Thursday, May 22, 2008

Poll ~ Will Ex-List do better than Moonlight?

Robert Seidman has created a new poll at TV By Numbers. He asks if Ex-List will do better than our beloved Moonlight in the 18 to 49 demo ratings.

CBS Fall Schedule: Will Ex-List Do Better Than Moonlight?

We know the Moonlight fans are not happy about the cancellation. We’re sure even they will be especially interested to see how Ex-List does this coming fall on Fridays at 9pm on CBS. The real question isn’t whether Ex-List will do better in Moonlight in terms of total viewers, but whether Ex-List will outperform Moonlight in the coveted 18-49 demographic.

Although on one hand CBS claims that it doesn’t really care about the 18-49 demo, but when it came to Moonlight they made it clear that they certainly do care about that demographic. The truth is, Ex-List could have 2 million fewer viewers than Moonlight but if it winds up getting a 2.5 in the demo, CBS will see it as progress. So the question is: will the Ex-List do better than Moonlight in the 18-49 demographic? We’ve created a poll to let you weigh in.


Anonymous said...

What the?? I would have thought the majority of Moonlight viewers would have been female and in the 18-49 age group.

Deborah said...

It seemed to me that CBS sings a different tunes with "Moonlight" & "Ex-List". By the result of this poll, it is obvious that "Moonlight" is much, much better than "Ex-List"

Included in my comment, I mentioned that I will be watching shows on another network or on cable on Friday nights. The hell with CBS.

Kandye, thanks for letting us know of this poll. By keeping your site opened with the up-dated information regarding Moonlight, Alex, Sophia & Jason really ease my pain daily. I am grateful to you.