Friday, November 30, 2007

TV Guide's Matt Roush Defends Moonlight!

In a previous post, I noted that Matt Roush had changed his opinion of our show. Now, read his uplifting defense of Moonlight from today's "Ask Matt" column! I can not stop smiling after reading it. Love his shout out to Moonlight fans. :) The white highlighted passages are my emphasis.

Has CBS had any second thoughts about canceling timeslot-winning Close to Home for their "edgy" (and time slot-losing!) TV show Moonlight?— Carol

Matt Roush:

Not to my knowledge. In fact, from where I sit, exactly the opposite. For one thing, Moonlight isn't doing all that badly and is probably doing just as well if not better demographically than Close to Home (if I'm wrong, don't shoot me; I'm not a numbers-cruncher), which suffered from hewing too closely to CBS' crime-drama formula without breaking out sufficiently on its own. But the real issue here is a creative one. This season, CBS made a concerted and daring effort to break out of its rut with its new dramas. The results have been mixed. Viva Laughlin was a disaster, Cane is a disappointment, and Moonlight has become the surprise sleeper. I think of it as this season's Jericho. It may be generating more buzz than ratings, but as with Jericho in the wake of its cancellation, CBS is foolish to discount the importance of a show that can get fans energized. And no question about it: Moonlight's fans are a passionate bunch. Plus the show keeps getting better. I doubt CBS regrets this decision at all.


Francesca said...

This is wonderful news.

I will keep my fingers crossed for Moonlight.

Oh by the way Kandeygirl, i went to the CBS moonlight website and there is Beth journal which she writes something after each episode but i havent seen any new entries do you know why or if it it no more? Let me know.

Thanks and have a great day

Star Struck said...

SO appreciate your blog. I am totally hooked on this show, not to mention Alex. Sigh.

vincenza said...

I love that the media and critics are coming around to our way of thinking. Was only a matter of time, wasn't it?? ;)

BTW, LOVE your site. Thank you so much for feeding my addiction.

Francesca said...

I really didnt like what he said about Beth...because i think she is a great supporting actress to Mick. People are just so critical sometimes. I dont see anything wrong with her, i think she is a great actress and deserves to be next to Alex as supporting actress.

Everybodys a Critic!!!!