Sunday, November 4, 2007

Shower Scene Song ~ Let It Go by Fauxliage

Every week, Moonlight has at least one unforgettable Mick and Beth scene. In B.C. this week, the shower was incredible! Mick may have been using cold water to bring Beth down off the Vampyre Blood drug, but it was still steamy. :)

The song playing is Let It Go by Fauxliage. A Moonlight fan has created a video montage using it along with great moments from the show. Yes, including the now infamous shower scene, the bathtub scene from "Fever," AND the kiss from "Arrested Development." Thank you, Paranormalfan!!!


spikezone11 said...

This scene makes me smile over and over again...I love how Mick handles Beth...I just wish they would be together...I think it will come with time...BETSY

spikezone11 said...

I love the shower Scene
It gives me chills
I love how mick handles Beth
I want them to be together
I think they will sometime...

slwdown2 said...

Does anyone know the last song on the B.C episode? Something like "taking me under?"

slwdown2 said...
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Anonymous said...

do you know the names of
all the songs from de ost???