Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Video ~ Mick's second fight scene & unstaking Josef from Sleeping Beauty (#1x10)

We must have been really good cuz Christmas came today! CBS has released yet another Moonlight video today!!! I could get used to this :) "Moonlight - Please Remove the Stake" They have given us Mick's second fight scene with the hitman, poor Josef getting shot and staked, then Mick removing the stake for him. Jason's line reads are just perfect. I love how he simply says "thanks" after Mick unstakes him.

Speaking of.... don't you just adore the way Alex says "Josef." His voice is delicious
with or without his native Australian accent. Mmmmmmmm....

Time to start writing! We definitely need to thank CBS for this bounty.

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biff said...

YES! I absolutely love the way Alex/Mick pronounces the name Josef- he makes it sound so old world. I realize I really like the name every time he says it. And Josef's minimalist comments and dry sense of humor are the best!