Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mick and Beth scenes from Sleeping Beauty (episode #1x10)

PurpleHippie has kindly put together a video of the amazing Mick and Beth scenes from last night's Moonlight ~ Sleeping Beauty #1x10! *cheer* Now, we can rewatch their pivotal moments again.


Lauren St.John =] said...

i cant belive beth just rejected him like. that. i was wait ing for this to happen forever and she just uhhhhh!he finally felt that it could happen between them and grrrrrr im having a major "i hate beth's charecter" moment. lol


♥ ♥

Francesca said...

I know how you feel Lauren but time and time again both Alex and Sophia in interviews have said that if the two characters get together the show will end. I personally dont know how much truth there is to that but i guess they know best.

I wanted to slap her and say what are you thinking, get out of this Taxi and run after him!!!! But in all reality she is with Josh, and Mick knows that to. They cant deny their feelings for each other no doubt but they still have to fix what is not right in their lives before they can think of being together.

Mick with coraline and Beth with Josh. I dont know what are the plans for Coraline, whether she will be a villian, or the good guy but what i feel is that these two characters can never be together again, to much damage has been done by Coraline to Mick. There always is a time in a relationship when lies and deception had been the root of it that there comes a point of no return and for Mick and Coraline that point has come.

For Mick and Beth, the story is just beginning. I know that in the next episode, "Love Lasts Forever" something major is going to happen that will change Micks feelings for Beth or visa versa. I think i know what it is but this would be a spoiler and i dont want to say anything unless someone wants to know. But you may already know.

I dont like the sound of that. Their feelings will change but i am sure it will only be temporary or the show would end at that to. That is what we wait for every Friday night, well i know i do, regardless who we prefer for Mick, we all know the truth, Mick loves Beth. Yes he may still have feelings for Coraline, but it is not love not anymore. I personally think Coraline is up to something but i dont know how the writers will take this character into play so i wont go any further with it.

I guess Beth needed to do what was right, i know who cares right? But she does, i mean really she doesnt know what she is feeling at this moment, she is torn, the only way to be with Mick is to be turned and that is a big decision to have to want to make regardless you love the person or not. She is unsure, yes she feels for Mick very much but is vamperism her route to go? I think eventually it is but not right now. I dont know anymore, lets just wait and see.

Oh by the way Lauren get in line because we all want Mick!!! LOL!!!