Friday, November 23, 2007

It is finally Fleur De Lis Friday!

We finally made it to Friday! The week just seems soooooo long when I'm waiting for Moonlight. Especially waiting for this episode in particular. Fleur De Lis (episode #1x09) has probably been the most anticipated and debated episode yet. After all the guessing, worrying and sighing, we will get to see what really happens between Mick and Coraline/Morgan. Moonlight's writers know what they are doing to us, and ~ to quote Beth ~ they like it!

Let me remind you again that this will be the last new episode for a while. :( CBS is not airing Sleeping Beauty (episode #1x10) until December 14th. Three weeks of waiting!


Kekepania said...

I, for one, am gearing up for a letter writing campaign to Nina Tassler. I've got to do something while we wait for the writers to catch up once they come back. I'm going forward on the assumption that this show is being considered for a full season, and the execs just need a little nudge over the edge. Somewhere I read a really good article about how to write such a letter. Beware! I have a copy machine and I know how to use it!

Anonymous said...

This show is positively addicting, and I simply can not wait for the next episode. It will kill me to wait this long, and I am counting down the days!

Anonymous said...

Moonlight is my addiction, it's like a drug, I cannot get enough of it. Alex and Sophia who portray Mick and Beth had the most amazing chemistry on screen, it's so realistic. Moonlight is the best show of this season by far. It keeps you on the edge of your seat, you never know what the writers are going to throw our way. I cannot believe that we have to wait 3 freakin weeks for the next episode. I gonna have a breakdown.