Wednesday, December 19, 2007

TV Guide's Michael Ausiello answers reader's question about Moonlight being renewed

I'm a big fan of TV Guide, especially since they seem to adore Alex O'Loughlin too. :) Michael Ausiello is Mr Scoop. If you've read his work, you know that he has lots of connections and always has behind the scenes info. He also is easily distracted by Smurfs and Snapple, but that is beside the point. ha!

In his Ask Ausiello column today, Michael gives his opinion on the possibility of Moonight being renewed by CBS. I think you are gonna like his answer! *wink*

Question from MLA :
What's the scoop on Moonlight? Is CBS going to renew it or what?

Ausiello :

There's still nothing official, but all signs point to an imminent full-season order — or what qualifies as a full season these days. According to my spies inside CBS, the higher-ups at the Eye — entertainment president Nina Tassler in particular — believe the show has tremendous growth potential and that they have a genuine star in leading man Alex O'Loughlin. (Hmmm, ya think?) It also helps that the show is relatively cheap to produce and it's been consistently beating Women's Murder Club in young demos.

Very positive! *CHEER* I like his snarky "ya think?" remark about Alex being a star. Who in this world can not see that by now?!?! Oooooo.... Michael had this photo of himself on his website & I had to have it. :>


Francesca said...

oh i wish they would just tell us. The suspence is killing me.

I thought that last time you posted for a renewal that they had decided it was yes along with Dexter, another awesome show and another show but i dont remember?

Oh please bring Moonlight back. We would all be lost without it.

Love the show!!!!

JuLo said...

TV Guide is reporting that the people's choice awards have been canceled! Darn! I spent all that time voting for Moonlight to win best new drama! Hopefully they'll still announce the winners in some capacity so CBS will recognize the people love it. :)