Saturday, December 1, 2007

SPOILER ~ Promo photos from Sleeping Beauty ~ episode #1x10


To help us make it through the next two weeks ( 1 week and 6 days to be precise ), I have a few promo images of our boys to share from Sleeping Beauty ~ episode #1x10. This is photo set #1. You have probably read a synopsis of the episode, but just in case...

Josef's office is on fire when Mick arrives on the scene. There are no survivors and everything is destroyed. The attack was obviously by someone who knows that Josef is a Vampire, because they chose to use one of the two known methods to kill a Moonlight vamp. Tom ( Josef’s head of security ) and Mick begin investigating what happened. Meanwhile, Beth is also investigating the fire. She talks to many people from Josef’s past. They do not have anything good to say about him. Their investigations lead Beth and Mick to New York City, where yet another surprise from Josef’s past waits for them.

With this much time in between episodes, there is even more speculation than usual. :) Several thought that Josef may have perished in the blaze. From the photos, it looks like he survives. Plus, Alex has said in many interviews that we will see Josef and learn much more about him in future episodes ( fingers crossed for the show having a future of many seasons ). I am so excited that Sleeping Beauty is going to focus on Josef. I can not wait!

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Francesca said...

Cant wait, i am having Moonlight Withdrawals, but thank God for your Blog because at least get my fix every day.

Love the pics.