Saturday, December 22, 2007

Video ~ Beth & Mick Hug ~ Last Scene from No Such Thing as Vampires

This video is of the emotional final scene from Moonlight's pilot episode ~ No Such Thing as Vampires (#1x01). We can watch Beth and Mick's first hug again. "It's alright.... You're with me." *swoon*

Thank goodness we have such a talented cast! Sophia really portrays the gratitude & bewilderment that Beth must be experiencing. What can I say about Alex? Perfect for the role of Mick. For the audience (who know he is Beth's childhood savior), his facial expressions convey what Mick is feeling about being reunited with her & rescuing her again... while at the same time showing Beth only care and concern.

Of course, the song playing is My Immortal by Evanescence.

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moon_rizing said...

Hi all,

I am obsessed with this show and Alex O'loughlin.

I found another interview with him.

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