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Spoiler ~ Recap of Moonlight's 12:04 episode (#1x08)

Recap of my thoughts about Moonlight's superb "12:04" episode (#1x08) tonight.


Another missing scene in Sci-Fi's rebroadcast of Moonlight last night. When Mick leaves his apartment, there was a sweet little moment at the door when he tells Beth spots she & Audrey should stay away from while he is gone. I suspect the network is trimming a few minutes from the show for extra commercial time. However, every moment has a purpose so I wish they would replay the show as it was.

We are halfway through the season now. It is going by too fast.

Great revelations and developments in Mick and Beth's relationship!

No Josef :(

We learned that while Mick's wounds heal, they ache sometimes. Moonlight vamps can leave bullets in their bodies if they choose to, as long as it is not silver buckshot. However, makes it kinda hard to get through security at the airport.

I have a rule that ugly people should not be made into Vampyres. The priest, Father Garza, in tonight's episode definitely broke that rule when he turned Donovan Shepherd. Ewwwwww!

Is it wrong how much I enjoyed Mick's interrogation of Shepherd's stupid follower? :) I smiled when Beth told Audrey that Mick wanted to "talk" to him. He talked alright... with his knuckles. Hit him again! ha!

Beth comforting Audrey by discussing her own childhood trauma. Revealing that she always felt safe even though she had been kidnapped. Which we know (and she soon discovered) is all due to Mick's protection.

Did you see the look Drake's assistant gave Mick when she let him in the door? The same way we drink him in. If he is that charming and gorgeous on the TV screen, imagine what he is like in the flesh. Mmmmmmm.....

We laughed at the photos Drake had of himself with Jessica Simpson and Adam Sandler.

LOVE vamped out Mick! More please :>

Beth smelling Mick's shirt. But they are "just friends" right?! She protested again in this episode "I have a boyfriend." Uh huh! We did learn that they are having issues tho, cuz she has been "distracted." That is an understatement.

It was so cute when Mick said "Mi casa es su casa. That's Spanish for keep her out of my stuff." We knew that Beth and Audrey would have to end up staying at his place for safety. The writers needed to have Beth inside his sanctuary while he was not home. I instantly knew she would not be able to resist looking around.... especially after he specifically said to stay out of the office. And, I also knew she would find something related to her kidnapping. It was inevitable.

Mick saves Beth again! Great fight between him and Donovan. Best villain so far. That flourish of Alex's with the knife and the look on his face after dispatching Shepherd made me applaud! Perfect little touch.

I am glad that Beth was not angry with Mick for not telling that he was the one who rescued her. She knows him. She knows he would not keep it from her maliciously. When the sun began to rise and she put her hand over his to help him block its rays. Putting him in her shadow. Protecting him with her body. THEN, Beth's sweet kiss (she initiates the kissing AGAIN) on his cheek. You could tell that it meant a great deal to him. He is so lonely. It hurts.

His pain was so plain! When he tells her that she now knows why it will never work between them. Alex is an amazing actor. Showing the vulnerability Mick felt in that moment, his longing for a connection while having the control to hold back and the ~ what was it? shame? ~ at having killed the woman he loved to save Beth and then loving Beth......... Haunted! I can't even put it in words, but Alex showed it with his facial expressions. He is good!

I enjoy the relationship between Mick and Beth largely because they just talk to each other ~ like adults ~ no games. They have such an easy rapport together.

No show gives a better last moment to their fans!

Photograph ~ Vamped out Mick St John (Alex O'Loughlin) ~ Flashing those sexy fangs

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kookiegirl said...

Hi Kandye, I'm not sure if my first message I posted on 3/13 went through so here is once again. Thanks!

Ok we go again!...more good news on our beloved Vamp Alex!

Again, unable to share Alex’s picture for the character in his upcoming episode of “Criminal Minds”, titled “The Big Wheel”. (to me he looks a bit dorky w/glasses and short hair but maybe that's part of the story behind being a 'serial killer').

And to the other real good news of his upcoming show.

The following was posted in the Herald Sun (Australia):

Alex heads up river for role. He's parted ways with long-time love Holly Valance, but Aussie actor Alex O’Loughlin is not sitting around moping (gooood)...about the break-up. Alex has landed the lead in the pilot for a new US drama, "Three Rivers". The role comes after the axe fell on the vampire series Moonlight, in which he played the lead role of Mick St John. O’Loughlin has had a run of luck since relocating to the US to chase work. Three Rivers, which is about transplant surgeons set in Pittsburgh. Alex has been cast in the role of Dr. Andy Yablonski (not crazy about the name)

According to our sources, the show is a one hour, single camera drama. Directing will be Dan Attias (Big Love, Grey’s Anatomy, House, Heroes, Entourage and many more successful, long running TV series). Shooting will begin in Pittsburgh in about a week or so and will take about 3 weeks. Congrats to Alex. Your fans will be pulling for you!

(Dr. Yablonski, (shall we call him Dr. Mc Hunky, or Mc Hottie...he, he) is bound to be performing many heart transplants as his “fan patients” hearts will absolutely stop caused by his appearance on screen…and totally agrre)

This is to 'Annonimous' asking where I'm getting my is from my very best friend who at this time is residing in Australia..(lucky girl)...and of course every bit of info she finds comes my way and of course I love sharing with you all... So enjoy!!