Saturday, May 24, 2008

Harry Werksman discusses Moonlight's future and fans

Moonlight writer & executive producer, Harry Werksman, was a special guest at the convention in LA. He spoke of his gratitude for the amazing fans of the show :) The dvd we all can't wait to get should be out in September. When asked about the future of our show, Harry said that talks continue in an effort to bring it back for season 2. If all else fails, he plans on pitching the idea of doing a movie & hopes the studio might be interested. However, they are concentrating on trying to get the show back on tv right now.

He feels the same way we do ~ there is no Moonlight without Alex O'Loughlin! Also, Harry confirmed that Alex really was nude in his freezer in the B.C. episode (#1x06). Ooooooooooooo my!

Harry brought the 3 minute Moonlight trailer they are using to shop around our show. Everyone says it was wonderful and they can't imagine any network that sees it turning us down.

Also, Harry said that IF the Sci-Fi channel does become Moonlight's new home, our Vampires will move to New York City. This does not mean that Sci-Fi or any other network has picked up our show yet. Moonlight fans must keep contacting the tv networks urging them to see what a treasure they could have in our show.

Since Harry singled them out, we definitely need to continue writing, emailing and calling Sci-Fi!

USA & Sci-Fi Network President
Bonnie Hammer
( 212 ) 413-5000

Sci-Fi Channel
21st Floor
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112

David Howe

Senior VP of Programming
Tom Vitale

SciFi Network Viewer Hotline
( 212 ) 664-4444
This is the NBC switchboard number. Ask for the Sci-Fi viewer hotline.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, is THAT what the whole thing about Harry was about? Alex was naked in the freezer? I know someone was talking about it on MoonlightLine but there was this big tizzy over it and the thread was edited before I could see what the fuss was about. I know he made some other comment as well, but I couldn't figure out entirely what it was from the context clues.

I know it's probably rude of me asking, but does anyone know what it was he had said? I think I know, but I'm not sure... and I'm kind of afraid to ask someone on MLL, because people either freaked out over it or thought it was no big deal.

If you'd like, I can leave my email or something and anyone with info about it can email me what was said if you don't feel comfortable posting it, and I feel rude even asking since I know it was something "personal" about Alex, but the curiosity is really eating away at me, if you can understand that. I just wish I knew what everyone was having a cow over! So forgive me ahead of time for being unpolished, but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask. :) I don't plan on being derogatory or inappropriate with it, this is simply an innocent conquest to understand what was going on.


anna Van Z said...

I guess that David Howe is now the president of Sci-Fi channel...

Moonlight said...

Hey Anna ~

David Howe has been Sci-Fi's president for quite a while. He reports to Bonnie Hammer. She is over both USA and SciFi Networks. :)

XO ~

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