Thursday, December 20, 2007

People's Choice Awards show cancelled, but winners will still be announced!

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The People's Choice Awards show has been cancelled. However, winners will still be announced so please keep voting every day!

Since the WGA would not give the award ceremony a strike waiver, the organizers feared that the usually celebrity filled evening would be star-less. There would also be no one to write the jokes and lines for the evening. The plan is to pre-tape clips and such for each category. Queen Latifah will also tape her segments on a sound stage instead of at the Shrine Auditorium. If the writer's strike does not end soon, the upcoming Golden Globe Awards may be in the same predicament.

I think you will be excited about another change to the show. They are asking the fans to send in questions they have for the stars. During their acceptance speeches, the winners will answer a few of them. :)

Thus far, over 10 million votes have been cast this year!

CBS will air the awards program on Tuesday, January 8th, 2008 as scheduled.

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when's next episode. tomorrow?

i dieing to know : /