Sunday, March 8, 2009

Video ~ Mick St John & Beth Turner's "You're Jealous" scene from The Ringer (episode #1x07)

This video is of the "You're Jealous" scene from Moonlight's The Ringer episode (#1x07). It is a great conversation between Mick and Beth. He is trying to get info about Morgan/Coraline. Beth is obviously jealous about the attention Mick is showing for another woman. Love that he called her out on it. Not to mention, the way Beth puts her hand on top of his at the start of their chat.... and then both of their reactions to that. ;>


kookiegirl said...

Another bit of info regarding Alex O'Loughlin Great Story at Criminal Minds Fanatic.

'The people at Criminal Minds Fanatic have another photo of Alex posted (unable to post it as it is copyrighted..sorry, but I can say that he is sporting a shorter hair cut and looks gorgeous as always) along with a great story that shows what a classy, unpretentious guy Alex is! Well, we know him to be that kind of person. We
also NOW have the title of his CM episode: "The Big Wheel".

Cobby said...

Beth and Mick always looked fantastic together on the screen. And I too always loved that scene.

kookiegirl said...

Just sharing some more info and this one is from
Aussie TVGuide
What's next for Alex?

Moonlight might have been axed, (stupid move) but Alex's career is still going strong in Hollywood. He's presently filming a guest role in CM and is in the final negotiating stages to start in a new TV pilot. Although he recently split from girlfriend and ex-Neighbours star Holly Valance,(didn't break my heart) Alex says he has no plans to return to Australia permanently. (I like that... ;o)Hmmm..)
I've been in America long enough now and I'm in a strong enough position to know I'm going to work soon-I just don't know exactly what production it's going to be on, "he explains, "But I've had some time off and am looking forward to getting back in the saddle". (and I sure hope is very soooon.)

BTW...all the parenthesis comments are mine not from ATVGuide.

Anonymous said...

where you find all that information sweetie?? I'll like to know....specially the one that says that they (alex-sophia) are together as a couple....PLEASE give me a clue!!

Anonymous said...

I LOOOOVE this little scene between Mick and's so telling!