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Media Blvd interviews Eric Winter on Moonlight's set

Christina Radish, from Media Blvd Magazine, has done a wonderful interview with ADA Benjamin Talbot on the set of Moonlight. We learn how Eric Winter got into the business, what we will see from Talbot in his first episodes, what Eric hopes will happen to his new character in season two & more.

Eric Winter Joins The Cast of 'Moonlight'
by Christina Radish

Actor Eric Winter is the latest edition to the CBS television series Moonlight, about vampire private investigator Mick St. John (Alex O’Loughlin). As Assistant District Attorney Ben Talbot, Winter -- who has previously made appearances on such shows as Charmed, CSI, Wildfire and Brothers & Sisters -- will be shaking things up for Mick and Beth (Sophia Myles).

Winter took time out, while filming Episode 15, to speak with MediaBlvd Magazine on the Warner Bros. Studios set of the show.

MediaBlvd Magazine> Since you’re the new guy on the show, can you talk about who your character is?

Eric Winter> We’re learning more and more about him, all the time. It’s a little bit mysterious, in the sense that he’s driven by his work. He’s out to do whatever he has to, to get the answers to solve the crimes going on in town. And, there’s an interesting fondness towards Beth. I’m learning about him at the same time as everybody else. What’s his real motive with Beth? Why was he brought in? She’s an attractive girl, so there’s going to be some of that brought in for a little bit of a love triangle possibility. Besides being the Assistant District Attorney in town, and trying to keep law and order, we’re here to mix up a little personal life, as well.

MediaBlvd> Is he a vampire?

Eric Winter> No. Not that I know of. It hasn’t happened yet. Maybe he’ll get turned.

MediaBlvd> Were you a fan of vampire mythology, before this?

Eric Winter> I was a big fan of Bram Stroker’s Dracula. All these types of werewolves and vampires, and all that stuff, has always been fascinating to me. It’s just a cool genre. Wouldn’t it be cool, if they were real? I dig the fact that this is set in that tone?

MediaBlvd> Had you seen the show, prior to being cast, or did you have to catch up on episodes, once you got the role?

Eric Winter> I had seen some of it, early on. And then, I was working on a couple other things. I’m one of those people who does not stay on track with a lot of shows, which is terrible because I do a lot of TV acting. But, I knew people that were on the show and I was a fan of what I was hearing about it, and I caught some of the early episodes. And then, I played some catch up as well. Then, the strike really screwed everybody up. But, yeah, I was a fan of the show.

MediaBlvd> Was it hard to come into a show, when everybody already knew each other?

Eric Winter> It can be hard. But, in this particular situation, it wasn’t at all. They were extremely welcoming. Alex and Sophia run a really great ship, as far as the cast goes, being that they’re the two leads on the show. They’re really warm. And, starting from the top, down, the producers and everybody have been extremely welcoming and friendly, which makes for a really comfortable environment when you’re coming into a show mid-stream, especially towards the tail-end, after a strike situation, when everything was started and then stopped. It worked out really well and I am very fortunate. Every show is different, in this town, and you’re not always guaranteed a comfortable environment.

MediaBlvd> What would you like to see your character do, if the show gets picked up for a second season?

Eric Winter> I don’t know a whole lot of what they have planned, but I would love to see a little bit more insight into Ben Talbot -- who he is and why he came around in this situation. I understand he’s an Assistant District Attorney and he’s following up on the job. The last Assistant District Attorney is no longer with us, so he’s taking over, in that sense. But, I would love to see a little bit more into his past and why he is the way he is because he’s a very driven workaholic, and does anything he has to. And I’d love to see more develop between him and Beth. They’re definitely headed in that direction, so I’m excited about that and I want to see where that’s going to go.

MediaBlvd> Do you think there’s a chance that his drive could lead him to less than savory practices?

Eric Winter> Oh, I’m sure. I think he’ll do anything. I don’t think he necessarily sticks to the book, so it’s going to affect what and who he’s willing to go after, especially to screw with Mick. Mick is definitely not someone he feels loyal to. He’s got a big finger on the pulse of Mick and he can’t quite figure it out, and I think it drives him crazy. He almost wants to expose whatever it is that’s mysterious about him because he can’t stand that he’s constantly getting in the middle of his stuff. He wants to be the top dog. So, any angle to get to Mick is going to be key.

MediaBlvd> So, he doesn’t know that Mick is a vampire?

Eric Winter> No, but he knows that definitely something’s up. We’ve got a little connection. He’s got his eye on him.

MediaBlvd> What’s Mick’s reaction to your character? How do your characters first meet?

Eric Winter> The first scene of my first episode, I come across Beth, in a situation that we’re in, and Mick can’t quite figure me out. He’s not judging me right away, but I am judging him. I know a lot about him. Assuming that I’ve been in the District Attorney’s office and I knew the last Assistant District Attorney from past interactions, I know who Mick St. John is and I’m not fond of his practices. So, he definitely sees that I’m sizing him up, and he doesn’t like that.

MediaBlvd> Is there any interaction between your character and Josef?

Eric Winter> There is, in the first episode back, but there’s not a whole lot, as far as my character. That remains to be developed. That will come out later, I’m sure.

MediaBlvd> Would you want your character to turn into a vampire?

Eric Winter> Who doesn’t? I want those cool fangs on. I’ve never had that happen to me, in my life, so it would be kinda cool. I’ve never gotten to play a vampire before. That would be a fun thing.

MediaBlvd> Have you gotten to do any of your own stunts in the action scenes?

Eric Winter> My first episode wasn’t crazy for me, as far as the stunts go. I guess I did fly into a cabinet, but it was a minor little stunt. I can see it definitely unfolding, on this show. They do stunts quite a bit. I’m impressed. Alex has his work cut out for him because he does a lot of the stunts. But, I’m definitely excited to be a part of more of that. I’m very much that type of a person, in real life. I love anything extreme, just going off and having a great time. I’m looking forward to some of those stunts.

MediaBlvd> How did you first get into acting?

Eric Winter> I hate to say it, but I was a model turned actor. I started by modeling and I took some drama in college. It was not my major. I got a degree in Psychology, which actually applies a lot to acting, and the people you come across. Basically, I got very turned on by it, through the drama classes, and when I started modeling, I transitioned into a lot of different acting classes and I was able to get into a really wonderful comfort zone with it. It’s a lot of fun. It’s a passion that’s grown tremendously, since I started. I’m not one of those typical people who knew their whole life that they were going to be an actor. It grew with me, so it was fun to be a part of that.

MediaBlvd> Will your character be returning to Brothers & Sisters?

Eric Winter> No talks of it yet. I could assume that there’s probably room for it. I’ve given them a tough situation. As soon as I booked that show, I had another TV show for CBS, called Viva Laughlin, so they had to work around that. They wrote me out and sent me to Malaysia. And then, Viva got cancelled and I went back to Brothers & Sisters. Then, there was the writer’s strike. Now, I’m on Moonlight. So, they’re probably saying, “What the hell do we do with this character?” And, I’m Rob Lowe’s brother, so I’m part of the family. I assume you’ll probably see me again, at some point, at least for closure. It’s a great group over there, and I was fortunate to be a part of that.

MediaBlvd> You also have a movie coming out on the same day Moonlight returns?

Eric Winter> Yeah, Harold & Kumar: Escape from Alcatraz. I’m excited about that. Hopefully, it will be a big night for CBS and a big night for New Line.

MediaBlvd> Do you have any other projects coming up?

Eric Winter> Yeah, I’m doing another movie right now, that I’ll be doing simultaneously with the show, called The Ugly Truth, for Sony with Lakeshore, starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler. I’m looking forward to that as well. I’m sure that will come out next year sometime. It’s a romantic comedy, and I play Katherine’s sort of love interest, throughout the process. Gerard is teaching her how to date me, throughout the movie, and then, of course, he ends up with the girl. When you shoot 300 and you become a big movie star, I guess they give you the girl, at the end. One day, I’ll get that girl.

MediaBlvd> In real life, what’s your greatest fear?

Eric Winter> I’m not a super-macho stud with no fears. I have a weird, crazy fear/infatuation with sharks. I love sharks. They’re one of the coolest things on the planet. But, every now and then, when I’m drifting out in the ocean and swimming, I start thinking, “Wow, if I got attacked right now, what would happen?” It’s one of the things that stumbles across my mind. But, I’m a weird guy. I had pet snakes, growing up. I love reptiles. There are not a lot of things I have phobias over. I’m cool with tarantulas, and all those kinds of things. But, something about a shark and the element of surprise in the ocean, freaks me out a little bit. I love the ocean. I’ll snorkel and scuba dive. I did a thing, one time, in Tahiti where I snorkeled into this area where they feed black tip reef sharks all around your boat, and you jump in and you’re just in the middle, surrounded by probably 20 or 30 of them, in the middle of the ocean, and not in a cage. And from having this weird infatuation with sharks, I was freaking out, holding onto the boat, while they were circling me, and there was nothing to stop them from killing me. It was really cool, but I was flipping out the whole time. I’m infatuated, but I’m freaked out, at the same time.

FEARnet's behind the scenes interviews with Moonlight's cast

SPOILER ALERT ~ Scenes from Fated to Pretend (episode #1x13) are liberally used throughout this video. We also see Alex in a certain costume as flashback Mick St John for another upcoming Moonlight episode.

This video is of FEARnet's visit to the set of Moonlight. Behind the scenes interviews with our fantastic cast ~ Alex O'Loughlin, Jason Dohring, Sophia Myles & Eric Winter. Cute little introduction by Sophia. We have seen these questions & answers before..... but it's still cool to see the gang! I am happy that the lovely FEARnet folks are helping to promote Moonlight :)

Sophia Myles would bet her money on Moonlight being renewed

SciFi Wire interviewed Sophia Myles at Fangoria's convention. Good news.... she is very positive about the chances of CBS picking up Moonlight for another season! *cheer* Sophia also has kind, thankful words for fans ~ crediting us with helping to get that second season. So sweet! One thing she said made me giggle. She says her hope is to portray Beth in such a way that female fans can picture themselves in her shoes. We definitely wanna be in her place ;> Love Sophia's feisty sense of humor about how to get men to watch Moonlight. AND, I think she is right! hehehe.....

Myles Sure CBS to Renew Moonlight
by Cindy White

Sophia Myles, who plays the mortal love interest of vampire detective Mick St. John on the CBS series Moonlight, told SCI FI Wire that she believes the show will be picked up for a second season thanks to the efforts of fans, who have been donating blood and mailing garlic to network executives to show their support.

"One of the biggest pleasures of working on this show is the fan base, because we have the most wonderful fans in the world," Myles said in an interview before appearing in a panel at Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors in Los Angeles over the weekend. "And it kind of makes it all worthwhile knowing that there's a whole bunch of people whose hearts you're moving every Friday night and you're giving them something to look forward to. And we view them as part of the extended Moonlight family, and there wouldn't be a show without them."

Myles said that a second-season pickup is all but confirmed. "I'd put pretty much all of the money I have in my bank account on the fact that we will get picked up," the British actress said. "I think that's largely to do with the amount of fan support and dedication."

Myles' character, Internet journalist Beth Turner, discovered at the beginning of the first season that it was Mick who rescued her when she was kidnapped as a child (by his vampire ex-wife). Since then, she's struggled with her romantic feelings for Mick, her knowledge of the vampire world and the deaths of her human boyfriend and boss. Myles said that she views Beth as a surrogate for the female members of the audience, a responsibility she takes seriously.

"There's a lot of life change that's happened to her," Myles said of her character. "And it's been very, very interesting to play. I mean, I try and play her as I see her, [a] very pure, very honest soul. And I tried to play it in such a way that the female audience who are watching it can imagine themselves standing in my shoes and really live the love story through me. I kind of use myself as a vessel for that."

Although the show's fan base is predominantly women, Myles offered a way to attract male viewers to the show as well: "If the gentlemen sit down with their wives and watch, then they might get lucky over the weekend," she said. "Hopefully, on that very night. So, guys, tune in, because you're going to get lucky."

Moonlight airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Photo ~ Sophia Myles on the red carpet at Speed Racer's movie premiere ~ Nokia Theater in LA

CBS press release includes Moonlight

CBS has issued a press release to tout their return to being the number one most watched network. Moonlight is included in their bragging. :) I will post the parts of the news that are related to our show.

Have you been sending feedback to CBS letting them know you watch Moonlight, but they are not counting you since they only use the Nielsen system? This is very important. I know that many of you have been doing this for weeks. *cheer* Keep up the good work!


CBS Wins Every Half Hour on Thursday in Viewers and Sweeps Every Half Hour on Friday in Viewers and Key Demographics

CBS's Weekly Highlights :

-- Friday, CBS was first in households (5.6/10), viewers (8.85m), adults 25-54 (3.0/09) and adults 18-49 (2.2/07). CBS won every half-hour in viewers, adults 25-54 and adults 18-49. CBS has finished first every Friday this season with their first-run regularly scheduled line-up (15 times) in households, viewers and adults 25-54, first in adults 18-49 with the network's first-run regularly scheduled line-up 14 Fridays out of 15 this season.

GHOST WHISPERER easily won its time slot in households (5.7/11), viewers (8.98m), adults 25-54 (3.2/11) and adults 18-49 (2.3/09).

MOONLIGHT won its time period in households (5.0/09), viewers (7.93m), adults 25-54 (2.8/08) and adults 18-49 (2.1/07). Compared to the program's first-run live plus same day delivery, MOONLIGHT added +20,000 viewers (from 7.91m), was even in households and maintained 90% of its adults 25-54 delivery (from 3.1/08) and 91% of adults 18-49 (from 2.3/07).

NUMB3RS was first in households (6.0/11), viewers (9.64m), adults 25-54 (3.0/08) and adults 18-49 (2.1/07).

Photo ~ Alex O'Loughlin as Mick St John & Jason Dohring as Josef Kostan ~ Mick after he has been turned back into a Vampire in Fated to Pretend (episode #1x13). I thought a fierce, vamped out photo was appropriate for this post.

Ask Ausiello answers question about Moonlight's renewal

A reader asks TV Guide's Michael Ausiello for his opinion about Moonlight's chances of being renewed for next season.

Question :

Anything new with Moonlight? Do you know if there is going to be a second season yet? — Hailey

Ausiello :

The show held its own in the ratings last Friday, so I'd say its chances are improving.

Photo ~ Alex O'Loughlin as Mick St John in Moonlight's Fated to Pretend episode (#1x13). The final moments of the show.... Mick silhouetted by the moon.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Video ~ E! News includes Moonlight in their bubble tv show segment

E! News has included Moonlight in a segment they did about tv shows on the bubble ~ "Which TV Shows Will Survive?" Kristin mentions the Moonlight Blood Drive! She also explains why the Writer's Strike may have been good for our show. For the video, they used behind the scenes footage showing Alex O'Loughlin & Sophia Myles filming the Arrested Development episode (#1x05). Sophia waves & Alex chats with some kiddos.

How I Met Your Mother, Scrubs and Men In Trees are also in the spot. Moonlight begins around the 00:50 mark.

Update........ E! still lists this Moonlight video on their site, but it is not playable. They hope to have it back online soon.

SciFi Wire interviews Alex O'Loughlin about upcoming episodes & future of Moonlight

SciFi Wire interviewed Alex O'Loughlin at Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors convention. He spoke to them about what we will see in the remaining episodes of Moonlight this season. Alex doesn't think Moonlight will be cancelled. He says "If it doesn't get a second season, blood will flow." That is soooo true!

SPOILER ALERT! Alex mentions the story lines for upcoming Moonlight episodes.... especially What's Left Behind (episode #1x15), which we have already been discussing due to the stir his comments caused in a previous post.

Moonlight Raises The Stakes
by Cindy White

Alex O'Loughlin, who plays vampire Mick St. John on the CBS series Moonlight, told SCI FI Wire that the episodes leading up to the first-season finale will raise the stakes for all of the characters.

"This is a really cool episode coming up this week," O'Loughlin said in an interview before appearing in a panel at Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors in Los Angeles on April 27. "Mick, for the first time, has to start seriously thinking about his level of exposure in the public eye, because when a vampire gets too overexposed, they have to change cities, change names, do all that stuff. And so we start dealing with that sort of stuff with Mick, and Josef [Jason Dohring] gets in on it, which is really cool. And the case is awesome."

Production on Moonlight's first season was halted during the writers' strike, leading to a break in the broadcast schedule and a reduction in the number of episodes from 22 to 16. O'Loughlin also offered up a few tidbits about what fans can expect in the last two episodes.

"Number 15 is probably my favorite of this installation of four," he said. "It's a story where basically Mick thinks he has found his son, who is, in fact, twice his age. I mean, Mick's really 90. But this guy's like mid-50s, and Mick's looking at him going, 'Oh, my God, this guy's my son.' And so there's a lot of really great flashbacks. It's really personal. We go back to the war, when Mick was in the war, and there's a big battle scene. It's awesome. So we did all that. It was a massive episode."

As for the final episode of the season, he said: "The one I just finished shooting last night is really cool in the sense that what happens is the vampire community is in danger of being exposed for what we are. And what happens is Mick has to get all the vampires together. So Guillermo, the cleaners, Josef, Logan. And it's the first time we'll see all the vampires come together to do something."

Fans will find out whether the show has been renewed for a second season in May, when CBS will make its upfront presentation to advertisers in New York. O'Loughlin was optimistic about the show's chances of coming back, but warned that there may be a backlash from fans if the show does not make it on the network schedule.

"If it doesn't get a second season, blood will flow," O'Loughlin said. "I've got to say, though, I can't see it. We've been working our ass off, but, I mean, above and beyond that, this show has performed. We've still got the numbers there, and we're winning the timeslot, winning the demographic. And it's like, well, what else do you want? There it is. Give us a shot."

Moonlight airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Photo ~ Alex O'Loughlin on the red carpet at the Speed Racer movie premiere ~ Nokia Theater in LA

FEARnet's interview with Jason Dohring

This video is of FEARnet's interview with Jason Dohring at the New York Comic Con.

Watch With Kristin's spoilers about ADA Benjamin Talbot

E! Online's Kristin Dos Santos was the hostess for Moonlight's Paley Center panel. She passed on a bit of info she learned that night.

SPOILERS about new character, ADA Benjamin Talbot

Elie in Lincoln, Neb. :
You moderated the Paley panel on Moonlight, and I'm stuck in Nebraska, so I count on you to give me the dish! Spill.

I thought the most interesting info was the writers saying that by the middle of season two, CBS willing, we would love Eric Winter's character, even though he was introduced as a third party in the Mick-Beth relationship. And he's not what he seems to be at first, but he's also not a vampire. Hmmm...

SyFy Portal interviews Jason Dohring

SyFy Portal interviewed Jason Dohring about the behind the scenes changes at Moonlight, such as showrunners coming and going. He talks about the involvement of uber producer Joel Silver. We are very lucky to have him producing Moonlight. Jason calls for viewers to watch our show! The stories are fantastic, but without ratings we won't see anymore.

Showrunner Change Won't Affect 'Moonlight' Too Much
By Michael Hinman

This story contains MINOR SPOILERS for remaining episodes of the first season of "Moonlight" on CBS.

If and when CBS decides to bring "Moonlight" back for a second season, the network will have to make sure there is much more stability in the showrunner's office.

Executive Producer Joel Silver is the third person to take on showrunner duties for "Moonlight" this season which resumes with new episodes on Friday, and he's only doing it temporary meaning when the second season starts next fall -- if it starts at all -- the show will have its fourth showrunner.

But as David Greenwalt and Chip Johannessen made their stints on the show brief, "Moonlight" itself is pretty much staying on course in terms of story and direction, said Jason Dohring, who plays the old vampire Josef Konstantin in the series, during a telephone conference Wednesday with reporters that included SyFy Portal.

"We eventually had to write our own rules, not only rules that we have as vampires, but what style do we want," Dohring said. "We have had [Gabrielle G. Stanton and Harry Werksman] since the beginning, so we've has a through-line of vision. So while we may have gone through different showrunners, we have had somewhat of a similarity."

Besides the writing crew, a lot of that stability has come from Silver himself, who has been extremely active not only on this show, but on Dohring's former series on The CW, "Veronica Mars."

"If he has ideas or needs to come up with something, he's always right here to do it," Dohring said. "Even on 'Veronica Mars,' he would call up Paris Hilton to get her on the show, or other big names on the show so that we could get eyes on the show. It was what we needed then, and kind of what we are doing now."

Josef himself has been alive for four centuries, which means there is plenty of backstory for the writers to pull from. But audiences likely will get through these last four episodes without learning too much new about the character's past, Dohring said.

The writers "just told me stuff last night that kind of ... I don't think I can say what that is," he said. "You'll find out where he comes from, what his story was. We will find out how he came to be."

But in order to find out, people have to watch. And although "Moonlight" has remained pretty consistent in the ratings on Friday nights, there needs to be eyeballs glued to the show over the next month to help make the decision of renewal easier for CBS, he said.

"Sadly enough, it comes down to people watching the show," Dohring said. "The [episodes] we have coming up are very, very good, and we just need people to watch it. We have a great product here, and the more we can promote it and the more people can see it, the more it will catch on."

But "Moonlight" has had its problems with introductions to genre fans, especially those who continuously wanted to compare it to the former WB series "Angel" before seeing a single frame. While "Moonlight" is an entirely different nocturnal animal than "Angel," it's still a struggle to get some of the more stubborn fans to understand that, Dohring said.

"What has captured people, I think, is Mick's (Alex O'Loughlin) struggle with his life, his involvement with Beth (Sophia Myles), being human and being a vampire," he said. "He wants to be human.

"We have a fucking fantastic love story, and when I originally saw the first three or four episodes, it was like 'CSI' with vampires. It's just visually appealing with [strong] characters on top of that, and vampires on top of that. There's no other show that has all those elements, or even a vampire show that has had those elements. It's more like Anne Rice with a love story."

"Moonlight" airs four more episodes beginning Friday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. Eric Winter of "Brothers & Sisters" begins a three-episode guest stint as the new assistant district attorney Benjamin Talbot that begins with the kidnapping of Beth that could force Mick to decide whether or not saving her is worth sacrificing him being human again.

On May 2, a Hollywood starlet that Mick is protecting gets murdered what might be from an aggressive paparazzi while Beth has to deal with a new boss at Buzzwire. May 9, more of Mick's background is revealed when the grandson of his World War II buddy is kidnapped.

And in the season finale planned for May 16, Mick and Beth face what could be something that would keep them apart. A vampire kills a human in the heat of passion, and the murder investigation theatens to expose the identities of other vampires, especially Mick and Josef.

Photo ~ Jason Dohring on the red carpet at the Speed Racer movie premiere ~ Nokia Theater in Los Angeles

Breaking down Moonlight's ratings for Fated to Pretend episode (#1x13)

James Hibberd breaks down Moonlight's Fated to Pretend episode (#1x13) ratings story for The Hollywood Reporter. Why do Nielsen numbers hafta be so difficult to understand?!?

'Moonlight' helps CBS win Friday
Cult vampire series tops 9 p.m. hour with little competition
By James Hibberd

CBS' cult-favorite vampire drama "Moonlight" returned Friday night and the result is a ratings story that's as complicated as Nielsen numbers can get.

On one hand, "Moonlight" (8 million viewers, 2.1 average adults 18 to 49 rating and a 7 share) won the 9 p.m. hour and helped CBS win the night.

On the other hand, the competition was nonexistent -- with NBC's "Dateline" (7 million, 1.9/6) the closest competitor.

On yet another hand, "Moonlight" had a strong retention of its "Ghost Whisperer" lead-in (9 million, 2.3/9) and, at 10 p.m., "Numbers" performed similarly (9.6 million, 2.2/7).

Running out of hands, "Moonlight" was down 9% from its pre-strike original average.

But other serialized shows coming back post-strike have dropped even more.

In other words, the "Moonlight" number is nothing for CBS to be proud of. Yet it is.

Photo of shoes Alex O'Loughlin wore to Speed Racer film premiere

A lot of people have asked about the shoes Alex O'Loughlin wore during his red carpet appearance at the Speed Racer movie premiere. Here is a close up photo for ya :) What do you think of his footwear?

Click on the photograph above to zoom in with a bigger version of the image.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Video ~ Alex O'Loughlin appears on TV Watercooler

Video #1 ~

Video #2 ~

These videos are of Alex O'Loughlin's appearance on the TV Watercooler show on TV Guide Channel tonight. Part 1 shows Alex's interview & him answering fan questions. In part 2, he takes the Watercooler quiz. He is such a good sport!

SPOILER ALERT ~ scenes from Moonlight's Fated to Pretend episode (#1x13) are included. Just warning those who still haven't watched it.

Programming note..... I saw a promo on the TV Guide Channel saying the cast of Moonlight will appear on their Hollywood 411 show Thursday night (May 1st, 2008). Check your local listings. 411 normally airs at 8:00 PM Central 9:00 PM Eastern. I like all the opportunities we have had to see our fab cast lately!

Wallpaper ~ Alex O'Loughlin in new TV Guide Magazine Sexiest Stars issue

New, free Alex O'Loughlin Wallpaper

You gotta love the mail when something like this is inside! The latest issue of TV Guide Magazine (May 5th to 11th) has a two page spread of Alex O'Loughlin... pages 56 & 57. As I posted earlier, Alex is the winner in their Sexiest Sci-Fi guy poll. Now we know what the phoot shoot we saw previously was for :)

*swoon* I think this should have been the magazine's cover shot!

I made this picture big enough for you to use as your wallpaper. I had the sneaking feeling that you would want to decorate your computer desktop or MySpace layout with a new Alex background.

Accompanying the dreamy photo of Alex in TV Guide is this quote from Sophia Myles regarding his hotness. No matter how much time spent with him, I can't imagine becoming "immune." I couldn't possibly get used to that delicious man!

"I'm immune to Alex's hotness. I see more of him than any boyfriend I've ever had. I'm very privileged because of that, but since I see him so much, I've overdosed on his hotness. It's just the norm. But other people get weak in the knees around him. They start blushing. They drool. He has that Johnny Depp thing, a special sparkle that's just magic. How do you define it? The young girls love him, the older ladies love him, and the gay guys love him. He's really good at expressive movement and loves musical theater. He's also up there with the greatest comedian I've ever known. I go home with stomach pains from laughing so hard. It's constant. He's kinda crude, English and Australians have a great connection when it comes to humor, and we can be outrageous. You couldn't put some of it in print. Americans don't know what to do with us, but I like that"

- Moonlight costar Sophia Myles

Click on the Alex O'Loughlin photograph above for a larger version of the image.

Sophia Myles to appear on Craig Ferguson's talk show ~ April 30th

Sophia Myles has been booked to appear on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson! More attention for Moonlight and our girl. YEA! Alex O'Loughlin finally gets a night off. Hahaha.... Sophia is scheduled to appear on Wednesday, April 30th, 2008. Check your local listings. The talk show normally airs around 12:35 AM. Craig interviewed Alex back in September when Moonlight first hit television.

Let's be sure to thank Craig Ferguson for supporting our show.... and encourage him to book the rest of our lovely cast.

This photo is another from Sophia's red carpet appearance at the Speed Racer movie premiere.

Spoilers ~ CBS releases official description for Moonlight's Sonata episode (#1x16)


CBS has released the official description for Moonlight's season finale ~ Sonata ~ episode #1x16

Notice they designate it the FIRST season finale. Hope that means we will get a second :)


Eric Winter ("Brothers & Sisters") Returns as ADA Benjamin Talbot

Claudia Black ("Stargate SG-1") Guest Stars as The Cleaner

"Sonata" - Mick and Beth face the ultimate consequence of a relationship between mortal and immortal when a vampire kills a human in the heat of passion. But when the murder investigation threatens to expose vampire identities, Mick and Josef take action, on the first season finale of MOONLIGHT, Friday, May 16 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.


Mick St. John......................... Alex O'Loughlin
Beth Turner................................ Sophia Myles
Josef Kostan.............................. Jason Dohring
Coraline ............................ Shannyn Sossamon


Guillermo.................................... Jacob Vargas
Logan............................................. David Blue


ADA Benjamin Talbot.................... Eric Winter
Emma Monaghan.................. Heather Stephens
Jackson Monaghan............... Jonathan LaPaglia
Simone Walker........................ Abigail Spencer
Dominic Brewer...................... Christian Keyes
The Cleaner............................... Claudia Black
Lisa........................................... Erika Schaefer
Hank Bishop......................... Ryan Caltagirone
Hearst College Chancellor.............. Matt Riedy
Guard............................................ Vince Pavia
Troy ........................................... Mitch Eakins
Cleaner #4................................. Jacleen Haber

WRITTEN BY: Ethan Erwin and Kira Snyder




Jason Dohring optimistic about Moonlight's renewal

Jason Dohring spoke to Entertainment Weekly when he attended the Speed Racer movie premiere. He is very optimistic about Moonlight being picked up for a second season. YEA! Previously, I posted executive producer Joel Silver's positive comments about Moonlight's renewal. Jason says that Joel told him not to take any other jobs. Sounds like we are on the verge of good news, doesn't it?

CBS' 'Moonlight': Good news for fans?

Though CBS hasn't officially ordered a second season of Moonlight, the sexy vampire drama starring Alex O'Loughlin, co-star Jason Dohring (Josef Konstantin) told that Joel Silver, the show's executive producer, hinted that a second-season pickup seems likely. “We just aired our first episode after the strike break and the ratings were really good, so things are looking up," Dohring told at the April 26 premiere of Speed Racer, which Silver produced. "Joel just pulled me aside on the carpet and said things were looking up and not to book any jobs for after the hiatus. That’s gotta be good, when the producer tells you things are looking up on whether or not you’ll still have a job next season.”

In terms of upcoming episodes, Dohring says there'll be a lot more vampire action. "There is going to be a problem, and to solve it all the vampire circles and families are going to have to come together," he said. "We have a big meeting to address the problem. There are vampires from all different social stratas."

And if Moonlight does, in fact, return for a second season, Dohring hopes the writers will make use of his character's extremely advanced age. “Because he is a 400-year-old, they could draw from any of those time periods for stories," Dohring suggested. "I would like to see some flashbacks to establish more about this guy. Mostly, I just want to wear some cool period costumes but I think it’d be cool to see some huge historical events from the last 400 years that may have been instigated or impacted by vampires, this vampire in particular.”

I used a photo of Jason Dohring from the Speed Racer movie premiere red carpet for this post.

Alex, Holly, Jason, Brian and Sophia at Speed Racer movie premiere

Moonlight's executive producer, Joel Silver, also produced the film Speed Racer. Alex O'Loughlin, Holly Valance, Jason Dohring, Sophia Myles & Brian J White all went to the movie premiere on Saturday night (April 26th, 2008) to support him.... and pose for these great red carpet photos. Sophia is all dressed up. Lady in red :)

Video ~ CBS releases Mick's transformation scene

SPOILER ALERT ~ Moonlight - Mick Transforms Back Into A Vampire

CBS has released a video showing Josef turn Mick. Again, I will say that Jason Dohring & Alex O'Loughlin are simply amazing in this scene. This is by far my favorite moment to date from our show!

CBS 2 minute drill video recap for Fated to Pretend (episode #1x13)

Spoiler Alert ~ CBS has created a 2 minute drill video recap for Moonlight's Fated to Pretend episode (#1x13). It sums up the action for those who need a refresher, or who haven't watched the show yet.

Alex O'Loughlin wins TV Guide's Sexiest SciFi Guy title

Alex O'Loughlin won Sexiest Sci-Fi Guy in TV Guide's Sexiest Stars 2008 contest! It was a hard won victory over Smallville's Tom Welling. You did a fantastic job of voting for our man :)

One grumble..... Alex did not win the Sexiest Man-Mane poll. BOO! Every time I voted, he was smoking Patrick Dempsey by a hefty percentage. In the end, Patrick won.

Video ~ Moonlight Panel at Fangoria Convention

This is a great video of Alex O'Loughlin, Sophia Myles & Jason Dohring from the Moonlight Panel at the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors Convention. Alex says the last three episodes were done as stand alones because we still don't have a second season pick up. They don't wanna leave viewers hanging in case Moonlight isn't renewed.

I like their ease together & how they tease each other... Alex ribbing Sophia for saying she finds him sexy with the Mick vamp teeth & contact lenses. We learn that it was Alex's idea to have the Vampire bloodlines as part of our storyline. Also, Beth is gonna get a new job.... which we saw in a previous spoiler.

Matt Roush answers Cobby's question about a pilot vs presentation

My sweet friend, Cobby, asked TV Guide's Matt Roush to explain the difference between a television show presentation... like Moonlight had... and a pilot.

Question :
What is the difference between a pilot and a presentation? I'm a Moonlight addict, and I've read about this quite a few times but don't know the difference. — Cobby

Matt Roush :
Simply put, a pilot is usually a full-length episode (sometimes even of TV-movie length) meant to introduce the show's premise and establish its tone. A "presentation," such as Moonlight made before it was picked up last year, is more or less an expanded trailer, a collection of scenes that tell the network what the show will look like and where it's going, but produced at far less expense than a typical pilot. There are more series than ever producing presentations or even bypassing the pilot process and going straight to series production, and the reasons are all economic. Pilots traditionally are produced at a much greater budget than a regular series episode and thus tend to promise more than the actual series can deliver week in and week out. The one thing that pilots and presentations have in common, though, is that they're all works in progress. And what makes TV so exciting to cover is the process of watching a show either live up to the pilot, sometimes even improving along the way, or imploding.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Video ~ Moonlight's Fated to Pretend (episode #1x13) ~ watch full episode online

I have heard from lots of international Moonlight fans who are frustrated by not being able to watch Fated to Pretend (episode #1x13) online, since it is not airing in their countries. The video posted on the official CBS website can only be viewed in the US. Fortunately for our foreign friends, Optimisticnad has kindly posted the full episode on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. :)

Moonlight's Fated to Pretend ~ ep #13 ~ part 1 ~

Moonlight's Fated to Pretend ~ ep #13 ~ part 2 ~

Moonlight's Fated to Pretend ~ ep #13 ~ part 3 ~

Moonlight's Fated to Pretend ~ ep #13 ~ part 4 ~

Moonlight's Fated to Pretend ~ ep #13 ~ part 5 ~

Reminder ~ Alex O'Loughlin will appear on TV Watercooler ~ April 28th

Reminder..... Alex O'Loughlin will appear on TV Watercooler tomorrow ~ Monday, April 28th, 2008. The show airs on the TV Guide Network at 8:00 PM Eastern Time. I know you have questions for Alex. Kara has passed on the info to us so that we can submit questions for the program.

Hi all. I have some very exciting news to share: Alex O’Loughlin will be on TV Watercooler, which airs on TV Guide Network Monday, April 28th at 8 pm ET. If you’d like hosts John Fugelsang and Teresa Strasser to ask one of TV’s sexiest stars any questions, please post them.

Use this link to leave your Alex questions ~

Music from Moonlight's Fated to Pretend episode (#1x13)

These are the marvelous songs identified thus far from the soundtrack for Moonlight's Fated to Pretend episode (#1x13). By the way, I already posted a video for Lucky by Bif Naked in a previous post.

Shine by Shannon Noll ~ music playing in opening scenes of Mick's new human morning routine, driving to the beach, etc

Mine All Mine by Stasia Conger ~ song heard on Beth's iPhone which has Mick's photo as the background

Calling Dr Love by Kiss ~ another great session of Guitar Hero with Logan

Baby Boy, Baby Girl by The Dark Romantics ~ plays as Mick arrives at Luis Perez's house

Price to be Paid by The Elliots ~ played while Mick is running after Luis

Lucky by Bif Naked ~ final scene ~ underscores Mick & Beth's rooftop date, talk and the KISS

NY Daily News' interview with Alex O'Loughlin & Jason Dohring

The New York Daily News interviewed Alex O'Loughlin & Jason Dohring for their article about the wonderful Moonlight Blood Drive. Lots of praise for Moonlight fans :)

'Moonlight' fans are bloody determined
By Stu Horvath

Fans of the CBS vampire drama "Moonlight" are out for blood.

To ensure their favorite show gets picked up for a second season, they have coordinated with the American Red Cross for a series of charity blood drives, and the show's star, Alex O'Loughlin, has stepped up to become a national spokesman for the charity.

"The blood drive is so fantastic. It's just great to be a service," says O'Loughlin. "It's the American Red Cross. It's awesome. I'm their vampy spokesperson!"

Fans have organized dozens of blood drives across the country, including several in New York City following O'Loughlin's appearances at the New York Comic Con and CBS' "Early Show." Today, another drive is scheduled outside the "Late Show With David Letterman." Pledges can also be made on or local Red Cross blood centers.

Fan-run actions to save beloved television shows have become increasingly popular in recent years, more so after the peanut campaign to save CBS' "Jericho" succeeded in landing the show a second season after it was canceled. "Moonlight" co-star Jason Dohring is no stranger to fan campaigns: Devotees of his previous show, "Veronica Mars," flooded the offices of The CW network with Mars bars in an attempt to save the show.

"The 'Veronica Mars' fan base was a little more youth-oriented because we were in high school," says Dohring. "Now it's the mothers who come up and ask me to drink their blood."

O'Loughlin's heart pumps faster when he talks about his show's fans.

"Fans of the show are so devoted, so giving of their time and energy," says O'Loughlin. "It's a pleasure to be a part of something that people care about as much as I do."

"I really care about this show. Actually, I bleed for the show regularly. I'm forever getting thrown through windows and actually bleeding."

"Moonlight" follows O'Loughlin's adventures as Mick St. John, a private investigator who was reluctantly turned into a vampire and has since devoted himself to protecting the humans of Los Angeles instead of preying on them.

O'Loughlin is hoping his turn as an immortal lasts a long, long time.

"I've been thinking about getting my teeth ground down and elongated," he says. "I'm thinking about making that kind of commitment to being a vampire."

Photo : Vamped out Mick St John & Josef Kostan from Moonlight's Fated to Pretend episode (#1x13)

Sophia Myles is #35 on list of 100 Most Beautiful Famous Faces

Sophia Myles takes the number 35 spot on The Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Famous Faces From Around the World! *cheer* Long name, huh? ha! On last year's list, Sophia was #85. She moved up 50 places in a year.

Our girl placed higher than many well known beauties..... Nicole Kidman #97, Lily Allen #96, Kerry Washington #95, Lindsay Lohan #92, Catherine Zeta Jones #89, Jessica Biel #87, Blake Lively #85, Gwyneth Paltrow #79, Thandie Newton #78, Hayden Panettiere #73, Scarlett Johansson #72, Wei Tang #59, Naomi Watts #57. What an honor for Sophia :)

By the way, Natalie Portman is #1, winning the crown of Most Beautiful Face of 2008. Hmmmmm ~ wait a second ~ we are only 4 months into 2008. What if someone more beautiful comes along before December?! *grin* Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Film critic & professional poker player, TC Candler created this video slideshow of each lady's photo ~

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Daemon's TV interviews Jason Dohring on Moonlight's set

Daemon's TV interviewed Jason Dohring on the set of Moonlight. He discusses finally getting into full Vampire make-up as Josef & wandering around outside, being inspired by Marlon Brando, etc.

Moonlight cast interviewed at the Paley Center for Media event

Kristin Dos Santos, from E!, interviewed Alex O'Loughlin, Sophia Myles, Brian J White & Jason Dohring at the Paley Center Moonlight Panel. We have two videos to enjoy from the event.

Part 1 ~

Sophia talks about her new short hair, wearing a wig and describes the new Moonlight episodes as "sexy." Alex gives his opinion of who is Mick's true love... Beth or Coraline. Brian J White is amazed by the fans giving blood to support the show. He also calls Alex "Mr hunk-stud." hahaha

Part 2 ~

Jason says he & Alex had a wonderful time at the NY Comic Con. He also tells Kristin that episode #1x13 (Fated to Pretend) broke his heart. Ours too, Jason! She mentions that he is used to being on a tv show with a die hard fan base (Veronica Mars). Jason says "it's like you have a lot of friends." Awwwwww...... He goes on to praise Alex for his hard work ~ 90 hours a week *gulp* Jason is such a good guy!

Reminder ~ Moonlight cast to appear at Fangoria's LA Convention ~ April 27th, 2008

Just a reminder that you can see our marvelous cast in person tomorrow!

Alex O'Loughlin, Jason Dohring, Shannyn Sossamon and Sophia Myles will be appearing at Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors Convention in LA. The Moonlight panel will be on Sunday, April 27th, 2008 at 6:30 PM. Here are more details ~

Fangoria Magazine : All-star MOONLIGHT panel set for LA Fango con

An all-star MOONLIGHT panel will take place at FANGORIA’s gargantuan West Coast Weekend of Horrors, to be held April 25-27 at the Los Angeles Convention Center (1201 South Figueroa). The lead cast of the cult CBS series will attend, including Alex (FEED) O’Loughlin, Sophia (UNDERWORLD) Myles, Shannyn (THE ORDER) Sossamon and Jason Dohring.

Video ~ Josef turning Mick scene from Fated to Pretend (episode #1x13)

SPOILER ALERT! This video shows the scene of Josef Kostan turning Mick St John back into a Vampire in Moonlight's Fated to Pretend episode (#1x13). If you haven't seen the episode & don't want to be spoiled, do not watch this video!

Even after watching this scene over & over, I still get chills. It is emotional, sensual & unforgettable. Alex O'Loughlin & Jason Dohring are simply stunning. Do you realize this scene is only about 2 minutes long? They made the most of every second. Mick calling Josef "brother." We see what a powerful friendship they share. Alex allows that single tear to roll down his cheek. Jason shows the anxiety Josef feels in those first moments of waiting for Mick to accept his blood. You know he was thinking of his tragic attempt at turning Sleeping Beauty. Jason said the music was incredible in this scene, & he is so right. It is also an erotic scene. Hot! How did they pack so much into that small amount of time!?

I could write on & on, so I must restrain myself.

Ratings for Moonlight's Fated to Pretend (episode #1x13) ~ April 25th

Ratings race for 4/25/08 ~ CBS won the night, which happens to be the first Friday of May sweeps. Moonlight was the winner of its time slot ~ both in viewers & the important demo! Out of the ten shows airing on Friday night, Moonlight took 3rd place :) YEA! However, we need to get the ratings up. We want to have numbers that CBS just can not ignore.

Also, as we have been discussing, please continue sending feedback to the network. Let them know
that we watch Moonlight but don't count in the numbers because we are not Nielsen families.

When Love Lasts Forever (episode #1x11) & The Mortal Cure (episode #1x12) originally aired in January, they grabbed 8.32 million demo 3 & 8.17 million demo 3.13 respectively. Our goal is to meet and BEST those numbers. Keep spreading the word about our show!

Fast Nationals ~ Moonlight's ratings for Fated to Pretend (episode #1x13) on Friday, April 25th, 2008 ~

7.99 million viewers (1st), 18 to 49 demo share 2.1/6 (1st)

Ratings for the rest of CBS' Friday night shows ~

Ghost Whisperer : 9 million viewers (1st), 18 to 49 demo 2.3/9 (1st)
Numb3rs : 9.61 million viewers (1st), 18 to 49 demo 2.2/7 (1st)