Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sophia Myles would bet her money on Moonlight being renewed

SciFi Wire interviewed Sophia Myles at Fangoria's convention. Good news.... she is very positive about the chances of CBS picking up Moonlight for another season! *cheer* Sophia also has kind, thankful words for fans ~ crediting us with helping to get that second season. So sweet! One thing she said made me giggle. She says her hope is to portray Beth in such a way that female fans can picture themselves in her shoes. We definitely wanna be in her place ;> Love Sophia's feisty sense of humor about how to get men to watch Moonlight. AND, I think she is right! hehehe.....

Myles Sure CBS to Renew Moonlight
by Cindy White

Sophia Myles, who plays the mortal love interest of vampire detective Mick St. John on the CBS series Moonlight, told SCI FI Wire that she believes the show will be picked up for a second season thanks to the efforts of fans, who have been donating blood and mailing garlic to network executives to show their support.

"One of the biggest pleasures of working on this show is the fan base, because we have the most wonderful fans in the world," Myles said in an interview before appearing in a panel at Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors in Los Angeles over the weekend. "And it kind of makes it all worthwhile knowing that there's a whole bunch of people whose hearts you're moving every Friday night and you're giving them something to look forward to. And we view them as part of the extended Moonlight family, and there wouldn't be a show without them."

Myles said that a second-season pickup is all but confirmed. "I'd put pretty much all of the money I have in my bank account on the fact that we will get picked up," the British actress said. "I think that's largely to do with the amount of fan support and dedication."

Myles' character, Internet journalist Beth Turner, discovered at the beginning of the first season that it was Mick who rescued her when she was kidnapped as a child (by his vampire ex-wife). Since then, she's struggled with her romantic feelings for Mick, her knowledge of the vampire world and the deaths of her human boyfriend and boss. Myles said that she views Beth as a surrogate for the female members of the audience, a responsibility she takes seriously.

"There's a lot of life change that's happened to her," Myles said of her character. "And it's been very, very interesting to play. I mean, I try and play her as I see her, [a] very pure, very honest soul. And I tried to play it in such a way that the female audience who are watching it can imagine themselves standing in my shoes and really live the love story through me. I kind of use myself as a vessel for that."

Although the show's fan base is predominantly women, Myles offered a way to attract male viewers to the show as well: "If the gentlemen sit down with their wives and watch, then they might get lucky over the weekend," she said. "Hopefully, on that very night. So, guys, tune in, because you're going to get lucky."

Moonlight airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Photo ~ Sophia Myles on the red carpet at Speed Racer's movie premiere ~ Nokia Theater in LA


pixelyzed said...

Oh but it's not all women watching the show. I've been a rabid fan from the beginning and this is in a large part due to Sophia's presence and the wonderful way she plays Beth. She is delightful to watch and I've been a fan of hers long before the show began. Women do not get all the eye candy in that show ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ihave to agree with Sophia - my husband has been getting very lucky since I started watching Moonlight - but he has no idea why!!!! He just thinks I'm going through a faze that he absolutely loves!!!

Anonymous said...

Moonlight rocks! No Moonlight would suck.

The rath of Moonlight fans, and I have no doubt Forever Knight fans as well, would be felt by CBS should they put a stake in the heart of Moonlight.