Tuesday, December 25, 2007

TV Guide ~ Matt Roush gives his opinion about Moonlight being renewed

TV Guide's Matt Roush was questioned about which television shows he thinks will be picked up for a second season. He answered in his Ask Matt column. Of course.... I will post it below for you :) The yellow is my happy emphasis!

Connie L. :

Hey, how 'bout telling all of us what your top five and bottom five new shows are, whether they've been canceled or not? In order if possible. Will Chuck make it into your top five list? Also, what new shows do you think will be around for a second season? If there is a second season — or any seasons left with this forever-strike, that is.

Matt Roush :

I'm assuming you're asking about new "fall season" network shows, as opposed to new shows of 2007 in general, in which case I'd probably flood the list with summer series like Mad Men, Damages and Burn Notice. Going by the criteria of new fall network series, the five new shows I've enjoyed most consistently would include (in order) Pushing Daisies, Chuck, Dirty Sexy Money, The Big Bang Theory and Gossip Girl. The list of five shows I most actively disliked would include (starting with the worst) Viva Laughlin, Big Shots, Cavemen, Bionic Woman and (because of how far it falls below expectations) Private Practice, which works my last nerve. Predicting renewals is tricky because of the strike, but I'd think most of the shows that got even a symbolic full-season pickup would have to be considered strong contenders to return for a second season. That list includes my above top five as well as Private Practice, Samantha Who?, Life, possibly Back to You, Women's Murder Club and, despite not having been picked up yet, Moonlight.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah - good news!!! If they see it then the powers that be must see it too!