Thursday, December 6, 2007

Alex O'Loughlin in TV Guide's Hottest New Faces Video ~ again!

I am liking TV Guide more and more! :> Time to thank them again. Back in early November, I told you that they had included Alex O'Loughlin & Sophia Myles on their TV's Hottest New Faces list. They have repackaged and re-released the footage of Alex in a Hottest New Faces Part 2 video. It also has Michelle Ryan (Bionic Woman), Damian Lewis & Sarah Shahi (Life), Bret Harrison & Missy Peregyrm (Reaper). Sophia is not among those featured this time out. :( Even though we have seen it before ~ remember him being modest about the hunk label and talking about having bed head ~ we don't mind watching it again, huh? *wink* After all, it is almost Friday and we need a Mick Fix!

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