Monday, December 24, 2007

SyFy Portal lists top genre shows & their opinion of Moonlight

Michael Hinman, at SyFy Portal, wrote a great article about the top genre shows for the first 10 weeks of this television season. Moonlight was the fourth rated series in this category! He had some very positive things to say about our show's ratings & possibility of being renewed. I'll share his opinion with you :)

Moonlight was probably the biggest surprise of the season, finishing in fourth place with a 5.1/9, incredibly just a little more than half a ratings point off its series premiere of 5.8/11. Only Smallville and Supernatual on The CW have been able to retain that much of its premiere audience. Moonlight's lowest rating in the first 10 weeks was just a little more than one ratings point off its premiere. While the show is still not pulling in the numbers that its companion shows are for CBS Friday night, it does seem like Moonlight will be around for a while.

Overall, there's no doubt that Heroes and Pushing Daisies will earn pickups in the coming weeks if not renewals (all turned upside down by the Writers Guild of America strike), and Moonlight and Chuck also are expected to see longer lives.

Heroes was the number one genre show.

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