Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Moonlight's ratings from 2nd episode shown in Australia last night

Moonlight's second episode ~ Out of the Past #1x02 ~ was broadcast last night (Wednesday, December 19th, 2007) in Australia. Wednesday was last night for them and tonight for us! I always feel like I'm time traveling when I go to the Aussie web sites and they have tomorrow's date already. *grin*

According to the Australian television ratings chart, Moonlight had 664,000 viewers and was in 16th place. That is down from the number of premiere watchers last week ~ 696,000. However, our show did build on its lead in show, ER, again this time out. ER attracted 629,000 viewers & was number 18. The number of people who tuned in for it was also down from last week's 658,000.

Vicar of Dibley won the night's ratings race this week too with 1,469,000 viewers on ABC.

Here are a few more numbers for American programs, in case you are interested. :)

10. That 70's Show Seven 887,000
12. The Starter Wife Ten 774,000
13. The King of Queens Nine 773,000
17. Men In Trees Nine 638,000
20. Friends Ten 616,000
24. Cane Ten 504,000
33. 30 Rock Seven 353,000

Moonlight airs in Australia on Wednesday nights at 9:30 on Channel Nine!

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