Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Fan Video ~ Mick St John, Beth Turner & Coraline Duvall Love Triangle

Moviefan365 has created another great Moonlight fan video. This one revolves around our Mick St John, Beth Turner and Coraline Duvall love triangle. The last flash of scene ~ which is from Sophia's love scene in Dracula ~ will give MickBeth shippers something to talk about for sure! :) The song is Every You Every Me by Placebo.


Francesca said...

Love this video. Love it even more that it showed Beth at the end, as if she is with Mick...Good Stuff.

Where could i find this movie Dracula? I went to the video store they dont carry it.

Does anyone Know?

Anonymous said...

This was awsome kandye thanks as always for finding and sharing the best. leah_church.

.:Nicole la Dominicana:. said...

The video was great I love the song, i first heard it from cruel intentions with ryan phillippe, but personally i think the video is better if you had put the song "Three Wishes" by The Pierces, it has so much more depth.

Thx, nicole