Saturday, November 24, 2007

Recap of Fleur De Lis ~ Episode # 1x09

We have been discussing what will or won't happen between Mick and Coraline for a long time. Fleur De Lis (episode # 1x09) lived up to the hype for me! This is my recap and thoughts now that we've watched it. If you haven't seen the episode yet, do not read any farther......


I was on the edge of my seat as soon as I heard Beth doing the voice over. That signaled right away that this episode was different. Beth sounded different. We have watched her changes and growth every week. Mick is changing her life.... and vice versa.

We learned that Coraline became a Vampire in the 1700's, when she was a courtesan to the French court. Her Fleur De Lis brand was given to mark her as a courtesan. A "hooker" as jealous Beth snapped.

That jealousy was on full display tonight. It fueled Beth's researching Morgan, along with hate, fear and desire for revenge. Who can blame her for wanting vengeance on the person who snatched her from the safety of home & "terrorized" her. However...... would she have ever met Mick otherwise?? Hmmmmmmmmm.....

It was Beth's idea for Mick to turn on his charm, that no girl can resist according to her (she would know *wink*), to keep Morgan busy while she snooped.

We knew that Mick was going to apologize to Morgan for the cemetary scene last week. The scene at the restaurant was great! She made him squirm. "You're buying, right?"

Shannyn is fantastic as Coraline. I know many of you do not like her ~ words like hate and evil were used often. I like her! Shannyn and Alex have great chemistry together. I would not respect Mick if he did not have feelings for the woman he married and had been on/off with for 33 years. Conflicted though they may be. Remember when the teenage vamp (Arrested Development episode #1x05) asked Mick if he had ever loved someone so much he would do anything for her. Mick closed his eyes and thought of Coraline. Then, opened them and said yes.

I have a severe shoe addiction myself so I loved Beth's shoe envy when digging around at Morgan/Coraline's loft. :)

We could have been shown generic medicine bottles to establish Morgan's humaness. Instead, they made sure we could read the label for her Naproxen perscription. Will that come up in the future? Is it part of the "cure?" A bit about Naproxen.... It is an anti-inflammatory (NSAID) medicine, often used to relieve pain ~ headaches, arthritis, backaches, menstral cramps, etc. Also, as a BLOOD thinner. Hmmm......

I knew Mick would smell Beth when he and Morgan returned to her home.

When Mick asked Morgaline what she thought his type was and she said "that would be me," I gasped out loud. She is so bold. Love the bad girls!

Josef sighting! I was happy to see that Beth went to him for answers. How great was it when everyone scattered at the snap of his fingers?!?

We learned that Josef met Coraline in New York ~ when Lincoln was president. When he said in The Ringer (episode # 1x07) that he knew her long before Mick, he really meant it.

Loved it when Mick jumped instead of using the elevator. Then, ran and leapt sky high to save Morgan. I get a thrill any time he uses his vamp powers. Yea!

Another hot shower scene! Who does not want a man to look at them the way Mick looked at Morgan/Coraline?!??!! Oooooooo my.....

Is there a permanent cure for Vampirism? Only temporary? Mick seemed like his human self ~ so hopeful ~ when he realizes that Coraline found a "cure" for what he considers a curse.

Beth's face when she saw Coraline on Mick's stairs, WEARING his shirt, wet from the shower was so hurt. After reliving the nightmare of her kidnapping which she had kept buried for years, she goes to her protector's home and thinks he has taken up with her enemy. I felt so bad for her.

My heart went out to Mick. He knows that if Coraline dies he will never find the cure. Would he actually take it? What would Moonlight be like with a human Mick?!?

How are they gonna explain Coraline's stake... er... I mean... stab wound to the hospital staff?!!!?? Accidental? Self inflicted? Ha!

Getting stabbed like that is a pretty serious wound for a human. If Coraline is dying, will Mick turn her to save her & to get the "cure" information? That would be great role reversal for him to make her a Vampire. However, unlike our Mick, Coraline enjoyed being a vamp.

I love that Moonlight gives us sooooooo much to think and speculate about with every episode!


Francesca said...


I read the summary of Fleurs De Lis, and yes Morgan character is also great. I mean i love Beth and Mick to death. there is a chemistry between Mick and coraline but that ended years ago. For goodness sake he killed her, doesnt say much for her as a person. Yes they have this connection i just hope it goes no further. I will stick with my guns and vote Beth/mick all the time dont care who morgan/coraline is or was.

The anticipated episode left me also at the edge of my seat. Thinking oh my goodness what is going on? I know Mick wants the cure and i am sure he will find it as i have read in some spoilers i have found. Coraline is not gone she will still be around but the question is how will she fit in? Will they make her the villian or just a regular gal? No one knows as far as i know they are still trying to figure out the whole Coraline/Mick thing. I think it would be great for her to be the villian she plays it so well. I just hope they dont make her the good guy, we have Mick for that and Beth dont need another good guy, but i guess to be there to make a little bit of trouble here and there just nothing to drastic like kissing Coraline. How could he. Yes the shower seen was Hot but thats because any shower scene with Mick would be hot no matter who it was. God he is just soooooo HOOOOTTTT!!!

Poor Beth is right i agree when she went to his place and found him fratenizing with the enemy. That really broke my heart and her anger and pain was so evident that i felt good for her when she stuck that stake in Coraline. Good for her. Coraline coming down the stairs like saying to her in your face Beth but Beth gave it right back.

Although i did not like when Mick pushed Beth so hard she almost went flying to go to coraline. I know he was concerned about the cure but dont do that to Beth.

The relationship that Mick and Coraline have to me is not a healthy kind of relationship. It is like Josef said either both would end up killing one another or one would die. It is like a drug that you keep going back to. So in my eyes it is not true love.

I dont know what the writers have planned for Moonlight but i hope they stick to the original plan and stick with Beth/Mick. They made us love them so now i cannot change my mind and i wouldnt want to. I think Sophia Myles is a beautiful classy lady, and she is an impeccable actor. Of course all the cast is. Love the show. Love this Blog. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say...great site! I loved your recap, and the Josef sighting made me happy, too!!

Barbara said...

If Coraline is human, why does she not age. I think she is, somehow, faking it. The bottle of medicine that Beth found might have the answer.

Anonymous said...

Great blog site! I agree with all the posters here - this is a great show, and I would hate to see the writers strike ruin such a promising new show!
As for the drug that Beth found, I thought I heard her say it was Naproxen - which is little more than asprin. Knowing that asprin is known to thin the blood, so maybe Coraline doesn't have to feed that often because she has thinned her blood due to taking all the Naproxen / asprin. That would explain her being able to bleed when injured. People taking blood thinners or asprin are all watched carefully during and after any surgery.
Joseph's character has a lot of possibilities, maybe they could hook him up with Coraline...he seems somewhat intriqued with her from the past, and now that she is alive, maybe he could become her new beau. Coraline and Joseph seem like they would both be equally matched for good and bad, and for seeing the darker side of things.
I also eagerly await the next episopde, however I do hope the writers strike ends soon, and that the tv execs. do not do what they have done to many other shows over the past couple of years - get folks all excited, then stop showing the shows for a month or so - leaving us hanging - and hoping we will remember to tune in 3 or 4 weeks later - IMO what is the point in building a show up, only to drop the loyal viewers for a few weeks - the anticipation is lost, the thrill slowly starts to disolve, and so does the intrigue and luster to want to get involved in any show sadly no matter how good it is. So let's all hope the writers strike ends soon and that the network execs. do not leave us hanging for weeks on end to see the next episode! Moonlight has a lot of promise and I personally look forward to seeing Mick, Beth, Joseph, and now Coraline!
Thanks for such a great site, and thanks for allowing me to post my opinion.

Kekepania said...

My, Oh, My! Lots of content here! And it raises more questions than it answers! Sigh! That's one of the things I love about this show, always keeps me ruminating on the possibilities! My husband teases me about my angst while watching, but he can't tear his eyes off the TV, either! What a ride!

"Apparently the high is us!"

Anonymous said...

i wonder if she ( C/M ) is still a vampire but found a way to hide it?

fridayfan said...

hi all..

i just rewatched Fleur.
Was Josef teary eyed while talking to Beth??

I think he is more involved with Mick and Coraline's history then they have lead us to believe.

It is going to be a long 3 weeks.
We need to keep the interst up and keep talking about MOONLIGHT.
CBS needs to see how much people want this show to continue.

Any thoughts?

nrkelly said...

I think Beth is going to give in and save Coraline for Mick to find out how to "be human" again. How? That vamp blood she got high on a while ago that is still in her drawer. I bet it has regenerative properties too!

Love your blog!