Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Video ~ Mick's fight scene from Sleeping Beauty (#1x10)

CBS posted another Moonlight video a few minutes ago. Love the title ~ "Don't Make Mick Repeat Himself!" It is the first fight scene Mick has with Josef's would be assassin from the Sleeping Beauty episode (#1x10) last Friday.


Francesca said...


Mick is really becoming more violent almost like he is liking the killing.

Does anyone else agree?

Rachelle said...

I disagree. I think Mick's just doing what he has to do, since Josef doesn't seem to be on the ball in the self-defense department. (At least in this episode--still hoping we'll see more vamping out action from Josef in the future. He has the more ruthless rep, after all.)

Actually, I'm posting to say that I think this fight scene has the most visually impressive Mick-as-Vampire moment...right when he gets stabbed in the leg, then pulls the knife out. The eyes, the facial expression, everything. My son's comment: "Mick's cooler than Han Solo!" That's a big compliment coming from a 10 year old.