Sunday, November 25, 2007

Video of the final act from Fleur De Lis ~ episode #1x09

Everyone has been debating exactly what Mick had on his mind during that steamy shower scene with Coraline. My, my, my.... The look he gives her up and down could melt that shower door. When he realizes that it really is Coraline, he is relieved ~ we all know the guilt he carried over "killing" his wife ~ and keeps asking her if this means there is a "cure" for Vampirism. He thinks she can help him to no longer be the monster he perceives himself to be. Many have been wondering if Morgaline ever says that she does have a cure. Beth's facial expression and whether she knew that Morgan/Coraline was human or not is also being discussed at length.

Now, we can watch this video of the final act from Moonlight's Fleur De Lis episode (#1x09) over and over to analyze what did or did not happen! After watching the last scene again, did you notice something you did not see the first time? Did it change your mind about anything you thought had happened?

Hard to believe that this much pivotal development happens in a bit over 3 minutes! Ooooo... and again.... the music used is I'll Look After You by the Fray.


Francesca said...

Honestly watching that scene over and over again, i really dont know what to think about Micks feelings towards the thought of Coraline still be alive. I am kind of confused i mean it looked like he went into the shower really to kiss her and not look for the tattoo but since he was there he decided to take a look anyway and there it was. Coraline finally admits she is Coraline and says to Mick,How many clues did i have to give you, but the one that really bothered me was, i even ordered my favourtie wine. Ummmm Hello, if you were a vampire back then how did you drink wine? Okay does that mean she had the cure back then to and that is how he never realized till there wedding Night? Something to discuss and think about. I dont truly know what Corlaines plans are for Mick, but maybe it is just as Josef siad to Beth, She is back for Mick and did anyone notice how angry he seemed when he said that almost like it bothered him. I dont know but i have an iffy feeling about Josef and him knowing more than he leads us to believe.

Beth, well Beth now with knowing all she knows of course feels angry ,sad, scared and so she goes to the place and the person she feels safe in and to and there she finds him with Coraline both of them wet, how would anyone feel at that moment. Betrayed, angry and wanting to kill the one who hurt you when you were a child. I mean come on people she kidnapped a child from her mother. I am sure every mother would probably want to do the same but of course you wouldnt. In Beths eyes she was a vampire and was wanting only to paralyze her because she is not the killing type. Anyhow I know that Mick wants the cure and maybe so that it was his main reason for doing what he said, He did say to Beth, its not what it looks like. But to any one it looked like what it exactly was. My emotions and feelings are mixed and although Mick is crazy about finding this cure, i just didnt like the fact that he devoured her in the shower. That part they could of left out and he could have gone straight for the shoulder and noticed but no they didnt. Anyhow,
at this point i am not sure what will happen next. Mick/Beth are surely going to be at worlds end about this whole situation. Not sure how this will affect their relationship but i am sure it is bruised. He did show concern about Beths jealousy though and kept telling her nothing was going on. Of course coraline was doing it on purpose towards Beth.

Poor Beth, dont know what she is thinking and feeling. Poor Mick he is caught between a rock and a hard place and Coraline well she is back to get what is hers so to speak. Hello if my husband tried to kill me would i be so understanding? I would want to get him back so i am concerned about Coralines intentions, i dont know what exactly she wants. Maybe just wants Mick back or wants to get back at him. I guess that is left to be seen.

Great Blog. Thanx for all the info.

Moonlight said...

Morning Francesca ~

Thank you for the great comment! I can tell that you have been thinking about the Fleur De Lis episode a great deal. It did that to me too :)

Just wanted to let you know that Moonlight vamps can drink alcohol. Remember... when Mick told Josef that Lola was dead (B.C. Episode #1x06) he poured a drink for both of them.

XO ~

Francesca said...

Yes i was wondering about that to. About the alcohol but is that something he has said before in any of the other episodes, because i thought he drank it just to drink it, just to feel human. I didnt actually think he drank it because he could. I am not an expert on the vampire genre but was that always a fact or is it the new and improved vampires that can. Like Mick? Just a question because as far as i remember they could not drink anything but blood.

Thanks for the reply!!!

Anonymous said...

well I dvr'd it as usual and watched that scene over and over again. i think he went into the shower purposefully to just get a good look at her shoulder. 1st - he does eyeball her but it's more like he's actually comparing her body to what he remembers. 2nd he kisses her but almost immediately he opens his eyes and is looking over her shoulder and then pulls her to look. 3rd - after he sees it and she's talking to him about being Morgaline he is smiling but not kissing her back as she kisses him. He looks more happy to realize that she's human than anything. I think that he does still have feelings for her but he's more concerned with the "cure" if there is one.

Monika/Buzsy said...

I am shocked! For me, the whole show is about Mick and Beth's relationship... the 2 of them working together keeps this show interesting... but I don't know where they can go from here... I keep hearing that if they get together the show is over... but if they don't get together soon, I am going to get bored and frustrated... and now we have to wait 3 weeks!
At least I can enjoy the music. :o)

wilmarie916 said...

i'm so confused after that fleur de lis episode... i think mick is really concerned with beths jealousy (he does go after her when they're at buzzwire, after she leaves pissed off and when he hears her calling him he immediately leaves morgaline in the shower all hot and heavy) but i just don't get the kissing... first while their taping the couple, although that kissed was sort of non-emotional... but my goodness... the shower kisses, i almost thought they were going to have sex in the shower... besides the look on beth's face when she sees mo0rgaline with one of mick's shirts on, no pants... she probably felt like the stake was going through her heart instead... i'm hooked with the show, what can i say, but if mick suddenly gets back with morgaline and nothing happens romanticaly, soon, with beth, I might lose interest... mick/beth chemistry and desire is what keeps me watching the show :-0

Tayi said...

I gotta say, I loved this episode. Surprise cliffhangers are great, I just hate that they pulled this and then no new shows for two weeks!

My theory as to what it all means: Coraline is going to die, and then Mick and Beth are going to go looking for the cure that she found. In interviews and articles they keep mentioning how the show is going to bring in more Josef, and more older vampires and lore. It would be the most logical scenario for doing that... although I'm not totally sure that they would kill off Coraline after putting so much thought into her character. Just some thoughts...