Friday, November 2, 2007

Sophia Myles as Intrepid Buzzwire Reporter Beth Turner

When the hero of the show has something to hide ~ like he is a Vampyre or Batman or Superman ~ the girl usually spends a lot of time being rescued. She also somehow doesn't see all the evidence of what the man of her dreams is trying to hide. Fortunately, Beth Turner is not that kinda girl. :) She has already rescued Mick on more than one occasion ~ including voluntarily feeding him her blood in the Fever episode (#1x04).

More important, by the second episode she knew that he was a Vampire! I am very impressed that the writers of Moonlight did not follow the typical, dated plot of the love interest being in the dark no matter what happens around them.

Sophia Myles portrayal of Beth is excellent! I enjoy her sense of comic timing, intelligence and the easy camaraderie with Alex O'Loughlin's Mick. One scene I especially enjoyed was how Beth was not intimidated at all by working with Josef, Rider and Mick to contact the teenage vampire (Mineo) in the Arrested Development episode (#1x05).

You have seen Sophia before in the movies Tristan + Isolde, Art School Confidential, From Hell, Thunderbirds and
(for all of us Vampyre fans) as Erika in Underworld & Underworld: Evolution. She was on TV in Doctor Who (which makes me think of my dear friend Zoe ~ Miss you!) As well as playing Lucy in a BBC (UK) production of Dracula. Drawn to vampires?!?!?! :)

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