Friday, November 16, 2007

Song from Prison/Shepherd's Execution Scene ~ "12:04" Episode #1x08

Drowning by Stereophonics ~ The song from the prison and Shepherd's execution scene in tonight's awesome episode "12:04" (#1x08). What a way to start the show! Look ~ it has me searching and posting during the commercial breaks. :> Moonlight is sooooooooo good at beginning and ending every episode. Especially ending and making us want MORE!

Episode #1x08 : 12:04

Drowning by Stereophonics (prison/execution opening scene)

Together by The Kin (on Mick's balcony ~ last scene)


Monika/Buzsy said...

I am looking for the song that was played when Beth went into Mick's office... can't you help me?

J said...

How about the other two songs? The one that played while Beth was in Mick's office. . . and the bluesy song that played just before Drake met Shepard?

Rhysenn said...

Thanks so much for the sleuthing. I'd be missing out on some great music otherwise. There is one song I'm desperately searching for from the latest episode. The lyrics are:

She came down from heaven,
black as night,

dark as night,
shadow(ed), angels fall...

It plays when Beth finds Mick's folder containing photos of her. I'm going crazy looking for it. Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

For everyone who's looking for the song played while Beth was in Mick's office...I finally found it. For information and a link to listen to the song, go here: