Friday, December 14, 2007

Recap ~ Sleeping Beauty (episode #1x10) Thoughts

Welcome back, Moonlight! That was not an hour, was it? Where did the time go? As the credits popped up, I scrambled for the clock thinking "The hour could not be over already!" What a way to come back from a break! I can't even think straight ~ so much happened. Trevor Munson & Ron Koslow wrote this episode. Loved it! There were too many great quotes, funny moments, heart breaking moments........

SPOILER ALERT ~ If you haven't seen the show tonight, DO NOT READ this post!

Beth just go away! My friend just died. I don't really want to talk to you right now. No... actually, you stay and get your story. You do your job... I'll do mine.

Mick was angry in this episode. He went off on Beth and Josef. My goodness! Emotions are obviously swirling in him. He has been holding everything inside for such a long time and denying himself. Now ~ Beth pursuing him, Coraline is back, there may be a "cure" for Vampirism, Beth stakes Coraline before he can find out what she used to become human, she is on her death bed, Josef is "killed" ~ WHEW! Take a deep breath! No wonder Mick is confused (and a bit testy).

He did let Beth off the hook... telling her that she couldn't have known that Coraline was not a Vampire when she staked her. That he didn't even know. Beth states that he still cares for Coraline... his reply? "She was my wife."

Previously I mentioned noticing that Mick said Coraline had been a vamp for 500 years in the Sleeping Beauty promo video ~ which did not fit with him telling Beth that Coraline was turned in the early 1700's. We thought it would be cleared up in the actual episode, and it was.... Mick simply said that Coraline has been a Vampire for years without giving an exact number.

Coraline told the hospital staff that her wound was caused by an accident instead of ratting on Beth.

We learned that Coraline introduced Mick and Josef. Mick thought Josef was "a pompous jerk" and Josef thought Mick "was not cut out to be a Vampire."

The conversation between Coraline and Mick was very interesting! "I came back for you." Mick kept asking about the cure. "It always comes back to this." She can not understand why he wants to be mortal and face death. Then, the big question is asked ~ "It's about Beth, isn't it?" Mick says it isn't about her...... but we know it is!

Mick takes some of Coraline's blood. Very smart!

Mo telling Beth "tracking says women 18 to 34 find you a little harsh" made me chuckle out loud.

The attack on Josef's office was shocking. No more Tim & Dan. Poker night and Mick was supposed to be there.

I spent a lot of this episode wanting to comfort our boys. When Mick thinks that Josef is dead becoming teary eyed, I was glad that he allowed Beth to hold and comfort him. "I've outlived so many of my human friends, you'd think that I'd be used to losing people by now." "He survived 400 years. 400 years. He saw so much... so much history." "He was history and now he's gone."That loss to me is so enormous that I'm not even sure that I know how to mourn him."

Was I the only one who thought "let me help you with that" when Mick said he needed a drink??!??!! :>

Of course, I knew that our Josef was not dead and that he would be sitting in Mick's apartment. "You just gonna stand there all day, or you gonna help me find out who killed me?" That made me laugh out loud.

Another laugh out loud scene was when Mick is staring at Sam the super hacker, who happens to be a girl. She sassily says people expect her to be "overweight, living in my parent's basement, wearing a t-shirt with Yoda on it." Awesome!

When Mick told Josef to stay in his apartment, I knew he wouldn't be able to be a good boy. *grin* Another angry Mick moment upon returning home to find Josef entertaining some willing freshies. "Daddy's a little grumpy." Mick pointed out that Josef could at least care about not getting him killed. Tellingly Josef says he gets lonely. Mick understands that all too well.

I want a safe full of cash! We knew there was something else, something more personal that Josef needed that was in that safe. Mick to the rescue! "You already died once this week, isn't that enough?"

Fantastic fight scene!!! That military trained assassin made a good antagonist for our Mick. I enjoyed the way Mick handled and beat him in LA and New York. Vamped out Mr St John ~ so yummy!

The New York trip.... Beth teasing Mick that she is going to "stop you from doing something stupid."

Beth completely forgot about boring... I mean.... movie night with Josh. Did you see the thoroughly happy look on her face as she opened that door expecting to see Mick. I do feel for Josh. He sees the woman he loves slipping away. Mick is just too much for a normal guy to compete with even with out the sexy vamp thing. I like the fact that Josh had the guts to just come out and say "this isn't working," "look me in the face right now & tell me you don't have feelings for him." Beth's non-answer and then.... Mick knocks on the door right at that moment.

I would have liked to see exactly what happened & what was talked about between them on that long trip.

The look Beth gives to Mick after he easily leaps up to pull down the fire escape ladder for them was priceless! I found it quite impressive, manly and arousing too. :)

When Beth was reading Sarah's diary to Mick, we all know that allowed her to say words that she has been longing to tell him!!! "It doesn't matter to me what he is, I love him. I want to be with him even though he tells me it's impossible. I know our love can overcome any obstacle. I want him to turn me into what he is. He says it's dangerous, but I don't care. I'm not afraid. It's the only way we can be together forever. I'm ready." Excellent writing!

Since it is difficult to explain the whole no aging thing, it makes sense that Vampyres can not have to be nomadic. It is a great moment when Beth lets Mick know she realizes why he stayed in Los Angeles all these years despite the danger. "Vamps tend to move around. We can't stay in one spot too long." "You have... you stayed in LA." "I like the weather." "Really?"

Now we know why Josef always has that air of sadness.

What a heart-rending story. He loved Sarah and lost her. It broke my heart to see that he has cared for her all these years just hoping for a miracle to return her to him! In the flashback, Josef appeared very happy. We've never seen him like that. I hope he finds comfort in Sarah's diary. I'm glad Beth thought to offer it. He will read of her love for him.

Mick threw himself on top of Beth to protect her from the killer's bullets. I was cheering as he vamped out and dispatched him with one hand!

Josef should take off his shirt more often! *wink*

I laughed out loud again while watching Mick assist Josef by removing the bullets from his back. Ribbing him for not being able to deal with the pain after living for 400 years. "Giving is different than receiving." ha!

Mick says of seeing Josef in love "this proves that anything is possible." Then, Josef gives him a pep talk about making it work with Beth. What a turn around! This experience also made Mick realize what is important. He was so boyish and happy when asking Beth to go with him to do something fun and experience New York.... "a steak for the lady. Just you and me on the town." SHE TURNS HIM DOWN! That upset me so much. He is reaching out and taking a chance. In response, Beth decides to return home because she did not leave things well with Josh. *sigh*

The situation with Sarah obviously frightened Beth. Did you notice that the first thing she brought up to Mick as they were leaving was if he thinks there really is a cure??? Knowing Josef and Sarah's story made her think twice about being turned, instead she wants Mick to become human like her.

Mick appreciates her situation and why she is hesitant.In the face of Beth's rejection of his overture, Mick still placed his hand on the taxi window. She couldn't resist returning the gesture ~ which Mick initiated this time! He had such longing on his face. I would have jumped out of that cab so fast to free him of that look.

The "cure" is only temporary. Her nurse certainly is lucky to have not ended up as a snack. *grin* Coraline's first word upon returning to her vamp self is "MICK!"


Shell said...

I thought it was awesome! I don't understand why they say this show has poor ratings? I can't seem to get enough of them! Does anyone know where I could find a soundtrack listing for the songs in each episode - more specifically this latest on "Sleeping Beauty"?

biff said...

I liked this episode, allthough I probably would'nt have minded Mick, Beth and Josef reading pages from the phone book- I just wanted to see something-anything new! It was great to see Josef emote! He 's behind Mick and Beth getting together- what a turnaround! My favorite moment of the whole episode? Mick and Beth's hands on the window of the taxi and the look he gives her. Also liked when she asked him why he stayed in LA for such a long time and he said it was cause he like the weather...Jeez, I wish these two crazy kids would get together! I love Moonlight!

Vincenza said...

Was I the only one screaming at Beth to get out of the cab and go after him???

Three weeks was a long time to wait, but that was AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

The last song (taxi scene) is called "Aurora" by Lapush.

The episode was amazing! I've rewatched it on my Tivo already :)

Barbara said...

Seeing hat happened with Joseph did scare Beth. But was she scared only for herself. Could she have seen Mick in Joseph's position? Remember when Mick said about outliving his friends.......

Francesca said...

I have no words to describe this was for me one of the best yet.

My heart broke for Mick when Beth turned him down at the could you Beth, I mean you were already there, you might of well had.

I have to be honest though i truly felt bad for Josh, he really does love her and i just wish Beth would let him go. Well the next episode has much to tell so i will leave it at that.

Mick truly loves her to, Poor Beth, Poor Mick , Poor Josh torn up and no where to turn.

I have no idea why Coraline would try to turn herself Human, i mean it doesnt make any sense, Mick is still a vampire so what now he would turn her into a vampire. No idea that whole thing i think is truly ridiculous. Anyway i think she realizes that no matter what she will never truly have Mick. Yes she was his wife and he did love her but alot has happened to change things and Mick has moved on. They could never be together either, to much pain and damage has been caused. Sometimes you reach the point of no return and this it for Coraline and Mick. I dont know what the future will hold for Mick and Beth. Curious to see though.

I loved every scene with Beth and Mick i sware those two make me love being in love. They are just so adorable together. I have watched this episode i think for the fourth time now. And every time i have a big huge smile on my face.

Great Work Moonlight....

I hate thinking i have to wait till January now for the next episode. That episode is going to be another good one from what i have read in spoilers. Intersting.

Well goodnight all.

Anonymous said...

I could have throttled Beth for turning him down at the end! But I guess that's all part of why we love the show, right? When Beth reaches out, Mick withdraws and now the opposite has happened! I realize that if they were to just be together easily, that the show would lose a lot of its mystique. But I still want to see them get down and dirty!! :o)

This was a GREAT episode.

wondergirl9847 said...

AMAZING episode. I'm dying to see it over and over again! That last scene broke my heart, but I understood why Beth left. Sigh...

Josef also broke my heart with his love for Sarah. I hope she comes out of her coma one of these days and Josef gets his true love back. :)

Anonymous said...

I loved every moment of every scene of this episode. So many moments - the Mick and Coraline conversation, the Josh and Beth scene, the whole Josef and Sarah thing... and, of course, our MickBeth. *sigh* Never mind waiting a few weeks for another new episode, what are we all going to do after episode #12 ??? Thanks again, Kandye, for an awesome site!

Thelia828 said...

Without a doubt this is the best episode yet. The rapport between the characters just keeps getting better, it makes it so believable.
It was interesting to see Coraline reverting back to being a vampire which would mean the "cure" is either temporary or desolves when they die...again. In a way that is cool because they are still immortal.
The scene where Mick starts to break down as the lost of Josef hits him again shows what a talented actor Alex is, you can feel Mick's pain.
Thanks again Kandy for your site, I really enjoy the comaraderie.

Gelis said...

This had to be the most over-the-top romantic episode ever and one of my favorites. It was great to have it be focused on the character of Josef, and Jason Dohring had a chance to show he is every bit as good an actor as his co-stars (which is saying a lot). Hard to believe we have to wait so long for the next episode!

Thanks for a great website. It makes getting through the time between episodes more bearable!

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love this show. If I have any complaint at all it is that I wish that Beth would make up her mind. She seems to be hanging between the two men, and she needs to commit. Clearly Josh doesn't believe a work of her 'this is only work' story. I do feel for her. She is committed to keeping another man's secrets, and even if she didn't have strong feelings for Mick - which she clearly does - that would tend to drive a wedge between her and Josh.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere tonight I read that Trevor Munson had written a book that Moonlight was based on. Does anyone know anything about that? I couldn't find anything on Amazon.

Moonlight said...

Hi Goosegirl9 ~

Moonlight is based on Trevor's novel titled "Angel of Vengeance." It is not available on Amazon & such because it has not been published. He did put the first 6 chapters on his blog... and said it may be published in the future.

XO ~

Please, remember to vote daily for Moonlight as Favorite New TV Drama! We are in the final three!!! *Cheer*

nrkelly said...

Was I the only one who wanted to see Josef fight also? I liked the episode but was let down by that part.