Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ghost Whisperer ratings from Friday, May 23rd

Sorry, guys..... I have been planning to post the ratings for the Ghost Whisperer repeat that was aired in Moonlight's time slot last Friday. Everything has been soooo crazy. That is my only excuse for just now getting around to it. :)

Ratings for Friday, May 23rd, 2008. All reruns on the Memorial holiday weekend.

GW repeat in its regular spot at 7:00pm cst/8:00pm est ~ 5.14 million viewers (1st), 18 to 49 demo 1.3/5

GW rerun in Moonlight's time period at 8:00pm cst/9:00pm est ~ 5.78 million viewers (2nd), 18 to 49 demo 1.6/6

Finishing the night on CBS, a Numb3rs repeat at 9:00pm cst/10:00pm est ~ 7.04 million viewers (1st), 18 to 49 demo 1.6/6

Here are the numbers for past rebroadcasts of Moonlight for comparision.

No such thing as Vampires (episode #1x01) ~ 12/21/07 ~ 3.92 million viewers ~ 1.0 demo
Out of the past (episode #1x02) ~ 12/28/07 ~ 4.88 million ~ 1.3 demo
Dr Feelgood (episode #1x03) ~ 1/4/08 ~ 5.05 million ~ 1.4 demo
Fever (episode #1x04) ~ 2/1/08 ~ 5.72 million ~ 1.5 demo
Arrested Development (episode #1x05) ~ 2/8/08 ~ 5.45 million ~ 1.5 demo
The Mortal Cure (episode #1x12) ~ 4/18/08 ~ 5.27 million ~ 1.4 demo


Grace Whisperer said...

Thanks for the ratings, Kandye! I've been wondering how CBS did. I guess my hope is that the ratings for GW and Numbers go down without Moonlight bridging the gap!! he-he! :)

cobby said...

I hope the new piece of crap they're planning on showing in the Fall at 9 pm has ratings 5 mil or less.

cobby said...

Kandye - how do we even know if Alex is even interested in doing more Moonlight?? Maybe his pain was so bad he done with it all!

Anonymous said...

thanks so much Kandye i hope those ratings mean that the two shows went down. don't be stressed you are doing a great job

Anonymous said...

ya...has anyone heard anything from Alex recently? I wonder if he's still in it to win it?!?! WE NEED TO WIN THIS FOR HIM!

vincenza said...

Hmmm, doesn't look like GW fares much better in the same time slot.


Anonymous said...

Cobby, I was wondering the same thing. Does Alex want it to continue? Does de really want to go through all of this crap again at the end of next season? I know the stuff about Sophia not wanting to move to NY is only a rumour but where there's smoke there's fire. And what about Jason? Doesn't he have a young family? I'm like everyone else - there is so much more to the Moonlight story that needs to be told. But I'm starting to get the feeling that the silence from the actors may mean they have accepted it and moved on. I hope not!