Friday, December 28, 2007

Recap ~ Out Of The Past (Episode #1x02)

SPOILER ALERT ~ Recap of Out of the Past ~ Episode #1x02

Since we were introduced to Beth and Mick in No Such Thing as Vampires, the writers were able to explore their budding relationship in this episode. Alex is so into the character. Even when he is not speaking, his eyes and body language talk to us.

Lee Jay had great reference books. Everyone, including Beth and the assassin in Sleeping Beauty, assumes that the old stories of stakes killing vamps and such are true. However, Lee Jay knows that staking will only paralyze and silver is poison to Moonlight vamps.

If Mick told me that someone was trouble, I would believe him. He is so sincere when he says "Trust me."

How funny was the exchange between Mick and his former police pal, Bobby? "Hey... what's with these muscles? How you stayin so fit? "Uh you know... diet"

Mick looks sooooooo good at the book release party. :)

You have to really hate someone to bash your own head into a glass and then to shoot yourself. No escape for Mick in that restroom.... turning in circles... caged.

We learned more about Mick in the past. He calls himself "young and stupid." He sure gave Lee Jay a beating. Of course, that is when he thought violence solved everything.

Still love the 80's flashback scene of Mick and Josef. "Red or White?" Duran Duran! I would like to see an entire episode about that time in their long lives.

Tough love from Josef.

Who did Mick go to for help? Beth!

Poor Josh! Beth calling out another man's name in her sleep had to hurt. He is a decent, cute and good guy..... just can't compete with Mick. Who could? He did the right thing and helped Mick.

I also like that Mick is a gentleman and thanked Josh.

Beth learning this early in the series that Mick is a Vampire has been the source of debate. Many people feel that it was too soon, or that she shouldn't have known until the final episode. I happen to like the fact that she already knows. Beth is an investigative reporter after all. She wouldn't be very good if she ignored the facts. When the hero has a secret identity, it has always bothered me that the love interest has to be blind to all the evidence piling up around them.

Another symptom of the love interest is the constant need to be rescued. Which is why I love the fact that Beth saved Mick this time! "I thought I told you to stay in the car." haha....

Alex was amazing in the last scene.... his breathing and voice. You could just feel Mick's pain. When he showed up at her apartment, he wanted to tell Beth that he was a vamp but couldn't. Now he was not only going to be forced to reveal himself, but had to do so while vamped out. Showing her the "monster" he believes himself to be.


The Rural Wife said...

I just found this show and I'm already addicted. I caught the last two episodes that aired and I'm very thankful that they are now replaying the season. I agree with you about how Mick speaks to us with his eyes and mannerisms. He doesn't need to talk to do that! It's awesome.
Also, I've been replaying the last scene. when he's revealed to Beth, in my mind all day. It was so heart-wrenching. Very good acting in my opinion.
Love your site. I'll come back often!

Sandy said...

Actually Beth saves Mick in three episodes! This one, Fever, and Dr. Feelgood! He is, as she said, a 'delicate flower'!

Moonlight said...

Hey Sandy ~

You are correct... Beth does save Mick several times. I only mentioned her shooting Lee Jay because this post is a recap of that specific episode. :) I'm so glad she is not written as the typical damsel in distress. What a nice change!

XO ~

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moonstruck1 said...

I think Beth found out about Mick is a vampire so early in the show is because the writer wants to show Beth falls in love with Mick regardless of what he truly is. It is nice to see Beth saves Mick on several occasions. A show can become tedious if Mick does the help/saving Beth week after week.
I visit your site daily to get the latest info on Moonlight,Mick/Beth, etc. Love it. Thanks, Kandye.