Monday, December 31, 2007

Fan video tribute to Alex O'Loughlin as Mick St John

What better way to welcome a fabulous new year than with a tribute to Mick St John?!? :) Kate448 created this excellent fan video using the song Take My Breath Away by Berlin. I think she knows us too well ~ hahaha! She selected some of the best scenes of Alex O'Loughlin using those expressive eyes of his, eyebrow raising, shirt ripping, freezer lounging.... Ooooo my....

I hope you have a fun, SAFE time celebrating on New Year's Eve. Happy 2008 everyone!

Shannyn Sossamon starring in new film ~ One Missed Call

Shannyn Sossamon (Coraline to Moonlight fans) has a new movie coming out this Friday. One Missed Call is a remake of a Japanese horror flick. Shannyn stars as Beth Raymond. (How funny that her character is named Beth) The premise of the film is that people receive a message on cell phone that details the scary final moment of their life just days before they die.

Ed Burns co-stars in the movie as police detective, Jack Andrews. He worked with Shannyn previously in the film The Holiday...... in which Alex O'Loughlin also had a brief part. Small world! Alex is part of the kissing couple in the opening scene.'s Staci Layne Wilson did an interview with Shannyn on the movie set. You can read it here ~

One Missed Call premieres on Friday, January 4th, 2008.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Alex O'loughlin & Moonlight in People's Choice Awards Promo Video

Hey guys..... A new promo video has been added to the People's Choice Awards website. Queen Latifah is urging everyone to vote for their favorites in movies, music and television. When she mentions each category, a small clip is shown as an example. For movies, it is Johnny Depp as Captain Jack in Pirates of the Caribbean. What do they use for television?!? A spot of Alex O'Loughlin as Mick St John.... of course! YEA! CBS will air the People's Choice Awards, so it makes sense for the network to feature their own program. They could have used a snippet from one of their other series that were nominated, such as Two and a Half Men or CSI. Instead, they chose Moonlight!

To see for yourself, use this link to their website. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the 1st video on the left. It has the American flag as a background.

Oooooooo.... and while you are there.... vote for Moonlight :) The awards show will be on Tuesday, January 8th, 2008 at 8:00 PM CST.

Reader created collage wallpaper of Mick St John

My friend, TexasBlondie, created this wonderful photo wallpaper of Mick St John. She wants to share it with you! These are awesome images of Alex O'Loughlin.... especially the one of his patented eyebrow raise.

Vote for Moonlight on the E! Online's Site

The lovely Kristin Dos Santos, of Watch with Kristin fame, has listed her Top 10 tv shows for 2007. Unfortunately, our show was not one of her faves (yet!). However, she has asked for viewers to vote at her E! Online blog to tell her what television programs we love. This is very important because Kristin says the voting will "largely determine what we cover in this show & in my column in the coming year." Go vote for Moonlight!

Thank you to Susan for writing to make sure I had this information!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Moonlight on Top 20 list of shows with high Internet activity

Hitwise is an Internet research company. They recently released a list of television shows that have the largest number of visits on the web. Per an article in Media Post.......

Three rookie shows made the top 20: CW's "Gossip Girl" at 11th place with a 1.36% market share; NBC's "Chuck" in 16th place with a 1.04% share; and CBS' "Moonlight," in 17th place at a 1.03% share.

NBC's "Deal or No Deal" garnered the largest share of viewer visits. The show garnered a 48% market share of Internet visits for the week ending Dec. 15. The next-biggest show was Fox's venerable "America's Most Wanted," taking in a far-distant 3.8% market share.

48%? WOW! It is great that Moonlight made the list out of all the new programs. We need to be sure to visit the official CBS site as often as possible.

Final Scene ~ Mick Reveals Himself to Beth ~ Out of the Past (episode #1x02)

This video is of the emotional final scene in Out of the Past (episode #1x02). Mick has to reveal to Beth that he is a Vampire. What a pivotal moment in their relationship! I have seen this last scene many, many times. It still grabs me! Alex's performance is incredible.

Forever and Ever Amen by 8mm is the song playing.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Recap ~ Out Of The Past (Episode #1x02)

SPOILER ALERT ~ Recap of Out of the Past ~ Episode #1x02

Since we were introduced to Beth and Mick in No Such Thing as Vampires, the writers were able to explore their budding relationship in this episode. Alex is so into the character. Even when he is not speaking, his eyes and body language talk to us.

Lee Jay had great reference books. Everyone, including Beth and the assassin in Sleeping Beauty, assumes that the old stories of stakes killing vamps and such are true. However, Lee Jay knows that staking will only paralyze and silver is poison to Moonlight vamps.

If Mick told me that someone was trouble, I would believe him. He is so sincere when he says "Trust me."

How funny was the exchange between Mick and his former police pal, Bobby? "Hey... what's with these muscles? How you stayin so fit? "Uh you know... diet"

Mick looks sooooooo good at the book release party. :)

You have to really hate someone to bash your own head into a glass and then to shoot yourself. No escape for Mick in that restroom.... turning in circles... caged.

We learned more about Mick in the past. He calls himself "young and stupid." He sure gave Lee Jay a beating. Of course, that is when he thought violence solved everything.

Still love the 80's flashback scene of Mick and Josef. "Red or White?" Duran Duran! I would like to see an entire episode about that time in their long lives.

Tough love from Josef.

Who did Mick go to for help? Beth!

Poor Josh! Beth calling out another man's name in her sleep had to hurt. He is a decent, cute and good guy..... just can't compete with Mick. Who could? He did the right thing and helped Mick.

I also like that Mick is a gentleman and thanked Josh.

Beth learning this early in the series that Mick is a Vampire has been the source of debate. Many people feel that it was too soon, or that she shouldn't have known until the final episode. I happen to like the fact that she already knows. Beth is an investigative reporter after all. She wouldn't be very good if she ignored the facts. When the hero has a secret identity, it has always bothered me that the love interest has to be blind to all the evidence piling up around them.

Another symptom of the love interest is the constant need to be rescued. Which is why I love the fact that Beth saved Mick this time! "I thought I told you to stay in the car." haha....

Alex was amazing in the last scene.... his breathing and voice. You could just feel Mick's pain. When he showed up at her apartment, he wanted to tell Beth that he was a vamp but couldn't. Now he was not only going to be forced to reveal himself, but had to do so while vamped out. Showing her the "monster" he believes himself to be.

Video of New CBS Promo for Moonlight & Mick St John!

Have you been lucky enough to catch the new CBS promo for Mick St John & Moonlight? Now, we can watch the video any time we want, and as many times as we want. It is my favorite! Last night, I sat through an old rerun of CSI NY just to scrutinize this sexy little commercial. All of that for a 20 second clip. It was worth it! *grin*

"Meet Mick ~ He's a Vamp ~ He's also Hot ~ He's all yours Friday Night!" Could anyone other than Alex O'Loughlin be that mesmerizing with only a few seconds to work with?!? Oooooooo my.... Do you think the television network has realized why most people watch Moonlight? Hehehehe.....

The song used is How Do You Do by Natasha Bedingfield. Again, Moonlight's choice of music is fantastic. Here are the words featured during the promo ~

"How do you do? If you won't say it, I will! How do you do? I'm really pleased to meet you. How do you do? Gotta say it how I feel it. Say it or I will. Say it or I will"

Very appropriate for our Beth Turner and her actions thus far in the series, as well as how we feel about Mick. Check out a bit more of the song lyrics which were not in the short tv spot... see what you think :)

"If it's weird for girls to give guys flowers, then maybe that's a reason too. You're not climbing up my ivory tower, so I'm comin' down for you.

Is it wrong to be the instigator? Is it bad to be the move maker? Guess I gotta be the first to say, to say, to say... How do you do? If you won't say it, I will. How do you do? I'm really pleased to meet you. How do you do? Gotta say it how I feel it. Say it or I will.

When you're hanging at the point of stalemate. It's not the time to bite your tongue. So at the risk of looking really stupid, I'm gonna take the plunge."

I wish they would release a Moonlight soundtrack!

Spoiler ~ Sneak Peek Promo Video for Out of the Past (episode #1x02)

SPOILER ALERT! Tonight, CBS will rebroadcast Moonlight's Out of the Past episode (#1x02). Here is a sneak peek promo video. Great scene! I am looking foward to watching the second episode of the show again. A very pivotal moment in the MickBeth story takes place in it.

Comment on TV Guide's healthiest television stars question

More fun on TV Guide's website. :) Now, they are asking "Who are tv's healthiest stars?" Based on the comments left by viewers, TV Guide will do a poll with the top names listed. Then, the readers will select a winner.

Talk about healthy! Alex O'Loughlin is well represented in the posts already. Jason Dohring & Sophia Myles also have been mentioned a few times. As you will see, I praised Alex, Jason and Brian J White ~ who plays Lt Carl Davis. In Moonlight's Sleeping Beauty episode (#1x10), we got to see what Josef is hiding under those suits. From the photo above, I think you will agree that we need a similar scene soon with Carl. *wink*

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Australia's Woman's Day Magazine Interviews Alex O'Loughlin

Jacqui Lang has interviewed our Alex for Australian magazine, Woman's Day. He has mentioned the long hours he works to give us Moonlight in many articles. I really felt for him when I read his answer to what he wants for Christmas. A longer version of the interview is in the publication's issue that went on sale (in Australia) December 24th, 2007.

Alex is lucky and in love

Devilishly handsome Alex O'Loughlin, 31, is yet another Aussie actor making his way in Tinseltown, starring as a likeable vampire in Nine's new series Moonlight. In real life, Alex is also the devoted boyfriend of singer Holly Valance — just don't ask him about her!

Jacqui :
On Moonlight, you suck a bit of blood from time to time?

Alex :
Yeah, I suck lots of blood.

Jacqui :
How do you rehearse that?

Alex :
You can't rehearse, you just go for it!

Jacqui :
While you're in a role do you speak in the required accent all the time?

Alex :
Yes and some people criticize that. At the end of the day, my face will be on screen and I want to play the character as well as I can. I lived in New York with Jonathan Rhys Meyers while making the movie August Rush — in which I play a Dubliner — and it was helpful that Jonathan is Irish. I kept that accent for four months. That can be quite confrontational for people around me.

Jacqui :
Is it true you nearly scored the role of James Bond (that Daniel Craig won)?

Alex :
Yeah, it is. I flew to London and screen-tested for it — and obviously didn't get it. But at least I got to be Bond for a day!

Jacqui :
Despite not becoming James Bond, are people starting to recognise you in the street?

Alex :
Yes, it's weird. It's nice having your work recognized but having people follow you around is kinda weird.

Jacqui :
What do you want for Christmas?

Alex :
To sleep. I badly need a vacation.

Spoiler Alert ~ Promo photos from Out of The Past ~ Episode #1x02

SPOILER ALERT for those who have not seen the series' second episode yet!

Tomorrow night, CBS will rebroadcast Moonlight's Out of the Past episode (#1x02). Here are a few promo photos from it for you.

Moonlight's New Love Lasts Forever Episode (#1x11) Rescheduled

CBS issued a release stating they have rescheduled Moonlight's Love Lasts Forever episode (#1x11) to air on Friday, January 11th, 2008 at 8:00 PM (CST).

Moonlight's schedule for now......

December 28th, 2007 ~ Out of the Past ~ Episode #1x02 ~ Rerun

January 4th, 2008 ~ Dr. Feelgood ~ Episode #1x03 ~ Rerun

January 11th, 2008 ~ Love Lasts Forever ~ Episode #1x11 ~ New

TV Guide Poll ~ Winning Pairs ~ Hottest Couple on Television

TV Guide's website has a poll question that we definitely know the answer to...... Winning Pairs. "Which couple makes your heart pitter-patter?" Mick and Beth have hooked more fans for their television show than any others, hands down! Now, Moonlight fans need to go vote for MickBeth. :) Spread the word!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Mick St John's Ring and Manly Hand :)

My friend, Talisker, asked for a close up photo of Mick St John's ring. I know that many of you are also interested in it.... as well as Alex O'Loughlin's strong, sexy, manly hands. :) Click on the image above for a larger version of the photograph.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

TV Guide ~ Matt Roush gives his opinion about Moonlight being renewed

TV Guide's Matt Roush was questioned about which television shows he thinks will be picked up for a second season. He answered in his Ask Matt column. Of course.... I will post it below for you :) The yellow is my happy emphasis!

Connie L. :

Hey, how 'bout telling all of us what your top five and bottom five new shows are, whether they've been canceled or not? In order if possible. Will Chuck make it into your top five list? Also, what new shows do you think will be around for a second season? If there is a second season — or any seasons left with this forever-strike, that is.

Matt Roush :

I'm assuming you're asking about new "fall season" network shows, as opposed to new shows of 2007 in general, in which case I'd probably flood the list with summer series like Mad Men, Damages and Burn Notice. Going by the criteria of new fall network series, the five new shows I've enjoyed most consistently would include (in order) Pushing Daisies, Chuck, Dirty Sexy Money, The Big Bang Theory and Gossip Girl. The list of five shows I most actively disliked would include (starting with the worst) Viva Laughlin, Big Shots, Cavemen, Bionic Woman and (because of how far it falls below expectations) Private Practice, which works my last nerve. Predicting renewals is tricky because of the strike, but I'd think most of the shows that got even a symbolic full-season pickup would have to be considered strong contenders to return for a second season. That list includes my above top five as well as Private Practice, Samantha Who?, Life, possibly Back to You, Women's Murder Club and, despite not having been picked up yet, Moonlight.

CBS First Annual Year in Review Photo Gallery Includes Moonlight!

CBS Entertainment has released the First Annual Year in Review Photo Gallery for their tv shows.... and Moonlight is included! *cheer* They showcased these three lovely photos of Alex O'Loughlin as Mr Mick St John. Jericho, CSI, The Big Bang Theory, CSI Miami, Ghost Whisperer, Cane, The Amazing Race, Big Brother, How I Met Your Mother, Kid Nation, Craig Ferguson of the Late Late Show, NCIS, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Numb3rs, Power of 10, CSI NY, The Price is Right, Two and A Half Men, Rules of Engagement, Survivor, Shark & The Unit are the other television series that were selected. Several shows only have one picture in the gallery. Of course, Moonlight fans think it would look even better if every photograph was of Alex! *grin*

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas, Moonlight Fans! :)

I want you to have a very Merry Christmas! Here is a little MickBeth fan video, by the talented Bristow3269, to convey my warm wishes to you. I consider Moonlight and all the wonderful people it has brought into my life to be my X-mas gifts. :) Though I have only "known" you for a few months, you have brightened my 2007 even more! Happy wishes for a New Year filled with nothing but good stuff!

XO ~


PS...... the song used for this video is All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey.

SyFy Portal lists top genre shows & their opinion of Moonlight

Michael Hinman, at SyFy Portal, wrote a great article about the top genre shows for the first 10 weeks of this television season. Moonlight was the fourth rated series in this category! He had some very positive things to say about our show's ratings & possibility of being renewed. I'll share his opinion with you :)

Moonlight was probably the biggest surprise of the season, finishing in fourth place with a 5.1/9, incredibly just a little more than half a ratings point off its series premiere of 5.8/11. Only Smallville and Supernatual on The CW have been able to retain that much of its premiere audience. Moonlight's lowest rating in the first 10 weeks was just a little more than one ratings point off its premiere. While the show is still not pulling in the numbers that its companion shows are for CBS Friday night, it does seem like Moonlight will be around for a while.

Overall, there's no doubt that Heroes and Pushing Daisies will earn pickups in the coming weeks if not renewals (all turned upside down by the Writers Guild of America strike), and Moonlight and Chuck also are expected to see longer lives.

Heroes was the number one genre show.

Behind the Scenes of Moonlight with Alex & Sophia

This is a super cool fan video created by CBS. It shows a glimpse behind the scenes on the Moonlight set! Alex O'Loughlin and Sophia Myles are featured in this quick, light hearted clip. For a brief second you can see Jason Dohring smiling in the background.

It is good to see how well they get along off camera. Alex is joking around as usual, and pokes a bit of fun at his own expense ~ "But I'm the lead." When asked if he is starting to feel like a Vampyre, he replies "Yes." Yum! Sophia admits to having a girl crush on Shannyn Sossamon. Shhhhhhh.... remember, Alex asked us to keep that a secret. hahaha! Since the show began, I've been lobbying for interviews with the cast all together. This gives us a taste of how great it would be to have them chatting and bouncing jokes off each other.

Moonlight fan campaign to book Alex O'Loughlin on daytime talk shows

A dedicated Moonlight fan and blog reader sent me the following information. This is another great idea for supporting our show! Plus, we would all love to see more Alex interviews, right? :)

I’ve spoken to a friend who works for one of the networks. They suggested if we want to really support the show, and even better raise the viewer numbers, the best way to do it is to contact the top three talk shows to ask to have Alex on the show. We know that Alex is charismatic, funny and personable so the key is to get him on these chat shows to give the show exposure. We MUST get the show bookers to recognize that there’s an audience out there who want to see Alex and hear about the show.

If we do a write in campaign to Ellen, the View and Regis & Kelly we can potentially get him booked on these shows to raise awareness for Moonlight and Alex’s profile.

They book for these shows about a month in advance. If we start now, by the time everyone is back from the holidays, it might start to make an impact. Trust me this is going to be a successful way of raising the profile of the show and hopefully the numbers.

Here’s the email and mailing addresses for these shows.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

PO Box 7788
Burbank, CA 91523
Attn: Fan Mail
Email link :

Live with Regis and Kelly
7 Lincoln Square
New York, NY 10023
Email link :

The View
320 West 66th St.
New York, NY 10023
Email link :

Tips for making a mass number of post cards.

If you want to do postcards, I can tell you some simple ways of making loads at one time. You can make up 33 (on a page) address labels with the addresses for the production companies. Then you only need to fill in the backs of the postcards, saying:

"Please have on Alex O’Loughlin. We love Moonlight! Alex O’Loughlin would be a great guest! I am a regular viewer and would love to see him."

You can buy premade postcards at the post office that already have the postage on them if that helps save time. Also, keep in mind send them in a few handful of postcards everyday, not all at once.

If everyone could add this to their list of Moonlight things to do it would be REALLY beneficial.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

SPOILER ALERT ~ Promo photo wallpaper of Mick from Love Lasts Forever #1x11


We thought we only had to wait two weeks for a fresh episode of Moonlight. Now, the scoop is out that CBS has decided not to show Love Lasts Forever (episode #1x11) on January 4th, 2008. Instead, the network will rebroadcast Dr. Feelgood (episode #1x03). At least, we still get our Moonlight fix with repeats every week. Just hafta wait a little longer for a new one.

Since Moonlight fans are a bit down from hearing this news, I think we deserve a boost. :> More free Alex O'Loughlin Wallpapers! A new Mick St John background for your computer desktop, MySpace layout, Facebook, website & page. AOL everywhere you look ~ Darn! *grin*

This promo photo image is from the upcoming ~ and recently postponed ~ Love Lasts Forever episode. The photograph does not give away any of the plot. However, I put a spoiler tag on the post to let you know it is from the future. Close up and full length versions for you! Can you pick just one? I couldn't :)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

CBS changes Moonlight's schedule for January 2008

Hey everyone! It looks like CBS has changed Moonlight's schedule for January 2008. They sent out a release stating Dr. Feelgood (episode #1x03) will air on 01/04/08, instead of the new Love Lasts Forever episode (#1x011). No word yet on the final new show ~ The Mortal Cure (#1x12) ~ which currently has an air date of 01/11/08.

They also announced that Ghost Whisperer and Numb3rs will be rerun episodes on that night.

Perhaps, they are holding the new shows for the next sweeps period in February. If that is true, it could mean they have confidence in Moonlight bringing good ratings for the network during that crucial time. The continued writer's strike is causing all the networks to shuffle and rearrange their meager holdings of unaired fresh episodes. Soon, they may have only unscripted reality shows to offer. The repeats will be great for fans who missed the episodes the first time. Of course, those of us who adore the show can watch them over & over. You know I will keep you posted about Moonlight's schedule :)

December 28th, 2007 ~ Out of the Past ~ Episode #1x02 ~ Rerun

January 4th, 2008 ~ Dr. Feelgood ~ Episode #1x03 ~ Rerun

Since we are talking about CBS, this seemed like an opportune time to remind you to keep calling and writing the network! We have had some positive rumors lately. That just means that we need to continue to contact the powers that be in support of Moonlight :)

I encourage you to visit the official CBS website for Moonlight as often as possible. They track the number of hits their show's pages receive.

Here are some ideas of what to do once you are on their site...... Send feedback, click on their link to the People's Choice Awards voting site (they can track that too), search the CBS Store for Moonlight items and contact the store to request merchandise for our show.

Nina Tassler
President CBS Entertainment
( 323 ) 575-2747
7800 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90039-2112

CBS Store
( 800 ) 227-6938

TV Guide ~ Matt Roush's Year in Review

TV Guide's television show critic & reviewer, Matt Roush, has written his "Year in Review." Out of all the new Fall shows, the lovely Matt selected Moonlight as one of the few he mentions in the article!!! Here is what he had to say. The yellow highlighted portion is my emphasis.

That's Incredible!

It's hard to know whether to curse or to embrace Heroes, whose success inevitably spawned a rush to develop more shows with a fantastic or supernatural bent. Some are showing promise, like CBS's steadily improving vampire mystery Moonlight, which has caught on modestly on Fridays. Others appear to have stalled, like the glum and numbing Bionic Woman remake and the ponderous time-tripping Journeyman, both on NBC. Meanwhile, as Heroes lost narrative momentum in its second season, Sci Fi's Battlestar Galactica continues to pave the way for truly visionary sci-fi storytelling, delivering a brave political-religious allegory amid the gripping action. And the best new show of the fall season? ABC's delightful Pushing Daisies, a colorfully wacky fable of resurrection that restores one's faith in TV's ability to amuse and enchant, if you open your heart and mind to the possibility.

Video ~ Beth & Mick Hug ~ Last Scene from No Such Thing as Vampires

This video is of the emotional final scene from Moonlight's pilot episode ~ No Such Thing as Vampires (#1x01). We can watch Beth and Mick's first hug again. "It's alright.... You're with me." *swoon*

Thank goodness we have such a talented cast! Sophia really portrays the gratitude & bewilderment that Beth must be experiencing. What can I say about Alex? Perfect for the role of Mick. For the audience (who know he is Beth's childhood savior), his facial expressions convey what Mick is feeling about being reunited with her & rescuing her again... while at the same time showing Beth only care and concern.

Of course, the song playing is My Immortal by Evanescence.

Ask a People's Choice Nominee your question

Hi all..... Previously, I explained the changes being made to the People's Choice Awards' show due to the writer's strike. One of the new things is they are allowing the fans to send in questions that they will then ask the nominees. Fun! Can you imagine how flooded they are gonna be with inquiries from Moonlight's fans?!?? *grin* Here is a link to use to send in your question ~

Friday, December 21, 2007

Recap ~ No Such Thing as Vampires ~ Pilot Episode #1x01

Let's talk about Moonlight's pilot episode ~ No Such Thing as Vampires (#1x01).

SPOILER ALERT! If you STILL haven't seen the first episode of the series, do not read this post..... unless you want to know what happens :)

I enjoyed watching the pilot again! Reviewing it with the knowledge of what happens in future episodes made it especially interesting. We know that Moonlight just gets better and better every week.

Did you notice it is Beth's voice asking the questions during the "Interview with a Vampire" opening scene? Mick wants her to understand him. He is afraid she will see him as the monster that he perceives himself to be since being turned.

The first time we see Mick in his trusty freezer. YUM!

Marshall sighting! I like the show Alias, so it was nice to see Kevin Weisman pop up as Beth's camera guy. Just wish he had more to do. He had one of the lines that made me giggle. When Beth says, "I've become a news whore overnight." Steve replies, "Not overnight." ha!

When the handsome Lt Carl and Beth are talking at the crime scene, I wondered (again) just how well they know each other. They appear to be pretty familiar. Is that just from Beth's crime reporting? It is mentioned that this is her first on air story for BuzzWire, but she has obviously been writing articles for a while before making the move to being on camera.

I still want one of those cool iPhones.

Many of my favorite Josef quotes are from this episode. "Sooner or later your inner vampire is going to demand to be fed." <--- currently my profile phrase on MySpace. "What is it? Like... Non-fat, soy, Vegan blood?" "Vampire experts ~ beautiful! Now, we got the food mouthing off about the farmer." "Vampire solidarity ~ rah, rah, rah and all that." Better restrain myself or I will end up quoting every line that Jason utters.

Rudolf Martin plays Professor Christian Ellis. He thinks he is a vamp on our show, and he portrayed Dracula on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Beth smashing a vase over Mick's head and his emotionless "Ouch" makes me laugh every time. As does this exchange.... "How do I know you're not the killer? Well, because I'm not killing you. ......let's go with that cuz that's comforting..."

She is surprised that he knows who she is and all about BuzzWire.

I've mentioned this before.... this bit of dialogue between Beth and Mick gets me laughing too. "So, we're talking Vampires? You know, some people actually find them attractive. Really? Yea." Poor Mick! His "yea" sounds so deflated.

Leaving the funeral, Mick gets into his car. Beth places her hand on his to stop him & ask for the blood vial. He looks down at her hand on top of his for a split second. Alex is great with these little moments that tell you so much about Mick's feelings.

Mick is so smooth with the professor's wife. Imagine him showing up on your doorstep. Ooooo my....

The scene in which Mick confronts the professor, and he thinks he is schooling Mick in the ways of the Vampire is too amusing. "When most people hear the word Vampyre, they immediately conjure up an image of some undead monstrosity running around at night trying to drink human blood." With the perfect expression on his face, Mick says "hate that" under his breath. *chuckle* This scene also reminds me of one in Alex's film, Feed, in which he faces off with the cop.

Love the camera angle used when Mick closes the blinds in the professor's office.

Carl.... "Threesomes never end well" hehehe

Josef in Mick's loft when he returns is a cool scene. They play so well off each other. I will contain my desire to quote the whole thing. :)

Since I'm super into diners, Cadillac Jack's is my kinda place. Well.... except for the possibility of getting murdered by a crazy grad student thing.

Speaking of.... How come the creepy killer TA, Daniel, gets to use an accent but Alex doesn't?!? *grin*

Adore how Mick is protective and concerned for Beth.

We got to see Mick vamp out several times in this episode. YEA! He easily manhandles the professor (priceless expression on his face when Mick transforms into a Vampire in front of him) and the killer.

Even though he is hurt during the car chase/crash, Mick wills himself to get up and run to save Beth. The silly killer thinks he has triumphed by stabbing Mick. That smug expression quickly changes to shock & fear as Mick stands again... and hurls him effortlessly!

During the flashback fight scene with Coraline, they are beating each other senseless. In the middle of it, for a brief moment they starting kissing! Then, back to fighting. Josef is correct in his assessment of their crazy love.

Throughout the episode, Beth is convinced that she has seen Mick before they "met" at the crime scene. After he rescues her from Daniel, she awakens on his couch. She says that he saved her when she was little. Mick dismisses the truth again by saying, "You got a really nasty bump on your head tonight."

Moonlight does ending scenes better than any other show. It all began with the one tonight. Beth hugs Mick in gratitude and he slowly puts his arms around her in return. Just the look on his face conveys the emotions.

There are some time line discrepancies, which we have talked about previously. Josef says Mick is 90 years old, but Mick tells Beth he is 85 in a future episode. When Mick holds out his hand to Beth at the end, the voice over states, "60 years is a long time to deny yourself the touch of another." However, he has only been a vamp since 1952. He was on & off with Coraline until she kidnapped Beth (and he thought he killed her) in 1985. Several things could explain these differences...... We have all rounded years up and/or down in telling a story. Or, exaggerated to make a point. There were sooo many behind the scenes changes before Moonlight ever even aired. Originally, Mick was supposed to meet & marry Coraline in the 1940's. None of this keeps me from loving the show ~ in case you hadn't noticed *wink*

BuddyTV article predicting Moonlight's renewal

The talented, Kris De Leon, has written a great article for BuddyTV predicting that Moonlight will be given a full season order. Read on and you will see why I like what Kris has to say! *grin*

Moonlight: Most Likely To Get Full-Season Order

Moonlight has undeniably increased its fan base over the course of 10 episodes. Though the show initially garnered mediocre ratings and though critics deemed the pilot as a rip-off the supernatural series Angel, Ron Koslow and Trevor Munson's paranormal romance creation has certainly stepped up among its freshmen contenders and has blossomed into a hit series with a very promising future with CBS.

According to TV Guide, all signs point to an imminent full-season order of Moonlight, though it hasn't been officially announced. CBS exec Nina Tassler reportedly believe that the show has a lot of potential for growth, especially with its lead star Alex O'Loughlin, who plays the private investigator Mick St. John who struggles with his vampire nature and his love for a mortal woman. Giving more support to this news is Les Moonves, President of CBS, who stated that Moonlight is likely to return for a second season, along with fellow freshmen comedy The Big Bang Theory.

Indications of the renewal are most likely to come from Moonlight's rating performance. reports that Moonlight is one of the series to deliver season high ratings in November, including How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Two and A Half Men, NCIS, Criminal Minds, CSI: Miami, Without A Trace, and The Amazing Race, among others. It also helps that the show is relatively cheap to produce and has been consistently beating Women's Murder Club in young demos. Last week's numbers proved to be very favorable for Moonlight as it became first in households (4.9/09), viewers (7.57m), adults 25-54 (2.8/08) and adults 18-49 (2.1/06). Moonlight has ranked number 1 in adults 25-54 for the ninth time in ten broadcasts and number 1 in adults 18-49 the eighth time in ten broadcasts.Catch Moonlight every Friday at 9pm ET/PT on CBS.

Moonlight Video Promo ~ Creepy vs Sexy

Since CBS is going back to the beginning tonight by rerunning Moonlight's pilot episode (No Such Thing as Vampires #1x01), I thought we should do the same. This is one of the original promo videos for our show. Creepy vs Sexy ~ comparing our modern Mick to the old vision of a vamp in Nosferatu. Obviously, the network realized right from the start what they had on their hands in Alex O'Loughlin. Yum, indeed!

This video also has one of my favorite dialogue exchanges between Mick and Beth, which is from the pilot.

"So, we're talking Vampires?" ~ Beth

"You know, some people actually find them attractive." ~ Mick

"Really?" ~ Beth with a very clear look of disbelief on her face

"Yea" ~ Mick ~ The look Alex gives as he says that single, resigned word is perfect.

Did you notice one quick scene flash that is from the original filming before the recasting? It shows the back of the first Beth's head (played by Shannon Lucio) with Mick at his apartment door. You can also tell it is the old footage because of Mick's shorter hair and the type of shirt he is wearing... totally different from the Henley's and steamy button down shirts we have come to know & love. *grin* Even the door and apartment are different. Check out the image that is freeze framed on the video before you hit play and you will see what I mean. :)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Promo photos from tomorrow night's rebroadcast of Moonlight's pilot episode (#1x01)

We have to wait until January for the next new episode of Moonlight. However, CBS is not leaving us completely without our show. Tomorrow night, they are rebroadcasting the pilot episode ~ No Such Thing as Vampires (#1x01). We will get our Mick fix! I have seen each show numerous times, but will still be glued to my television to watch again. It will also be great for Moonlight fans who jumped into the series in the middle. See how the addiction began!

Here are a few lovely promo photos from the pilot for you :)

People's Choice Awards show cancelled, but winners will still be announced!

People's Choice AwardsGo to

The People's Choice Awards show has been cancelled. However, winners will still be announced so please keep voting every day!

Since the WGA would not give the award ceremony a strike waiver, the organizers feared that the usually celebrity filled evening would be star-less. There would also be no one to write the jokes and lines for the evening. The plan is to pre-tape clips and such for each category. Queen Latifah will also tape her segments on a sound stage instead of at the Shrine Auditorium. If the writer's strike does not end soon, the upcoming Golden Globe Awards may be in the same predicament.

I think you will be excited about another change to the show. They are asking the fans to send in questions they have for the stars. During their acceptance speeches, the winners will answer a few of them. :)

Thus far, over 10 million votes have been cast this year!

CBS will air the awards program on Tuesday, January 8th, 2008 as scheduled.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

MORE! CBS Moonlight Video #3 ~ Live Audience

Someone must have filled the CBS production offices with laughing gas tonight! The tag line for this third Moonlight video is "Ever wondered what Moonlight would be like in front of a live studio audience?" They have taken the scene of Mick confronting the professor who thinks he is a vamp in the pilot episode (No Such Thing as Vampires #1x01) and added one of those annoying studio laugh tracks. Hilarious!

In the last couple of days, CBS has created and posted five Moonlight videos ~ six including the Explosions promo of our show with several others ~ and seven if you count the 2 minute recap of Sleeping Beauty. CBS is paying attention to our show :) I like this trend!

Did you notice that each video featured scenes from the premiere episode? I wonder if they focused on those images because CBS is rebroadcasting it this Friday.

CBS Moonlight Video #2 ~ Vampire Remix

On to our 2nd video..... CBS did this montage of all our Moonlight characters saying "Vampire." Of course, Josef gets the best lines! "Hungry!" One of my fave quotes from him is in this video ~ "You seriously drink this stuff? What is it... like non fat, soy, vegan blood?" Then, Mick vamps out at the end. YEA!!!

Scenes from "No Such Thing as Vampires" (episode #1x01) again.

Funny Moonlight Video #1 from CBS ~ Dialogue Coach

More video love from CBS! They have created THREE new Moonlight fan videos today. First ~ Dialogue Coach is a funny take on the fact that Alex O'Loughlin is from Australia and Sophia Myles is British. What would it be like if they used extreme versions of their accents instead of playing Americans on the show. Did you notice the voice over guy mispronounces both of their names? He says o-LOF-lin, instead of LOCK and so-FEE-a, not FI. Perhaps, that is all part of the silliness.

The scene selected is Mick and Beth in the dead girl's apartment from the pilot episode ~ No Such Thing as Vampires (#1x01).

Moonlight's ratings from 2nd episode shown in Australia last night

Moonlight's second episode ~ Out of the Past #1x02 ~ was broadcast last night (Wednesday, December 19th, 2007) in Australia. Wednesday was last night for them and tonight for us! I always feel like I'm time traveling when I go to the Aussie web sites and they have tomorrow's date already. *grin*

According to the Australian television ratings chart, Moonlight had 664,000 viewers and was in 16th place. That is down from the number of premiere watchers last week ~ 696,000. However, our show did build on its lead in show, ER, again this time out. ER attracted 629,000 viewers & was number 18. The number of people who tuned in for it was also down from last week's 658,000.

Vicar of Dibley won the night's ratings race this week too with 1,469,000 viewers on ABC.

Here are a few more numbers for American programs, in case you are interested. :)

10. That 70's Show Seven 887,000
12. The Starter Wife Ten 774,000
13. The King of Queens Nine 773,000
17. Men In Trees Nine 638,000
20. Friends Ten 616,000
24. Cane Ten 504,000
33. 30 Rock Seven 353,000

Moonlight airs in Australia on Wednesday nights at 9:30 on Channel Nine!

TV Guide's Michael Ausiello answers reader's question about Moonlight being renewed

I'm a big fan of TV Guide, especially since they seem to adore Alex O'Loughlin too. :) Michael Ausiello is Mr Scoop. If you've read his work, you know that he has lots of connections and always has behind the scenes info. He also is easily distracted by Smurfs and Snapple, but that is beside the point. ha!

In his Ask Ausiello column today, Michael gives his opinion on the possibility of Moonight being renewed by CBS. I think you are gonna like his answer! *wink*

Question from MLA :
What's the scoop on Moonlight? Is CBS going to renew it or what?

Ausiello :

There's still nothing official, but all signs point to an imminent full-season order — or what qualifies as a full season these days. According to my spies inside CBS, the higher-ups at the Eye — entertainment president Nina Tassler in particular — believe the show has tremendous growth potential and that they have a genuine star in leading man Alex O'Loughlin. (Hmmm, ya think?) It also helps that the show is relatively cheap to produce and it's been consistently beating Women's Murder Club in young demos.

Very positive! *CHEER* I like his snarky "ya think?" remark about Alex being a star. Who in this world can not see that by now?!?! Oooooo.... Michael had this photo of himself on his website & I had to have it. :>

Sci Fi Wire talks to Shannyn Sossamon

Sci Fi Wire is the SciFi Channel's news service. Their reporter, Cindy White, had the opportunity to talk to Coraline about Moonlight. Shannyn was actually out promoting her new movie, One Missed Call. I'm glad she took time to chat about our show too. Still no news about Moonlight being officially renewed. :(

"I think there are too many procedural elements in the show," Shannyn Sossamon said in an interview while promoting her latest film, One Missed Call. "I don't think any of the audience members are sitting at home going, 'Gosh, I wonder what case Mick St. John's going to have this week? I'm so curious.' No, you care about the other stuff."

Sossamon revealed that the mystery of how her character became mortal will be explained before the season is over. "[I'd like to see them] kind of go back into different time periods more," Sossamon added. "Go back into the history. I love the drama of the vampire world. I love the aesthetic of it, and so [I'd like to there] to be more that than the procedural element of the show."

Sossamon said that she is still waiting for word on whether the show will even be brought back once the strike is over. "I'm playing it by the day," she said. "[CBS president] Nina Tasser hasn't given us any more information. ... CBS is the only network that hasn't said what they're going to do, with their green-lighting or whatever it's called, picking [it] up."

Moonlight will return with the first of the two remaining original episodes on Jan. 4, 2008, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Video ~ Mick's second fight scene & unstaking Josef from Sleeping Beauty (#1x10)

We must have been really good cuz Christmas came today! CBS has released yet another Moonlight video today!!! I could get used to this :) "Moonlight - Please Remove the Stake" They have given us Mick's second fight scene with the hitman, poor Josef getting shot and staked, then Mick removing the stake for him. Jason's line reads are just perfect. I love how he simply says "thanks" after Mick unstakes him.

Speaking of.... don't you just adore the way Alex says "Josef." His voice is delicious
with or without his native Australian accent. Mmmmmmmm....

Time to start writing! We definitely need to thank CBS for this bounty.

Video ~ Mick's fight scene from Sleeping Beauty (#1x10)

CBS posted another Moonlight video a few minutes ago. Love the title ~ "Don't Make Mick Repeat Himself!" It is the first fight scene Mick has with Josef's would be assassin from the Sleeping Beauty episode (#1x10) last Friday.

CBS includes Moonlight in new promo video

CBS released a new promo video today called CBS Explosions. Its tag line is "If you thought 2007 was explosive... just wait till 2008!!" Moonlight is one of the shows they selected to use in it ~ along with CSI, Cane, Jericho, Without a Trace, NCIS, Cold Case, The Unit, Numb3rs, Criminal Minds, Shark, CSI Miami & NY. We like seeing 2008 and Moonlight mentioned together, huh? :) Since their theme is explosions, the scene they included is from the B.C. episode (#1x06) where Mick blows up Lola's Black Crystal Vampire Drug lab.

Contact and thank the companies that advertise on Moonlight

Another important way to support Moonlight is by contacting and thanking the companies that pay CBS big bucks to advertise during the show. The long list below is just a few that I managed to quickly write down during Sleeping Beauty. Let them know how much we appreciate them selecting our show for their ads, that you like their product, or you are now a new customer and so on. Of course, only write and call if you really do like, use &/or plan to use what they are selling.

Energizer Batteries
Dove Chocolate (Mars)
Aussie Hair Products (Procter & Gamble) ~ Appropriate for them to be advertising on Alex's show, right? *wink*
Toshiba HD DVD
JC Penney
Circuit City
Progresso Soup
Burlington Coat Factory
Tim Burton & Johnny Depp's new fim ~ Sweeney Todd (DreamWorks Pictures & Warner Bros)