Tuesday, May 27, 2008

MSNBC Article ~ Moonlight on list of "canceled shows we loved"

MSNBC published an article about canceled tv programs that they will miss. Of course, Moonlight is on the list! They heap more praise on the fans for the amazing Moonlight Blood Drive. And, they single out Alex O'Loughlin as a highlight from our show :)

So, add MSNBC to the list of media entertainment outlets & tv gurus who have come out in support of Moonlight. YEA! Surely, other networks must see all these positive comments from very reputable sources. We can include quotes in our letters & emails.

Rest in peace, canceled shows we loved
‘Moonlight,’ ‘Men in Trees,’ ‘Jericho’ will be missed
By Jeff Hidek


Why it should have been renewed: It might have been the lowest-rated of CBS’s Friday night dramas, but "Moonlight" still consistently won its time slot against ABC and NBC offerings. That’s impressive, considering all of the tinkering that went on at this series about a blood-sucking private investigator. After multiple show-runner changes and a few shaky scripts, “Moonlight” seemed to just be settling into a charming routine in its post-strike episodes.

Series highlight: As brooding vampire Mick St. John, Alex O’Loughlin injected equal parts hot and cool into his leading-man role. A flash of his smile could make even an undead pulse quicken.

Silver lining: Fans should congratulate themselves on the most charitable “save our show” campaign ever. A well-orchestrated blood drive organized through YouChoose.net might not have been able to save the series, but it did help save lives. Mick would be proud.



cobby said...

Kandye - no loves Mick more than I, but I'm tired of reading the same 'ole negative posts. I do everything in my power to TRY to avoid them...I'm like Alex...it hurts too much. I wish I could wave a magic wand to get our show back on the air IMMEDIATELY so my torture can stop.

I hope everyone is putting up "the good fight" because I'm worn out. I'm just now starting to get over the SHOCK of the cancellation notice made on May 13. Finally my eyes have returned to their normal color, they're not red-blood shot cried out...at least 90% of each day. I am wondering, however, how Alex is feeling now and what his thoughts are since the dust has subsided.

I will always remember Moonlight, Mick, Beth & Josef and the happiness it brought me.

tina said...

plse dont cancell moonlight,l look forward too it every week my life wont be the same.alex 0'Loughlin is brill actor and so is the rest off the cast, dont do this we must keep the show going l will be heartbroken, it is the only show l will really miss plse, plse dont cancell