Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Warner Bros Emmy consideration ad in Hollywood Reporter

Warner Bros Television placed a full page advertisement in the Hollywood Reporter today (page 2). The "For Your Consideration" ad asks the Emmy Awards voters to nominate WB tv programs for various categories. Moonlight is included! YEA! They are submitting it for Outstanding Drama Series. Wouldn't it be wonderful if our show was nominated for an Emmy? And then... if it won an Emmy to go with the People's Choice Award?!?

I would vote for Alex O'Loughlin as Best Lead Actor in a Drama too. No one has worked harder & been as dedicated to their show. He spent grueling hours on the set, followed by more time promoting Moonlight. Alex brought Mick St John to vivid life!

Thanks to Rueben for scanning the ad for all to see :) Click on the image above for a larger photo.

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Grace Whisperer said...

I hope they get the nomination and the emmy!! That's awesome news. Any idea how this effects the series being shopped around? Does it make Moonlight more "desireable" to the powers that be?