Thursday, March 26, 2009

A note to his fans from Alex O'Loughlin

Alex has sent this message to update his fans on what's been happening with him lately :)

Hello from Pittsburgh

Hi everybody.

So I know you have all been anxious to know exactly what I'm up to, and I'm sorry it's taken me a minute to get back to you but things are now clear.

As some of you know I did a little guest role on Criminal Minds which was a lot of fun. I got to work with some great friends and terrific people and I had a really good experience. The episode is called The Big Wheel. I hope you enjoy it.

I am currently in Pittsburgh filming a new pilot for CBS called Three Rivers. It is about as different from Moonlight as anything could possibly be (laughing right now) but that being said I sure hope all you "die hard" vampire fans come with me on this journey!

Three Rivers is a wonderful story about donors, recipients and surgeons in the world of transplant surgery and of how all these people's lives are affected on a daily basis by the miracles and devastations involved in surgery today.

As I'm sure you can appreciate I have been totally consumed with my research and preparation for this role, and along the way I have discovered a secret passion within myself for cardio thoracic surgery! Who knew?!! ;) It is very interesting, very important and I believe this story we are about to embark on will be something you will very much enjoy being a part of.

I hope you are all healthy and well and until we speak again...wish me luck!!

All my love,
Alex O'Loughlin

Photograph ~ Alex O'Loughlin chatting with the audience during the Moonlight TV Show panel at the San Diego Comic Con

Friday, March 20, 2009

E! Online ~ Top 9 Hottest Vampires Not in Twilight

Photo credit 20th Century Fox, Entertainment Pictures, Geffen Pictures

E! Online created a list of the hottest Vampires that are NOT part of the Twilight series. They did not include Mick St John, Josef, Coraline or Lola in their Top Nine :( We all know that Moonlight is bursting with sexy vamps. However, E! did leave the number ten spot open for fans to suggest who should round out the list. Let them know what you think!

Top 9 Hottest Vampires Not in Twilight
by Natasha Vargas-Cooper

Robert Pattinson didn't invent the smokin'-hot vampire. Before his army of chastity-lovin' Twilight tweens came along, bloodsuckers were synonymous with S-E-X. Hooking up with a citizen of the underworld meant steamy nights in cramped caskets, making out upside-down in the rafters and illicit fang bangs.

So as Rob Pattz prepares for a massive home invasion with this weekend's DVD release, we look back on the absolute hottest vampires not in Twilight.

Here's our top 9, with No. 10 left open for you to decide (and based on the comments, it looks like you already have):

1. Kiefer Sutherland, The Lost Boys: Proof that the undead can still rock! Sutherland and his glam gang of pasty pals sleep all day, party all night, and toss hilariously camp lines like "You'll never grow old, and you'll never die. But you must feeeeeed!"

2. Nicolas Cage, Vampire's Kiss: His (figuratively) soulless literary agent gets a hickey from a mysterious woman and is convinced he's a vampire. How could you not adore a caped Cage running down the street screaming "I'm a vampire!" Some say eating a real-life wriggling roach for a movie isn't hot, but those people are wrong.

3. Brad Pitt, Interview With the Vampire: So many wistful afternoons are spent dreaming of Pitt's Louis from this flick—so where did he go? Really, Brad, get over the "serious actor" trip, grab some extensions and fangs, and get out of the coffin and into my car!

4. Salma Hayek, From Dusk Till Dawn: As an uncredited stripper/vampire queen in the Quentin Tarantino-Robert Rodriguez flick, she only has one scene. Where she grinds a python. In a bikini. On George Clooney's table. You're welcome.

5. Tom Cruise, Interview With the Vampire: Lestat's pad is without a doubt one of the hottest spots in Hollywood's batcave. Hey, remember that part when he wrapped his mouth around that cold, scaly, reptilian creature so he could stay alive—oh, no, wait, that was Eyes Wide Shut. Whoops!

6. Susan Sarandon, The Hunger: She doesn't want to suckle just anyone's blood—she lusts after the lady blood. Decked out in shoulder pads and a sherm perm, the woman-on-woman scene in this slick little vamp flick is off the chain! It brings to mind only one word: VILF.

7. William Marshall, Blacula: He's deadlier than Dracula—he's Blacula. The ladies say his bite was outta sight!

8. Jim Carrey, Once Bitten: He's adorable as an chaste teenager hunted by an undead countess thirsty for virgin blood. It raises a puzzling question, though: What's more rare in the L.A. dating scene in—a vampire or a virgin? Also, this is the worst movie ever made about Los Angeles—besides Crash.

9. Kate Beckinsale, Underworld: She's one juicy piece of dead! Armed with clingy tops, tight pleather and plenty of guns, this vampire warrior defends her cadre of hemophiles against their sworn unkempt enemies: werewolves. Who are, let's be clear, not hot.

10. You Tell Us!

Photographs ~ David (Kiefer Sutherland) in The Lost Boys, Santanico Pandemonium (Salma Hayek) in From Dusk Til Dawn and Louis de Pointe du Lac (Brad Pitt) from Interview With The Vampire

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Details about Alex O'Loughlin's new television project ~ Three Rivers

Finally ~ information about Alex O'Loughlin's new television project for CBS. Now, we just have to hope the pilot and show are worthy of him.... AND.... considering our experience with Moonlight..... that the network picks up the series and renews it!

I am concerned that CBS has three medical themed pilots vying to be included in the Fall season. At least, Alex's program is being produced by CBS Paramount. Networks have more of an incentive to keep & work with a series that comes from a division of their own company. Plus, Three Rivers has something the others do not ~ Alex :)

The article mentions that Jericho's Skeet Ulrich is also signed to do a new project for CBS.

The Hollywood Reporter
Alex O'Loughlin navigates 'Three Rivers'
'Moonlight' star returning to CBS with medical drama pilot
By Nellie Andreeva

Alex O'Loughlin is returning to CBS.

The "Moonlight" star is in negotiations to star on the network's medical drama pilot "Three Rivers."

The project, from CBS Paramount, is about organ transplants seen through three points of view: the doctors, the donors and the recipients.

O'Loughlin will play Dr. Andy Yablonski, the workaholic head of the team of organ donor transplants who is separated from his wife and lives in a motel near the hospital.

"Three Rivers" is one of three medical pilots CBS has greenlighted this season with the hopes to launch one as a series in the fall. The other two are "Miami Trauma" and the more family-centric "The Eastmans."

Aussie O'Loughlin, repped by ICM and manager Andy Freedman, developed a cult following with his role as sexy vampire Mick St. John on CBS' "Moonlight."

He joins Skeet Ulrich, the star of another CBS drama with a other huge cult hit, "Jericho," who also signed up to topline a drama pilot for the network.

Ulrich is starring in the mystery "Back."

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Criminal Minds' Paget Brewster talks about Alex O'Loughlin during interview

TV Guide's Matt Mitovich recently interviewed Paget Brewster who stars as Agent Emily Prentiss on the CBS show, Criminal Minds. He asks her about Alex O'Loughlin guest starring on the program. Not surprisingly, Paget has the usual reaction to our Alex.... "He's a cutie-pie!" She also mentions, "Alex sets all the girls into a twitter. " *grin* I'll post the Alex related portions of the interview here. If you wanna read the entire chat, use the link below.

Today's News: Our Take
Criminal Minds' Paget Brewster Gets a Devil of a Storyline
by Matt Mitovich

This week on CBS' Criminal Minds (Wednesdays at 9 pm/ET), Paget Brewster steps front and center when a rogue priest conjures up demons from Prentiss' past. Brewster gave us a preview of the episode, as well as mooned over upcoming guest star Alex O'Loughlin. : Have you shot the episode with Alex O'Loughlin (Moonlight) yet?

Brewster : Oh, Alex.... Alex sets all the girls into a twitter. Various departments were vying for Alex's attention. We just finished that this past Saturday morning, at 5:30 am. : Did Prentiss get a "moment" with Alex?

Brewster : No, No.... Prentiss had no moments with Alex! [Laughs] He's a cutie-pie! There's a little kid, Jake Cherry (Desperate Housewives), in that episode, and he's amazing too. All our guest stars are extraordinary, which we need to remember. We're there every day, and we have long-standing jokes with the crew, so we need to remember there is someone standing next to us, acting [as if] they're about to die or their child has been murdered. They're working up all this emotion, and we're hiding fart machines from each other. We're the most childish set, and we love it!

Photograph ~ Agent Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) from Criminal Minds television series

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spoiler ~ Recap of Moonlight's 12:04 episode (#1x08)

Recap of my thoughts about Moonlight's superb "12:04" episode (#1x08) tonight.


Another missing scene in Sci-Fi's rebroadcast of Moonlight last night. When Mick leaves his apartment, there was a sweet little moment at the door when he tells Beth spots she & Audrey should stay away from while he is gone. I suspect the network is trimming a few minutes from the show for extra commercial time. However, every moment has a purpose so I wish they would replay the show as it was.

We are halfway through the season now. It is going by too fast.

Great revelations and developments in Mick and Beth's relationship!

No Josef :(

We learned that while Mick's wounds heal, they ache sometimes. Moonlight vamps can leave bullets in their bodies if they choose to, as long as it is not silver buckshot. However, makes it kinda hard to get through security at the airport.

I have a rule that ugly people should not be made into Vampyres. The priest, Father Garza, in tonight's episode definitely broke that rule when he turned Donovan Shepherd. Ewwwwww!

Is it wrong how much I enjoyed Mick's interrogation of Shepherd's stupid follower? :) I smiled when Beth told Audrey that Mick wanted to "talk" to him. He talked alright... with his knuckles. Hit him again! ha!

Beth comforting Audrey by discussing her own childhood trauma. Revealing that she always felt safe even though she had been kidnapped. Which we know (and she soon discovered) is all due to Mick's protection.

Did you see the look Drake's assistant gave Mick when she let him in the door? The same way we drink him in. If he is that charming and gorgeous on the TV screen, imagine what he is like in the flesh. Mmmmmmm.....

We laughed at the photos Drake had of himself with Jessica Simpson and Adam Sandler.

LOVE vamped out Mick! More please :>

Beth smelling Mick's shirt. But they are "just friends" right?! She protested again in this episode "I have a boyfriend." Uh huh! We did learn that they are having issues tho, cuz she has been "distracted." That is an understatement.

It was so cute when Mick said "Mi casa es su casa. That's Spanish for keep her out of my stuff." We knew that Beth and Audrey would have to end up staying at his place for safety. The writers needed to have Beth inside his sanctuary while he was not home. I instantly knew she would not be able to resist looking around.... especially after he specifically said to stay out of the office. And, I also knew she would find something related to her kidnapping. It was inevitable.

Mick saves Beth again! Great fight between him and Donovan. Best villain so far. That flourish of Alex's with the knife and the look on his face after dispatching Shepherd made me applaud! Perfect little touch.

I am glad that Beth was not angry with Mick for not telling that he was the one who rescued her. She knows him. She knows he would not keep it from her maliciously. When the sun began to rise and she put her hand over his to help him block its rays. Putting him in her shadow. Protecting him with her body. THEN, Beth's sweet kiss (she initiates the kissing AGAIN) on his cheek. You could tell that it meant a great deal to him. He is so lonely. It hurts.

His pain was so plain! When he tells her that she now knows why it will never work between them. Alex is an amazing actor. Showing the vulnerability Mick felt in that moment, his longing for a connection while having the control to hold back and the ~ what was it? shame? ~ at having killed the woman he loved to save Beth and then loving Beth......... Haunted! I can't even put it in words, but Alex showed it with his facial expressions. He is good!

I enjoy the relationship between Mick and Beth largely because they just talk to each other ~ like adults ~ no games. They have such an easy rapport together.

No show gives a better last moment to their fans!

Photograph ~ Vamped out Mick St John (Alex O'Loughlin) ~ Flashing those sexy fangs

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Moonlight's DVD nominated for a Saturn Award

The nominees for this year's Saturn Awards have been announced. Our show is on the list. Specifically, Moonlight's DVD is up for an award :)

Other Vampire fan faves were also nominated........... Twilight for Best Fantasy Film. Folks from the film Let The Right One In received 3 nominations ~ The movie for Best International Film, Lina Leandersson for Best Performance by a Younger Actor and John Ajvide Lindqvist for Best Writing. HBO's True Blood is in the Best Syndicated/Cable Television Series category and the show's star Anna Paquin for Best Actress in Television. Finally, the New Orleans and Vampyre themed TNT tv movie The Librarian : The Curse Of The Judas Chalice scored a spot for Noah Wiley in the Best Actor in Television category.

Winners will be announced on Thursday, June 25th, 2009.

35th Annual Saturn Awards
Given by The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films

Best Television Series Release on DVD :

DOCTOR WHO (The Complete Fourth Series) (BBC Warner)
HEROES (Season 2) (Universal)
LOST (The Complete Fourth Season) (Walt Disney)
MOONLIGHT (The Complete Series) (Warner Bros, WB)
REAPER (Season One) (Lionsgate)
TORCHWOOD (Season 2) (BBC Warner)
THE TUDORS (The Complete Second Season) (Paramount / Showtime)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Video ~ Mick St John & Beth Turner's "You're Jealous" scene from The Ringer (episode #1x07)

This video is of the "You're Jealous" scene from Moonlight's The Ringer episode (#1x07). It is a great conversation between Mick and Beth. He is trying to get info about Morgan/Coraline. Beth is obviously jealous about the attention Mick is showing for another woman. Love that he called her out on it. Not to mention, the way Beth puts her hand on top of his at the start of their chat.... and then both of their reactions to that. ;>

Friday, March 6, 2009

Spoiler ~ Recap of Moonlight's The Ringer episode (#1x07)

I am about to burst into my thoughts on tonight's Moonlight episode (The Ringer #1x07). If you haven't seen it, do not read any farther.


At the start of the show, two firefighters were struggling to turn on a fire hydrant. I loved how Mick helped ~ casually turning it on with barely a flick of his wrist.

The build up to this Coraline focused episode was well worth it! Shannyn Sossamon is amazing as "Morgan" and Coraline. The mixture of the present along with 1950's flashbacks to when Mick fell for her was a good choice for the episode's structure.

Mick could not stay away from Coraline. Hurling a chair through her window because it stood in the way of him being with her. As I mentioned in the previous post, accompanied by a song that seems to be made for the scene (Kingdom by Dave Gahan). Chill bumps! Whoever selects the music for Moonlight deserves a raise. I hope they issue a soundtrack for the series.

Soooooooooooooo.... when The Ringer originally aired we were all debating.... does this mean that there is a "cure" for Vampirism? Mick and Josef could smell Morgan's humanity. Did Coraline become human again? Or, find a way to disguise her vampire scent? This is going to be good!

I was giddy when Josef and Mick went to work together. When they were about to break into the bad guy's house, Josef was obviously not happy about or used to the manual labor thing. "Can't we hire someone else to do this?" Rolling his eyes after Mick leaps to the roof ~ "Why don't you just let me in the door?" Ha! He was also a bit out of practice when it came to following Mick's jump.

We found out that Mick "killed" Coraline 22 years ago (1985). Josef was 4 years old in 1603. Looks great for his age. hehehe... Also, he knew Coraline for a 100 years before Mick. Interesting! He said she is capable of doing anything, which we know because of the whole Beth kidnapping thing.

Ooooo yea ~ Beth! I had almost forgotten about her. The dynamic between Mick and Coraline does not leave much room for others. Poor Beth! She was so jealous and couldn't hide it. I also liked that Mick told her he noticed. Funny how they both kept trying to convince everyone (and each other?) that they are 'just friends,' and protesting that she has a boyfriend.

Beth normally has Mick's undivided attention. When she was giving him details about her background check on Morgan, she reached out ~ placing her hand on his. Trying to regain that connection.

Since I am also addicted to New Orleans, I love that Coraline has a Fleur De Lis tattoo. Revealing it in the last scene! Excellent Cliffhanger!

Photograph ~ Coraline DuVall (Shannyn Sossamon) vamped out in a Moonlight flashback to her fight scene with Mick.

Twilight movie DVD will be released on March 21st

A lotta fans have been asking when the movie Twilight will be released on DVD in the US. It is scheduled to come out on March 21st, 2009. Not much longer to wait :) Of course, you can preorder your copy now. Amazon is offering Twilight for $17.99!

Photos from tonight's episode of Moonlight on Sci-Fi ~ The Ringer (#1x07)

These are photos from tonight's Moonlight episode, on Sci-Fi, entitled The Ringer (#1x07). Mick St John with both of his women ~ Beth and Coraline. It is going to be very interesting!

Photograph #1 ~ Mick St John (Alex O'Loughlin) listening intently to Beth Turner (Sophia Myles) in The Ringer episode (#1x07)

Photograph #2 ~ Mick St John (Alex O'Loughlin) listening intently to Coraline DuVall (Shannyn Sossamon) this time in Moonlight's The Ringer episode (#1x07)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Video ~ Mick St John & Beth Turner's shower scene

This video is from the last episode of Moonlight shown on the Sci-Fi Channel ~ B.C. (#1x06). Of course, it is the famous MickBeth shower scene :)