Tuesday, April 29, 2008

SciFi Wire interviews Alex O'Loughlin about upcoming episodes & future of Moonlight

SciFi Wire interviewed Alex O'Loughlin at Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors convention. He spoke to them about what we will see in the remaining episodes of Moonlight this season. Alex doesn't think Moonlight will be cancelled. He says "If it doesn't get a second season, blood will flow." That is soooo true!

SPOILER ALERT! Alex mentions the story lines for upcoming Moonlight episodes.... especially What's Left Behind (episode #1x15), which we have already been discussing due to the stir his comments caused in a previous post.

Moonlight Raises The Stakes
by Cindy White

Alex O'Loughlin, who plays vampire Mick St. John on the CBS series Moonlight, told SCI FI Wire that the episodes leading up to the first-season finale will raise the stakes for all of the characters.

"This is a really cool episode coming up this week," O'Loughlin said in an interview before appearing in a panel at Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors in Los Angeles on April 27. "Mick, for the first time, has to start seriously thinking about his level of exposure in the public eye, because when a vampire gets too overexposed, they have to change cities, change names, do all that stuff. And so we start dealing with that sort of stuff with Mick, and Josef [Jason Dohring] gets in on it, which is really cool. And the case is awesome."

Production on Moonlight's first season was halted during the writers' strike, leading to a break in the broadcast schedule and a reduction in the number of episodes from 22 to 16. O'Loughlin also offered up a few tidbits about what fans can expect in the last two episodes.

"Number 15 is probably my favorite of this installation of four," he said. "It's a story where basically Mick thinks he has found his son, who is, in fact, twice his age. I mean, Mick's really 90. But this guy's like mid-50s, and Mick's looking at him going, 'Oh, my God, this guy's my son.' And so there's a lot of really great flashbacks. It's really personal. We go back to the war, when Mick was in the war, and there's a big battle scene. It's awesome. So we did all that. It was a massive episode."

As for the final episode of the season, he said: "The one I just finished shooting last night is really cool in the sense that what happens is the vampire community is in danger of being exposed for what we are. And what happens is Mick has to get all the vampires together. So Guillermo, the cleaners, Josef, Logan. And it's the first time we'll see all the vampires come together to do something."

Fans will find out whether the show has been renewed for a second season in May, when CBS will make its upfront presentation to advertisers in New York. O'Loughlin was optimistic about the show's chances of coming back, but warned that there may be a backlash from fans if the show does not make it on the network schedule.

"If it doesn't get a second season, blood will flow," O'Loughlin said. "I've got to say, though, I can't see it. We've been working our ass off, but, I mean, above and beyond that, this show has performed. We've still got the numbers there, and we're winning the timeslot, winning the demographic. And it's like, well, what else do you want? There it is. Give us a shot."

Moonlight airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.


Photo ~ Alex O'Loughlin on the red carpet at the Speed Racer movie premiere ~ Nokia Theater in LA

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Francesca said...

Alex, our handsome, daring vampire...please do something about your wardrobe.

You are now in the public eye, and as much as it is vain you must present yourself as such.

I know you are far better than that...but for us fans please...we love you as Mick when you are dressed...i am sure you can do that for us fans!!!
LOve ya no matter what!!!