Friday, November 9, 2007

Coraline and Mick ~ The Ringer Episode 1x07!

How does Moonlight keep getting better every week?!!??! I am about to burst into my thoughts on tonight's episode (The Ringer 1x07) ~ can't hold it in! If you haven't seen it, do not read any farther.


At the start of the show, two firefighters were struggling to turn on a fire hydrant. I loved how Mick helped ~ casually turning it on with barely a flick of his wrist.

The build up to this Coraline focused episode was well worth it! Shannyn Sossamon is amazing as "Morgan" and Coraline. The mixture of the present along with 1950's flashbacks to when Mick fell for her was a good choice for the episode's structure.

Mick could not stay away from Coraline. Hurling a chair through her window because it stood in the way of him being with her. As I mentioned in the previous post, accompanied by a song that seems to be made for the scene (Kingdom by Dave Gahan). Chill bumps! Whoever selects the music for Moonlight deserves a raise. I hope they issue a soundtrack for the series.

Soooooooooooooo.... does this mean that there is a "cure" for Vampirism? Mick and Josef could smell Morgan's humanity. Did Coraline become human again? Or, find a way to disguise her vampire scent? This is going to be good!

I was giddy when Josef and Mick went to work together. When they were about to break into the bad guy's house, Josef was obviously not happy about or use to the manual labor thing. "Can't we hire someone else to do this?" Rolling his eyes after Mick leaps to the roof ~ "Why don't you just let me in the door?" Ha! He was also a bit out of practice when it came to following Mick's jump.

We found out that Mick "killed" Coraline 22 years ago (1985). Josef was 4 years old in 1603. Looks great for his age. hehehe... Also, he knew Coraline for a 100 years before Mick. Interesting! He said she is capable of doing anything, which we know because of the whole Beth kidnapping thing.

Ooooo yea ~ Beth! I had almost forgotten about her. The dynamic between Mick and Coraline does not leave much room for others. Poor Beth! She was so jealous and couldn't hide it. I also liked that Mick told her he noticed. Funny how they both kept trying to convince everyone (and each other?) that they are 'just friends,' and protesting that she has a boyfriend.

Beth normally has Mick's undivided attention. When she was giving him details about her background check on Morgan, she reached out ~ placing her hand on his. Trying to regain that connection.

Since I am also addicted to New Orleans, I love that Coraline has a Fleur De Lis tattoo. Revealing it in the last scene! Excellent Cliffhanger!


Thelia828 said...

Has anyone else noticed that the Fleur de Lis tatoo is on Coraline left shoulder but on Morgan's right?

Moonlight said...

Hi Thelia828 ~

I have read messages on the IMDB forum from others who were concerned about Morgan/Coraline's Fleur De Lis tattoo. The tattoo is not on "Morgan's" right shoulder. It is on her left, just like Coraline. She is looking in a mirror in that final scene of "The Ringer," which reverses the image. :)

Thank you for visiting my blog, and taking the time to comment!

XO ~

Lise said...

Kandye absolutely love your blog! I adore this show. It is getting better and better every episode. The Ringer was an absolute corker, loved it the last scene my g/f and I were like, 'I knew it'! Can't wait for the next episode. Thanks for all the wonderful info, videos, etc. Its wonderfully made and being a vamp afficionado they've done a fab job. There are comparisons with Forever Knight which I loved but this is less camp and imo better made, classier and hip. I love all the cast and find Alex a very sexy vamp, the sexual tension b/w Beth and Mick is getting stronger all the time!
Keep up the great work. Hugs, Lise (Melbourne, Australia)

Moonlight said...

Hey Lise ~

Awwwww... *blush* Thanks for the kind words about my blog. Glad you are enjoying it!

I love knowing that Moonlight has fans all around the world. I know you are hoping your fellow Aussie is shown some love from CBS. :) We just have to keep telling the network what a huge, diverse and loyal band of fans they would lose if they do not renew Moonlight.

Take care and keep in touch!

Peace ~

lament said...

Nice blog:) I just came across this site from searching the web for soundtracks from this show. i rly wanna know what artist and song is at the very end of this episode:)?