Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sci Fi Wire talks to Shannyn Sossamon

Sci Fi Wire is the SciFi Channel's news service. Their reporter, Cindy White, had the opportunity to talk to Coraline about Moonlight. Shannyn was actually out promoting her new movie, One Missed Call. I'm glad she took time to chat about our show too. Still no news about Moonlight being officially renewed. :(

"I think there are too many procedural elements in the show," Shannyn Sossamon said in an interview while promoting her latest film, One Missed Call. "I don't think any of the audience members are sitting at home going, 'Gosh, I wonder what case Mick St. John's going to have this week? I'm so curious.' No, you care about the other stuff."

Sossamon revealed that the mystery of how her character became mortal will be explained before the season is over. "[I'd like to see them] kind of go back into different time periods more," Sossamon added. "Go back into the history. I love the drama of the vampire world. I love the aesthetic of it, and so [I'd like to there] to be more that than the procedural element of the show."

Sossamon said that she is still waiting for word on whether the show will even be brought back once the strike is over. "I'm playing it by the day," she said. "[CBS president] Nina Tasser hasn't given us any more information. ... CBS is the only network that hasn't said what they're going to do, with their green-lighting or whatever it's called, picking [it] up."

Moonlight will return with the first of the two remaining original episodes on Jan. 4, 2008, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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Francesca said...


You know i have heard from Alex about this procedural thing with Moonlight now Shannon, okay so Shannon mentions, "Do we want to see Mick on a case every week?" in her interview, and i say to that, yes I do. I dont know about anyone else but isint the show about a Vampire Private Investigator who fights crime? A Vampire who is in love with a Human fighting Crime? Yes thats what i thought. And my answer to Shannon is yes, i do want to see Mick on a case every week, kicking some vampire butt and flirting with Beth.

This is my opinion, i really dont know where they are going to take this show but i hope its not going to be about where vampires come from and all that. I do want to know their pasts, yes but then move on!!!

That's what i have to say about that.