Saturday, December 29, 2007

Moonlight on Top 20 list of shows with high Internet activity

Hitwise is an Internet research company. They recently released a list of television shows that have the largest number of visits on the web. Per an article in Media Post.......

Three rookie shows made the top 20: CW's "Gossip Girl" at 11th place with a 1.36% market share; NBC's "Chuck" in 16th place with a 1.04% share; and CBS' "Moonlight," in 17th place at a 1.03% share.

NBC's "Deal or No Deal" garnered the largest share of viewer visits. The show garnered a 48% market share of Internet visits for the week ending Dec. 15. The next-biggest show was Fox's venerable "America's Most Wanted," taking in a far-distant 3.8% market share.

48%? WOW! It is great that Moonlight made the list out of all the new programs. We need to be sure to visit the official CBS site as often as possible.


vincenza said...

*sigh* Fine, if we must. But your site is WAY better! :)

I wish CBS would update it more often.

Sunny said...

Thanks for all your updates on "Moonlight". I caught a movie the other night called "The Invisible" - it was an Indie type flick and guess who played one of the back characters? Gorgeous Alex O. I didn't realize he was even in it but as soon as I saw him - I jumped up and frightened my pals watching the movie with me... ;) LOL