Monday, April 28, 2008

Video ~ CBS releases Mick's transformation scene

SPOILER ALERT ~ Moonlight - Mick Transforms Back Into A Vampire

CBS has released a video showing Josef turn Mick. Again, I will say that Jason Dohring & Alex O'Loughlin are simply amazing in this scene. This is by far my favorite moment to date from our show!


cobby said...

I totally and completely agree with you. Are there awards for "scenes"? If so I nominate Alex and Jason. It gives me chills every time I watch it....and I can't stop watching it. I like watching it from the beginning when Josef just appears and he says, "I'm a lover not a fighter", and he slams Mick against the wall.

Lyn said...

me too! I helps A LOT to know that I am not the only one so fascinated with this. It is very out of character for me... so it is definitely a relief to see others in the same boat!

This is the best scene of the show and, as far as I know, from any show or film I have ever seen.

These guys are GOOD!

Can't wait for Friday!!!

TexasBlondie said...

The tear gets me every time.

I loved the scene in Love Lasts Forever when Mick tries so hard to save Josh partly because of the music and they use it in this scene again and it just cements it for me. I can't watch it without shedding a tear for Mick myself.

Deborah said...

This "turning" scene is by far the most painful & emotional one for me to watch. It breaks my heart to see that Mick had to give up what he wanted the most, becoming human again, for the love of his Beth. Alex & Jason's acting were so mesmerizing that they both truly deserve the Emmy.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all of you. It was the most heartbreaking scene I ever watched. It broke my heart when Mick said "You think this is easy for me, this is not easy. But he didn't think twice about it. He would give up his life for Beth. She is the only good thing in his immortal life. To watch Mick plead in complete desperation to Josef so he can go save HIS BETH, I completely lost it. There was so much emotion and heartbreak in this scene I cannot begin to tell you how I was feeling,oh that single tear. Brilliant acting from Alex and Jason. I don't thing any other actor could have pulled this scene off.