Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Do you want Alex O'Loughlin on the NCIS spinoff show?

Matt Mitovich recently reported that CBS is definitely going to air a spin-off of their current show, NCIS. This was confirmed by Nina Tassler. He went on to speculate about Alex O'Loughlin being cast on NCIS Part 2 due to the talent holding deal Alex signed with CBS. Matt wants to know how the fans feel about that idea. Do you want Alex O'Loughlin to appear on the new NCIS spinoff show? I can answer that without hesitation........ NO! I think he deserves to star in his very own series, especially since the details I've heard thus far sound really good.

TV Guide ~ Today's News: Our Take
CBS Boss Confirms NCIS Spin-off, Offers Alex O'Loughlin Update
by Matt Mitovich

You can never have too much of a good thing. Having proven that with a string of successful CSIs, CBS now is looking to capitalize on NCIS' strongest season ever by spinning a new series off of what was essentially a JAG spin-off.

"It's happening. We're doing it," CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler confirmed Wednesday at the TCA Winter Press Tour. "We've seen an outline. We're in great shape, and we're just waiting to get the script. But we're going to cast, and we're going to shoot."

It's yet to be cast, you say? Here's a provocative thought. CBS long ago inked a development deal with Alex O'Loughlin, who had cultivated quite a fan following as the star of the (too) short-lived Moonlight. Perhaps the Aussie hunk could return to the fore as the front man for NCIS 2? Asked separately about the status of O'Loughlin's deal with the Eye, Tassler said, "Hopefully we will [see him soon]."

As for the origin of the NCIS spin-off — which, sources say, will simply follow the cases of a team situated elsewhere — Tassler said that just as the Mark Harmon starrer "was [born of] an episode of JAG, this will be an episode of NCIS" airing later this season.

So, who's with me on the Alex O'Loughlin/NCIS 2 merger?!


cindy said...

What I really want is to see see new episodes of Moonlight! Dream on. I can't believe they are planning yet another spinoff! It's obvious they are afraid to take any kind of chances on new and fresh,interesting ideas for new shows. I feel badly for Alex,who really should have his own new show. I don't trust anything that Tassler woman says,and I can only hold out hope that they have something seriously better in mind for him. I would love to see him back on TV on a weekly basis,but I won't watch something just because he's in it--it has to be something that interests me. It's disappointing and frustrating to hear about these decisions that are made that all come down to sticking with the same formula instead of being creative and innovative. I really hope they find something worthy of his talent--and soon!

Anonymous said...

I'll watch anything with Alex in it!

Anonymous said...

As much as I hate to see him work for CBS or Nina Tassler, since it's an NCIS spin-off and CBS will keep anything generic-crime-drama-y on air, I'd say it has a pretty good chance of succeeding. And Nina would be smart to stick Alex in there, because she KNOWS he'll get viewers from previous Moonlight fans. Even though we hate CBS and all the crap that went on with that stupid channel, Alex hasn't had steady work since the show was canceled and I can't see him turning it down if it's really offered to him. Hopefully he'll be offered the chance to get his own show going, but if he has to stick with NCIS until he can get his own project on air then I'm probably going to watch it. The poor guy needs to work, and I'm willing to support that as a fan.

Miranda said...

In a word, no.

I know he'd be good in just about anything, and I'd watch anything he's in, but he has so much more potential than that. He would really shine in a much more complicated role than a boring old investigator.

But I guess a vampire was a more complicated role and that wasn't good enough for CBS.

And personally, I don't watch or really even like NCIS, and I don't think it's the kind of show that they should cast Alex in.

Sue said...

I,too, want more Moonlight! The story hasn't ended!!! You would think that with the success that vampire romance TWILIGHT is having in the theaters, CBS would take the hint and get Mick and Beth back! Vampire-romance-suspense is compelling stuff! I still cannot believe CBS cut a show that won a People's Choice Award. Please bring Moonlight back! I secretly wish another network would be smart enough to grab Moonlight up! CBS, you sure goofed!

Lyn said...

So here is the strange thing. No, really I want MORE MOONLIGHT and ALEX AS MICK... but...

I never watched anything on CBS until Moonlight. Like the other comments above, I was never a big procedural/crime type fan and anything with CSI in the title was a signal to me not to watch it.

THEN... a few weeks ago some friends of mine were visiting and they were avid NCIS fans. Being a decent host I let them watch it and watched a couple with them. I thought, wow, this is not as bad as I thought and is a lot better than the CSI shows... the procedural is still there and of course the crime story, but this is a very character driven show.

THEN... I read a write up in People about how it was a wonder NCIS survived because CBS didn't really promote it, it tended to get "hidden" behind the CSI's and lumped into the public's mind with them (like it had for me) and the show was "quirky". Hmmm, I thought.

THEN... another friend came for Christmas and told me she loved the show, the characters were great and I should give it a try. So I did.

Now, I am NOT saying its Moonlight, its not even close, but I DO like it. The characters are quirky and there is drama and humor in each story. I really like it now... would I watch and re-watch like I do Moonlight? No, but I can tell you that there are only 2 things on my iPod right now... Moonlight and NCIS.

So - the idea of Alex improving a show I have recently grown to appreciate is attractive to me. I think its kinda funny that I "found" NCIS and now might get Alex to make it infinitely better.

For those of you who haven't given it a try (and it takes an episode or two to see past the procedural element) - I would say you might (like me) be surprised. It is better by far than "CSI".

And to answer your question... yes, I would be intrigued to see Alex on NCIS and especially with his own NCIS series. Not Moonlight, but his talent may take a reasonably good concept and turn it into something special.

Anyway - more Alex... please.

Anonymous said...

I don't watch the crap broadcasting system anymore since they cancelled MOONLIGHT. I love Alex BUT I loved the WHOLE show that was MOONLIGHT- including the entire cast, the storyline, the characters, etc............bring back the best show ever!

Anonymous said...

Goodness, I haven't been blogging a lot and I just saw all this Moonlight news. I would not watch NCIS. I've never watched it. From what I'm hearing in the publishing world, CBS is broke and will probably go on sale soon. We writers keep up with all the publishing houses who are usually owned by Entertainment Corp.