Thursday, December 6, 2007

Moonlight is in the finals for the People's Choice Award!

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Moonlight is one of the final three shows contending for the People's Choice Award as Favorite New TV Drama!!! Tonight, it was announced that Moonlight, Gossip Girl and Private Practice are the finalists. You have all done such a great job of voting. :) Now, we really need to concentrate and get everyone to vote. I know we can accomplish this win if we all work together! VOTE DAILY!!!


wondergirl9847 said...

I'm so excited that ML made the final 3!! Now, we need to make sure it's called when it comes up for the award. Hope we get to see the entire cast onstage accepting the award.

Anonymous said...

Like Wondergirl9847, I too am really excited and want Moonlight awarded! I have been spreading this awesome news around! Thank you so much for posting this Kandyegirl and for having a blog that rox!


Margaret said...

Thanks so much for letting all us Moonlight fans know! And here I thought our job was over...

At least we know it made it in to the top three!