Wednesday, December 19, 2007

MORE! CBS Moonlight Video #3 ~ Live Audience

Someone must have filled the CBS production offices with laughing gas tonight! The tag line for this third Moonlight video is "Ever wondered what Moonlight would be like in front of a live studio audience?" They have taken the scene of Mick confronting the professor who thinks he is a vamp in the pilot episode (No Such Thing as Vampires #1x01) and added one of those annoying studio laugh tracks. Hilarious!

In the last couple of days, CBS has created and posted five Moonlight videos ~ six including the Explosions promo of our show with several others ~ and seven if you count the 2 minute recap of Sleeping Beauty. CBS is paying attention to our show :) I like this trend!

Did you notice that each video featured scenes from the premiere episode? I wonder if they focused on those images because CBS is rebroadcasting it this Friday.

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