Friday, November 2, 2007


If you missed Moonlight tonight and do not want to know anything at all about it until you can watch ~ you probably should not read this post! :>


Lola is so gorgeous and BAD...... I love her! Did you recognize who played the powerful Vampiress? None other than Alex O'Loughlin's girlfriend, Holly Valance. She did an excellent job. Sometimes we like our Vampyres to use their abilities for good ~ and sometimes it is exciting when they use them for evil.

I really enjoyed seeing more of Josef in this episode. His persistent knocking on Mick's freezer to wake him was great. The banter between them, and Mick's teasing, made me laugh. What a lovely way to start the show! Show writers take note ~ spending a long period with a shirtless, dreamy Mick is the best choice for any scene. It almost made up for the week of waiting for a new episode!

Sophia did a wonderful job with Beth's experiment with the "Black Crystal" vamp blood drug. Er... uhhh... only for research purposes. *wink* Talk about lowering your inhibitions! Mick is too principled to take Beth's offer while she is on the drug. Plus, he is trying to deny himself because sex with a human doesn't end well in his view..... for now! I like how tempted he was to accept though. That shower may have been with cold water, but it was still hot.

When Mick "killed" Lola, my immediate thought was that he did not make sure she was really dead. After all, she is an old and obviously power filled vamp. Josef (who is 400) did not even know her exact age, but she is older than he. A Cougar! ha!

I hope they bring her back. It would make an interesting story down the road for her to reappear in Josef's life. She has such a hold on him. Which is why he had to send Mick after her. I do not think he could resist Lola, even after this.

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GeminiRaine said...

I loved LoLa and I am so happy you had a name for the actress who played her. She was so beautiful and I loved her accent. I liked her better than Coraline and definitely much better than Beth. For someone so powerful she did get taken down a little too easy. But it would be funny if LoLa was just playing Josef and she was only like 60years older than him.