Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Original promo of Mick being turned into a Vampire

Are you sitting down? I'm sure you are well aware of the casting and behind the scenes changes that happened before Moonlight aired. The only one of the initial actors to survive is Alex ~ thank goodness. :)

I discovered this video today and had to share it with you! This is an original promo of the crucial moment when Coraline turned our Mick into a Vampire on their wedding night. It is a pivotal plot point of the show. Could the vibe possibly be more different than the transformation scene we know so well?!? Actress/Model Amber Valletta had the role of Coraline at the time. Her portrayal of his wife is not as powerful to me. When she bites Mick's neck and turns him, it does not have that heat of passion feel which Shannyn brings to the part. The bedroom set seems so small and claustrophobic. Keep an eye on their reflections in the mirror also.

Tell me what you think about this possible version of our show.


Anonymous said...

Umm, yeah. Not loving the original version. And the reflection.....ew. So much happier with the changes they made.

Anonymous said...

Yuck. Thank you thank you CBS for keeping Alex and ditching the rest. Definitely the right thing to do.

ann said...

Coraline seems so agressive vs. loving (as portrayed by Shannyn) when she gave him the 'gift.' The 'monster' imagery via the mirror was a bit tacky IMO. I'm so glad they recast the show save Alex.

Anonymous said...

i agree with everyone, this was horrible compared to the show we all love now, thankgoodness they changed all the actor's except Alex of course.

fridayfan said...

I'm glad it was changed.
I especially did not like the mirror reflection. I like how his eyes and teeth are the only thing that change!
And those are some AWESOME eyes vamped out or not!

summerfan said...

Yea, I definitley agree. It doesn't have the same feeling or impact as shannyn but i'm biased too. I fell in love with shannyn from "A knight's tale" so what can I say. I also just found your fan site and love it. I hope Moonlight and your site both live a long vampire life.

Anonymous said...

NOT loving the original.
Also not loving that Alex's chest appears to have been shaved/waxed in this clip...I much prefer the manly hairy chest we see in Moonlight.
HATE the twisted mirror images!!!!!!!