Several have popped up on eBay for sale.

Front cover : A wonderful photo of Mick St John ( Alex O'Loughlin ) on the front cover.

People's Choice Award Winner for Favorite New TV Drama

"Slick and sexy" - In Touch Weekly

"...a Friday night cult favorite" - The Hollywood Reporter

Back cover : Large photograph of Beth Turner ( Sophia Myles ), Mick St John ( Alex O'Loughlin ), Josef Kostan/Konstantin ( Jason Dohring ), Coraline Duvall ( Shannyn Sossamon ). Cast, writer and producer credits, along with smaller thumbnail images of our cast from the series.

"...balancing vampirism with romance has resulted in one of TV's most unique series." - Movie Magic Magazine

Click on the pictures above for bigger versions of the images.

Warner Bros Emmy consideration ad in Hollywood Reporter

Warner Bros Television placed a full page advertisement in the Hollywood Reporter today (page 2). The "For Your Consideration" ad asks the Emmy Awards voters to nominate WB tv programs for various categories. Moonlight is included! YEA! They are submitting it for Outstanding Drama Series. Wouldn't it be wonderful if our show was nominated for an Emmy? And then... if it won an Emmy to go with the People's Choice Award?!?

I would vote for Alex O'Loughlin as Best Lead Actor in a Drama too. No one has worked harder & been as dedicated to their show. He spent grueling hours on the set, followed by more time promoting Moonlight. Alex brought Mick St John to vivid life!

Thanks to Rueben for scanning the ad for all to see :) Click on the image above for a larger photo.

Moonlight fans will rally in Los Angeles on Friday, May 23rd

For all Moonlight fans in the Los Angeles area and those planning to travel there for the convention this weekend.........

A rally is planned for the Friday, May 23rd, 2008 at 2:00 PM Pacific Time. Fans will meet at the Warner Bros lot in LA. The gathering is planned for the gate at West Olive Street & North Pass. This is a positive gathering! Feel free to bring signs/posters showing your support of Moonlight, Silver Pictures and the WB. We want to encourage them to continue trying to find a home for our show.

This is not a protest against the studio or to bash CBS.

Moonlight fans place ad in Hollywood Reporter & Variety

Thanks to your support and donations.... Moonlight fans are placing ads in the Hollywood Reporter and Variety for our show! *cheer* Both of which are considered the top trade publications for the entertainment industry.

Moonlight United administrators, moderators and users from several message boards volunteered their time to gather the needed cash & ideas from fans around the world. Resulting in this amazing show of dedication. Thank you sooooooooooo much to everyone who worked hard on designing the ad, keeping track of the donations, etc!

Moonlight really has an amazing bunch of fans :) How can any network not want such a loyal, devoted group?!?!?

The Hollywood Reporter ad will come out on Wednesday, May 21st..... Variety will be Thursday, May 22nd.

Please, continue contacting media outlets to let them know about our campaign to save Moonlight! Now, you can brag to them about the new advertisements that are completely funded by the fans :)

Good news in negative Hollywood Reporter article

This is an article that James Hibberd wrote for The Hollywood Reporter. *sigh* Sadly, he agrees with CBS' decision to cancel Moonlight. He was one of the first to report about the Moonlight Blood Drive, and seemed supportive at the time.

I know that we have been nothing but positive & polite in our letters, emails, postcards and phone calls.... especially those directed to the WB. We have asked the studio to continue shopping Moonlight, and assured them of our support & intentions to follow the show to any network.

Even in this negative article, there is good news ~ "Producer Warner Bros. is still approaching cable nets, such as TNT. They’re scouting states where the show could be shot cheaper. There’s still a chance, albeit a very slim one."

Why 'Moonlight' Needed Killin'
by James Hibberd

“Very poor judgment call for CBS to have made. You weren't calculating accurately. At the NY Comic received an enormous crowd screaming for Season 2. You will kick yourself in the rear end with this grievous error! Reconsider your decision, CBS!”

That’s one of 93 hyperventilating comments on’s story of the “Moonlight” cancellation last week. Actually, it’s the very top comment -- you don’t need to burrow far down into the list to get the general idea.

“Moonlight” fans have always been scary-intense. They organized a national blood drive to try to save the show. With CBS lowering the axe, they went apocalyptic. They’re angrily emailing complaints to CBS, the media and even its studio, Warner Bros. (and the studio is, of course, the one party that’s actually trying to save the show).

In a sense, so much passion cannot be wrong. Any program that inspires this much intensity is inherently effective … even if it’s about a shirtless vampire with billowy hair and dreamy abs caught in an impossible forbidden romance with the one human who’s captured his heart.

So “Moonlight” has a devoted fan base and, sure, it deserves an afterlife … somewhere. But it did not deserve a second season on CBS. Some shows need killin’ and “Moonlight” was one of them.

The problem wasn’t the “Moonlight” ratings, precisely.

At first, the word from within CBS was that “Moonlight” would likely return. But then the numbers started going south. In the past few weeks, “Moonlight” won its time period, sure, but against mostly repeats. Even Friday’s season finale -- as if to underscore CBS’ decision -- hit a record-low 1.8 rating among adults 18 to 49.

If the “Moonlight” episodes were entirely self-contained stories, like CBS lead-in “Ghost Whisperer” and lead-out “Numbers,” a pickup could have been tempting. But “Moonlight” is semi-serialized, and ratings for such shows usually only trend one direction. Once viewers step out of an ongoing story line, they rarely step back in. This has been the case with “Lost,” “Heroes,” “Battlestar Galactica” and, yup, that CBS harbinger of cult-TV doom, “Jericho.”

Serialized shows also tend to suffer if there's any major scheduling gap. Based on how its cult-driven, sci-fi predecessors have performed, it was extremely unlikely “Moonlight” would return to higher numbers next fall. The show was going down by the head and CBS rightfully bailed.

Plus, with CBS’ “let’s get back in our box” programming strategy for next fall, “Moonlight” doesn’t fit. “Moonlight” would have stuck out on the schedule as a low-rated hangover from last season’s new experimental shows that didn’t work.

Does “Moonlight” have a chance someplace else? Producer Warner Bros. is still approaching cable nets, such as TNT. They’re scouting states where the show could be shot cheaper. There’s still a chance, albeit a very slim one.

The show’s overall cost makes it a tough sell. A lower-rated net might splurge to try and buy “Moonlight” for some publicity and fresh viewers. But star Alex O’Loughlin probably wouldn’t follow the series to anything less than a major cable net. Thanks to “Moonlight,” O’Loughlin is now in demand and is likely to wind up on another major series -- if he doesn’t stay hitched to the vampire drama.