Saturday, April 26, 2008

Moonlight cast interviewed at the Paley Center for Media event

Kristin Dos Santos, from E!, interviewed Alex O'Loughlin, Sophia Myles, Brian J White & Jason Dohring at the Paley Center Moonlight Panel. We have two videos to enjoy from the event.

Part 1 ~

Sophia talks about her new short hair, wearing a wig and describes the new Moonlight episodes as "sexy." Alex gives his opinion of who is Mick's true love... Beth or Coraline. Brian J White is amazed by the fans giving blood to support the show. He also calls Alex "Mr hunk-stud." hahaha

Part 2 ~

Jason says he & Alex had a wonderful time at the NY Comic Con. He also tells Kristin that episode #1x13 (Fated to Pretend) broke his heart. Ours too, Jason! She mentions that he is used to being on a tv show with a die hard fan base (Veronica Mars). Jason says "it's like you have a lot of friends." Awwwwww...... He goes on to praise Alex for his hard work ~ 90 hours a week *gulp* Jason is such a good guy!

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