Saturday, December 22, 2007

TV Guide ~ Matt Roush's Year in Review

TV Guide's television show critic & reviewer, Matt Roush, has written his "Year in Review." Out of all the new Fall shows, the lovely Matt selected Moonlight as one of the few he mentions in the article!!! Here is what he had to say. The yellow highlighted portion is my emphasis.

That's Incredible!

It's hard to know whether to curse or to embrace Heroes, whose success inevitably spawned a rush to develop more shows with a fantastic or supernatural bent. Some are showing promise, like CBS's steadily improving vampire mystery Moonlight, which has caught on modestly on Fridays. Others appear to have stalled, like the glum and numbing Bionic Woman remake and the ponderous time-tripping Journeyman, both on NBC. Meanwhile, as Heroes lost narrative momentum in its second season, Sci Fi's Battlestar Galactica continues to pave the way for truly visionary sci-fi storytelling, delivering a brave political-religious allegory amid the gripping action. And the best new show of the fall season? ABC's delightful Pushing Daisies, a colorfully wacky fable of resurrection that restores one's faith in TV's ability to amuse and enchant, if you open your heart and mind to the possibility.

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