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SyFy Portal interviews Jason Dohring

SyFy Portal interviewed Jason Dohring about the behind the scenes changes at Moonlight, such as showrunners coming and going. He talks about the involvement of uber producer Joel Silver. We are very lucky to have him producing Moonlight. Jason calls for viewers to watch our show! The stories are fantastic, but without ratings we won't see anymore.

Showrunner Change Won't Affect 'Moonlight' Too Much
By Michael Hinman

This story contains MINOR SPOILERS for remaining episodes of the first season of "Moonlight" on CBS.

If and when CBS decides to bring "Moonlight" back for a second season, the network will have to make sure there is much more stability in the showrunner's office.

Executive Producer Joel Silver is the third person to take on showrunner duties for "Moonlight" this season which resumes with new episodes on Friday, and he's only doing it temporary meaning when the second season starts next fall -- if it starts at all -- the show will have its fourth showrunner.

But as David Greenwalt and Chip Johannessen made their stints on the show brief, "Moonlight" itself is pretty much staying on course in terms of story and direction, said Jason Dohring, who plays the old vampire Josef Konstantin in the series, during a telephone conference Wednesday with reporters that included SyFy Portal.

"We eventually had to write our own rules, not only rules that we have as vampires, but what style do we want," Dohring said. "We have had [Gabrielle G. Stanton and Harry Werksman] since the beginning, so we've has a through-line of vision. So while we may have gone through different showrunners, we have had somewhat of a similarity."

Besides the writing crew, a lot of that stability has come from Silver himself, who has been extremely active not only on this show, but on Dohring's former series on The CW, "Veronica Mars."

"If he has ideas or needs to come up with something, he's always right here to do it," Dohring said. "Even on 'Veronica Mars,' he would call up Paris Hilton to get her on the show, or other big names on the show so that we could get eyes on the show. It was what we needed then, and kind of what we are doing now."

Josef himself has been alive for four centuries, which means there is plenty of backstory for the writers to pull from. But audiences likely will get through these last four episodes without learning too much new about the character's past, Dohring said.

The writers "just told me stuff last night that kind of ... I don't think I can say what that is," he said. "You'll find out where he comes from, what his story was. We will find out how he came to be."

But in order to find out, people have to watch. And although "Moonlight" has remained pretty consistent in the ratings on Friday nights, there needs to be eyeballs glued to the show over the next month to help make the decision of renewal easier for CBS, he said.

"Sadly enough, it comes down to people watching the show," Dohring said. "The [episodes] we have coming up are very, very good, and we just need people to watch it. We have a great product here, and the more we can promote it and the more people can see it, the more it will catch on."

But "Moonlight" has had its problems with introductions to genre fans, especially those who continuously wanted to compare it to the former WB series "Angel" before seeing a single frame. While "Moonlight" is an entirely different nocturnal animal than "Angel," it's still a struggle to get some of the more stubborn fans to understand that, Dohring said.

"What has captured people, I think, is Mick's (Alex O'Loughlin) struggle with his life, his involvement with Beth (Sophia Myles), being human and being a vampire," he said. "He wants to be human.

"We have a fucking fantastic love story, and when I originally saw the first three or four episodes, it was like 'CSI' with vampires. It's just visually appealing with [strong] characters on top of that, and vampires on top of that. There's no other show that has all those elements, or even a vampire show that has had those elements. It's more like Anne Rice with a love story."

"Moonlight" airs four more episodes beginning Friday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. Eric Winter of "Brothers & Sisters" begins a three-episode guest stint as the new assistant district attorney Benjamin Talbot that begins with the kidnapping of Beth that could force Mick to decide whether or not saving her is worth sacrificing him being human again.

On May 2, a Hollywood starlet that Mick is protecting gets murdered what might be from an aggressive paparazzi while Beth has to deal with a new boss at Buzzwire. May 9, more of Mick's background is revealed when the grandson of his World War II buddy is kidnapped.

And in the season finale planned for May 16, Mick and Beth face what could be something that would keep them apart. A vampire kills a human in the heat of passion, and the murder investigation theatens to expose the identities of other vampires, especially Mick and Josef.


Photo ~ Jason Dohring on the red carpet at the Speed Racer movie premiere ~ Nokia Theater in Los Angeles

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