Sunday, April 27, 2008

Video ~ Moonlight's Fated to Pretend (episode #1x13) ~ watch full episode online

I have heard from lots of international Moonlight fans who are frustrated by not being able to watch Fated to Pretend (episode #1x13) online, since it is not airing in their countries. The video posted on the official CBS website can only be viewed in the US. Fortunately for our foreign friends, Optimisticnad has kindly posted the full episode on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. :)

Moonlight's Fated to Pretend ~ ep #13 ~ part 1 ~

Moonlight's Fated to Pretend ~ ep #13 ~ part 2 ~

Moonlight's Fated to Pretend ~ ep #13 ~ part 3 ~

Moonlight's Fated to Pretend ~ ep #13 ~ part 4 ~

Moonlight's Fated to Pretend ~ ep #13 ~ part 5 ~


Anonymous said...

You can also find the entire episode on surf the channel's site but the upload can be a bit dicey depending on how many other people are online. Good for macs as well as pcs.

BTW, love this blog!

Marla said...

Thanks, Kandye, for posting these! Geez, as if TiVo and VHS tape (until the official DVD comes out), isn't enuf; now YouTube!!!
Stopped counting how many times I've watched this INCREDIBLE episode! It was ALMOST worth the 3 month wait!!!

P.S., Kandye, I would LOVE a wallpaper of Mick standing on the "top of his world" at the end of the ep with the buildings and full moon behind him...hint, hint :-)
I just never bothered getting screen capture software.....

nycox said...

Thank you very much!!!

I'm from Spain and here the only way to watch the show is on the Internet.

Thank you again!!!