Sunday, November 11, 2007

Contact CBS & Nina Tassler In Support Of Moonlight!

You may be wondering who this lovely lady is pictured above. She is Nina Tassler, President of CBS Entertainment. When Jericho was cancelled, their fans went to work, famously sending pounds and pounds of peanuts to the CBS offices. Ms Tassler is the one who decided to renew Jericho after all.

I have read quotes from Ms Tassler about Moonlight in several articles. Here is an excerpt from her interview with Maria Elena Fernandez and the Los Angeles Times Newspaper regarding our show ~

"Oh, I love my vampire!" CBS President of Entertainment Nina Tassler said recently, beginning a conversation about her network's new drama, "Moonlight." Other networks might have postponed the series or decided not to air it, but Tassler, who says she's always had "affection for the vampire character" and admits she was "smitten" by star Alex O'Loughlin the first time she met him, remains steadfast.

"You have to remember that this is under the auspices of Joel Silver and we've got a lot riding on Joel," Tassler said. "As you continue to work on a show, if I still feel inspired, and I feel they are making exciting choices, then our enthusiasm remains. This is not a perfect science. It's an evolutionary process."

Although CBS has not picked up a full season of episodes, Tassler ordered four more scripts a few weeks ago."I am pleased," she said. "I am encouraged. I know we have great episodes ahead. It's an interesting season. It's a marathon, not a sprint."

As we know, the show was completely recast except for Alex. The reporter asked Ms Tassler if they ever considered replacing him also ~

"No, no, no, no," Tassler said. "Mick St. John was Alex O'Loughlin. Alex is so warm and genuine and such a wonderfully talented actor. We had seen his episodes of 'The Shield,' and he's got such great charisma and is so unassuming in his crazy good looks that he just endears himself to you."

Sounds like Alex casts his spell on everyone!

While what she has said in the past seems encouraging, we do not know what she & the rest of the executives are thinking now. I'm sure you have also read that Moonlight's producer, Joel Silver, said "it will kill us" when asked how the writer's strike could affect the show. :(

I suggest that we contact Ms Tassler! Writing letters, emailing and calling. Thank her for previously supporting our show, and ask her to continue to do so. Also, show her what an extensive and LOYAL fan base Moonlight has grown in such a short amount of time. CBS needs to see that we are dedicated to keeping our show on the air!

Nina Tassler
Phone Number ~ ( 323 ) 575-2747
Snail Mail Address ~
51 West 52nd Street, New York, NY 10019-6188
7800 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90039-2112

We can also contact the following....

Mr. Les Moonves, President & CEO of CBS ~

Feedback form on their website ~

CBS Audience Services ~
Email ~
Phone # ( 212 ) 975-3247


Jennifer said...

I tried to e-mail 2 of the addresses, but they bounced back.

Moonlight said...

Hello Jennifer ~

We have been told that CBS executives often change email addresses & sometimes phone numbers when they are receiving large volumes of correspondence. Maybe that means all the Moonlight fans are working on this! :) I will attempt to get new email addresses. If any of you have the info, please send it to me.


:) Kandye

Jennifer said...

I looked on the Jericho boards, & I think that was the e-mail that they used. I'm assuming that CBS is keeping their e-mails private from now on.

I'm handwriting my letters to them as I type this. Will get them out in the mail by tomorrow.

Moonlight said...

Hi again Jennifer ~

Thanks for trying to find the email addresses for Nina Tassler and Kelly Kahl...... And, especially for writing to CBS so quickly! :)

I sent emails to all of the addresses earlier myself. The messages to & were not returned to me. The e-addys in the post work, at least until CBS changes again.

XO ~

Jennifer said...

Ahh...ok, so I will send them to those 2 addresses today!

Kristie1175 said...

Hi Kandye,

I sent e-mails to Mr. Moonves and CBS Audience Services. I also sent them a message using the form.

By the way, how would I send to any information if and when I come across something? Thanks. :)

Moonlight said...

Hey Kristie ~

Thank you for sending mail in support of Moonlight ~ and for letting us know that you did so! It is great that you and Jennifer jumped on the mission this quickly. :) I just hope that everyone who visits my blog follows your example.

If you get any info we can use to contact CBS, you can leave a comment for everyone. Also, you may email me directly at

Take Care!!!

Kristie1175 said...

Thanks. I'll see what I can come up with. :)